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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Delsha Shadowedge

Character In-Game Name: Delsha


Association(s): Shen'dralar.

Race: Night Elf

Class: Mage

Age: 10,179

Sex: Male

Hair: White, in a tangled mane that stays near his shoulders. He has a beard of about the same length, with no mustache.

Eyes: White mist

Weight: 260 lbs.

Height: 7'2


Delsha is an incredibly gaunt Elf. His face looks like all the extra skin and muscle were pulled back, and veins pop prominently from his forearms and neck. His nails are chewed. so much that the beds of them are often visible. His teeth aren't the cleanest, with a large amount of them being covered by yellow and off-kilter white. His body under his robe isn't much more than one you'd expect from someone as underweight as he is. Most of his ribs are visible, and his abdomen is drawn back.

Usually, he wears a blue robe with gold trimming along the edge. The skirt of the robe stops just above his feet, revealing yellowing toenails with sandals held on by a few leather straps. Above the waist, he wears a jacket with various pockets for keeping anything small he finds of interest. Connected to this jacket is a hood, although he rarely wears it, unless the weather or situation demands. The robe finally stops with a grasp on his forearm, held there by a strap of cloth.


Delsha asks a lot of questions. Although this in itself is not often a problem, especially with one who is so accustomed to learning, the questions he asks often stray past lines that he did not percieve. He also often has trouble being able to convey his message in few words. To couple with his rabid desire for questions and answers, he is very uppity on organization, and keeping everything in an easy-to-find place, even if it only easy-to-find for him.

Delsha is not a violent man. He is very slow to warm up to extreme measures, and will often try to stop a fight, unless both equally want it and neither will be permanently harmed. Truth be told, he's basically a coward, although that cowardice is what's kept him alive all this time. Despite this, he's seen a great many things that should never have to be seen again, and so violence and death rarely faze him anymore. He does not carry any weapons on him, as he believes that they admit a willingness to fight and a lack of finer arts, something he does not approve of.

He, as is to be expected, has no stake in any of the more recent conflicts within Azeroth, leading him to an opinion of not having one. He's contemplated joining the Kirin Tor, but honestly would rather try not to piss off anymore Blue Dragons. Even though the war between them is over, Delsha has no desire to get close to angering a dragon. None of the conflicts interest him, anyways, as there's a pretty large chance that he could be killed if necessary. Although politics and the inner-workings of various kingdoms and cults do interest him, he has no desire to get involved in them.

Overall, he's a man who has trouble with others. Although sociable, he has troubles understanding other people and what inhibit them. As well as this, a gratuitous amount of social contact will tire out the Elf. Despite all this, he's a very calm man, but anger may, rarely, ignite him and lead to a complete disregard for any of the previous values he would have. He prefers spending time amongst other magic users, although those who master the physical arts, or those who use the nature in their spells, do not entirely scare him. Still, Druids and Shaman sit at the bottom of the list, due to the bad relationship he had with his father.


Delsha was born as the first child to his family, and the last that he knows of. His family, at the time, were nothing more than artisans, residents of the middle class in an average town at the time, one controlled by a Highborne aristocracy. Delsha had dreams, bigger than what his parents wanted from the child. His dreams focused on the Highborne, those lofty Elves that controlled his life. He wanted to become one of them. Of course, his parents disapproved, and his father, who Delsha had often butted heads, threatened to disown him. Still, Delsha pushed on with his dream. He managed to steal a spellbook from a group of unsuspecting Highborne, none much older than him at the time. He studied this spellbook day and night, until he managed to get an interview with one of the elder Highborne of the city. Delsha lied, claiming that the magic was pure talent, and he'd never read the book. The Highborne woman was reasonably surprised, and immediately took Delsha away from his parents to an estate on the edge of the city.

Delsha's parents were heartbroken, of course, but they both knew that this was Delsha's dream, and there's not much the two could do to stop a Highborne, anyways. The fact that Delsha was the only student who wasn't born into nobility generated tension, of course, but didn't lead to many conflicts. This was due primarily to the fact that Delsha quickly drew into his own shell in the library, but also due to the patronage that the elder Highborne gave the young Elf. Within a few years, Delsha had caught up to the others in ability. This took a toll on his ability to blend into groups though, something that would give him trouble later. The training went on for over a hundred years and Delsha melded with the other students. Finally, he was accepted as a Quel'dorei, and accepted into his's mentor's order, the Shen'dralar.

As is to be expected, everything changed with the War of the Ancients. The order that Delsha had recently joined, the Shen'dralar, were the only to defect from their fellow, power-drunk Highborne and Azshara, as well as their new, demonic allies. This was really the first time that Delsha had had to deal with violence, and the revelation came as a surprise to Delsha, who became scared by the power that the other Highborne, he included, could exercise at a mere whim. His fear was even further increased when he learned about the Felhunters, and how his fellow members of the Shen'dralar were being slaughtered by the dozen by the beasts. He saw how more of the Kaldorei were returning from battle than Quel'dorei.

