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Player: Majyk

Character Full Name: Derin Taylor

Character In-Game Name: Derin

Nickname(s): None as of yet

Association(s): The Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Derin isn’t all that skilled at being a combatant and only marginally better at sneaking around. His knowledge about traps and the like is even less than his combat ability. He’s really only a rogue because he’s light on his feet and can’t take a hit all that well.

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown and short. Decently kept.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 148lbs

Height: 5’ 9”


Usual Garments/Armor: Typically can be found in simple pants, shirts and boots with not much else. He’s taken to wearing some leather armor that he just got so he can do jobs. He still has yet to break in this new armor.


Alignment: Neutral Good

Derin has his moments. He’s usually a well-intended fellow, unless circumstances push him to an extreme. When around new people and especially races he’s not familiar to be around (pretty much everything but human) he gets extremely nervous and he’s a nervous laugher. As he doesn’t have that much experience under his belt, he takes to new things with optimism and youthful perseverance, as long as something doesn’t spook him too badly. He still has that rebellious streak, but this streak doesn’t last long nor is it too terribly detrimental when it occurs, typically at any rate. Occasionally, he has an air of child-like glee. The real world hasn’t really caught up with him yet.


Derin’s family had endured the Second War and came back to Stormwind’s lands. They settled down in Westfall and survived well enough out on a farm. Derin and his older siblings, Molly and Frank, rather enjoyed it out there. Lots of room to play and explore… And to get into quite a lot of trouble. They often snuck onto other farms and take various vegetables as a game between themselves. Whenever they were caught, they were told to return the vegetables and to help around that farm as payment for their misdeed, but that punishment never really deterred them. As Derin became to grow older, the Third War had started. Their parents kept most of the information from reaching their children and whatever did make to them was accused of being a rumor, so they never really knew much about it. Molly was the first to reach adulthood and was married off, as was custom, to a family from Elwynn. It was around this time that his parents began to pound into his head that he had to find a role in society and to be successful at it. By this point, their family started leaning away from actually farming and towards merchant trades, both of which Derin didn’t show any aptitude for.

Derin’s family sold their plot of land and moved to a small settlement in Elwynn and shortly afterward Frank left to eke out a living in Stormwind, but he didn’t do very well. He ended up becoming a beggar and thief. Derin was about 14 or so at this time and they used his older brother’s failings to cement the notion of finding your niche in society. Frank didn’t and look at how he is now.

Derin began running with a local group of outcasts as he began to finish his schooling and from them he gained a ‘I can do anything’ attitude. He felt like he was a champion among his newfound friends, but it was the company that he kept that made him look so good. With his new posse, he pretty much kissed his chance with any good looking girls goodbye and felt he was above the misfit ones, leading to a very relationship starved youth. As he began to reach the age to move out of the house and blaze his own way, he and a few more of his capable friends began doing odd jobs from board listings. Simple and easy stuff, but even with those jobs they felt cool. His friends knew their place, however.

The time came for him to leave the house and as a gift for his profession, his parents had bought new leather armor, a sword and a mace, at his request. He took his gifts and looked to the boards once more. He and his friends found a listing calling people to Dalaran and he felt cocky enough to take the call, but his company wouldn’t follow. He found a mage in Stormwind and payed him a sum of money and was teleported to Dalaran, where he was hit with culture shock. He ended up wandering around and to a tavern, where he found a listing for someone looking for an escort. He thought it seemed simple enough and decided to take the job.