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Player: Dascki

Character Full Name: Deumose

Character In-Game Name: Deumose

Nickname(s): --

Association(s): The Ebon Blade

Race: Night Elf ( Undead )

Class: Death Knight

Age: Adult

Sex: Female

Hair: Greyish green

Eyes: Glowing icy blue

Weight: 242 lbs

Height: 7'


She is usually seen wearing heavy plate armors and always carrying her runeblade.


Like most Death Knights, Deumose keeps to herself. She rarely approaches busy places and enjoys quiet, calmness and art. However, she has been known to be very cruel with those who challenge her or who disturb peace. She respects those who are truthful and kind. She has a tendency to take justice into her own hands and deal with the perpetrator herself. She doesn't mind a conversation but prefers to keep her distance from people she is suspicious of.


Deumose was born in the forests of Ashenvale, before the War of the Ancients. She lived with her loving parents in a small village. Her mother was the local herbalist and her father was the guard captain. Together, they raised a daughter who was both strong and intelligent. When the Burning Legion came, Deumose was barely of age and her parents would not let her go. They sent her south to live with other family members. In the middle of the night, she ran away.

At the end of the war, Deumose spent most of her time with the other night elves, healing the forests damaged by the demons. Eventually, the forest was brought back to health, only to be ruined again by the second coming of the Legion. By then, Deumose heard of the strange humans. When the war was over, she befriended a human named Jack Ressleton. He was a human who was very laid-back. He loved adventuring and since he was a child, dreamed of fighting bad guys. Deumose was like that as well and they agreed to travel together.

Together, they headed to the Plaguelands, in search of some undead to kill. They loved adventure and heard that the undead wandered all through the Plaguelands. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. They were ambushed by the undead. She fought baravely, but fell. Atleast, she thought, it would be the end.

She was risen from the dead as a Death Knight. Jack was lucky, his body was ripped apart and was sent off to the Fleshwerks. Deumose felt the icy cold embrace of death at all times. She was alone, in the halls of Archerus, until she heard the voice. It commanded her to do it's bidding. It sounded so good and followed it's orders. Eventually, she ended up in the battle with Light's Hope, where she 'awoke'. The voice no longer controlled her. Then and there, she vowed to help destroy the Lich King.