This led him to a rather odd decision. He forsook the use of combatitive magic and plunged himself into the thick of combat with a sword and shield, lowering himself to the ways of the simple Kaldorei. Ironically, this is exactly how he lived. In the thick of combat, there were no ambushes, and his power could not be taken away from him by some demonic dog. While the war raged, he slowly drifted away from his friends in the Shen'dralar, many of whom were dead, and instead acquainted himself with the Kaldorei who he fought next to.

Eventually, those led by Malfurion Stormrage won the War of the Ancients, but at a price. A dowry of nearly half the world at the time, as well as a large chunk of those who fought against the Highborne. As well as this, but not as important, the Highborne, many of who were now dead, lost their influence on the Kaldorei. Those who had once lived in elaborate palaces of marble now had to find a new place to live. Many of the Shen'dralar moved south to the city of Eldre'Thalas, one of the last cities of the Highborne that was left standing. There, they captured a demon named Immol'thar to satisfy their needs for mana. Delsha heard of the city and heard whispers about it exploits, but did not feel the need to go join them.

He thought that he had moved on from his addiction to Arcane, the one that accompanied all the power that he had left behind. Still, he couldn't help but miss the steady thrum of mana that emerged from the Well of Eternity, even though it was replaced by immortality. Sure, immortality was a satisfying feeling, but it wasn't the same, it didn't provide the same power, the same joy. Still, Delsha had no choice in the manner, so he sucked it up. He moved to a village with many of the veterans that he'd fought beside. He helped with the work like he was supposed to, and even gave the children a small show of magic if they asked for it. Overall, he enjoyed his new life for nearly two and a half millenia.

Then, his father found him again. Of course, the joy at knowing that the other was alive was quickly replaced by an awkwardness. Delsha's father was happy to hear that Delsha had largely forsaken magic, but he wanted more. Delsha's father delivered an ultimatum; that his son give up magic completely and come join his father in a place called the Emerald Dream, where Druids helped the Green Dragonflight in tending to the world. Either that, or Delsha would be disowned from the family. The concept of being disowned was scary, but even scarier was the ideal of having to leave behind magic. Sure, he didn't use it much, but Delsha felt that he'd already sacrificed so much, and that magic was just another hurdle that he couldn't jump.

His father refused to accept the decision, and left in a flurry. Things returned to normal, but rumors circulated that Delsha had refused to give up magic. These were true, but the other rumors that followed, like how Delsha was going to sacrifice them all to demons, were entirely untrue. Eventually, Delsha found that the stigma that followed him at the village had become unbearable, and set out south to the city of Eldre'thalas. This was a good thing, too, as before the end of the millenia, the remaining Highborne in Ashenvale summoned a magical storm on Ashenvale, and were exiled to the east, across the sea. By this time, however, Delsha was at Eldre'thalas, and safe from such a fate. He found that the magic of Immol'thar, something he'd originally opposed to using, had filled a hole that was much larger than Delsha had ever realized. He completely replaced his renouncement of magic with a renouncement of physical fighting, and moved into the city. He threw himself back into learning, developing quirks for magic that would possibly be able to save him, were the Kaldorei ever to again become paranoid and attack the last Highborne castle at Eldre'thalas. In Delsha's case, this included magic that would actually protect him, or magic that would perhaps trick his pursuers away from him. Luckily for both sides, such an attack never came.

However, such a peace couldn't last forever. Eventually, the Demons came, and the Ogres quickly behind them. Delsha, worried for his own safety amongst an uneasy truce with such volatile companions, often left the city on small walks outside, using magic to mask his smell and tracks, as well as anything else that might give away his position. It was through this, and the encounters that followed, that Delsha learned of both the news in the world, all that had happened in his 7 millenia long hiatus, and the language of Common. Of course, this all interested him, but not enough to permanently leave his home at Eldre'thalas.

Lastly came the Cataclysm. Of course, the whole thing kind of opened Delsha's eyes to how even the mighty fortress of Eldre'thalas could be affected by what those outside of it did. So, he left the same way he'd left Ashenvale, without another word. This time, though, he wasn't alone. Many other of the Shen'dralar had grown discontented, and some even re-offered their services to Darnassus and it's new companions, once more under the leadership of the Archdruid. Delsha did no such thing. He had no desire to join wars that did not affect him. He did, however, have a desire to learn what the world that he had once left behind was like. And so, he went.

Skills and Abilities:

Delsha owns a powerful arsenal of magic that would be allowed to any Highborne mage. Of course, due to his pacifistic nature, he doesn't know quite as many

offensive spells, but he does have quite a range of defensive spells, ones that he can summon with startling speed. As well as this, he adores Arcane

illusions of all shapes and sizes, and has quite a personal library of them, including (but not limited to) - Mirror Image - Invisibility - Increase in size - Looking like other races (this is set to a pre-Sundering scale, which would be primarily Earthen, Pandaren, etc. However, this tires him and there's not much use for it, so he stays away from casting these spells). Lastly, he holds a small amount of skill with the sword, although since it's been a number of years, these skills are quite rusty.