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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Bulin Bulinson

Character In-Game Name: Bulin

Nickname(s): Bul, Bulin the 18th, Bulin Bulinson the 17th

Association(s): Ebon Blade, Wildhammer Clan, the Bulinsons.

Race: Dwarf

Class: Death Knight

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Hair: Since the loss of his jaw, he can't grow a beard. He shaved his head hair off in a show of solidarity. Therefore, he's completely hairless.

Eyes: Blue mist.

Weight: 4'10

Height: 180 lbs. 250 with armor on.


Bulin wears a large, hefty set of scale armor that covers his entire body. The term 'scale' is just used to explain it, as it's really just plates of steel shaped like scales that are welded together. It has some fur holding it together, and on some parts of his body, actual scales overlaying the fake scales. The steel scales are only visible on his chest and on his upper legs. His helmet is the same as everything else, but it has a steel jaw wired in place of where his actual jaw should be. He wears a harness above all this on his chest, and this harness holds a single gem in place. This gem has been in Bulin's family for generations, and is known as the Bulinstone. This is the only gem on his body.

His hammer starts with a leather strap that goes around his wrist. This strap is connected to a metal ring, which is connected to the oaken handle. This hammer continues up into his mace. The mace is surrounded a stoen copy of it, with a ring of wood and then steel comprising the center. Bulin has three runes, one for each specialization, on either side of the steel center. His undead gryphon isn't special in very many ways, beyond a certain robustness in the bones and a chip in the beak. Of course, one of the more noticable things about Bulin is his iron jaw, and the fact that he's missing an actual jaw.

Beyond this lack of an actual jaw, there's not much that's amiss about him.


Bulin has the typical dry humor of an Undead. Well, not just dry. He doesn't try to hide or ignore the fact that he's a Death Knight, and that's done wonders for his ability to act like he's still alive, including all the Dwarven humor that comes with it. He still buys a drink whenever he's in a pub, and he still flirts with the barwenches. This flirting often doesn't work as well as he'd like, due to the fact that his talking sounds like a death knight shouting into a box made of metal, but he does it nonetheless.

He's a friendly guy, and quick to meld into a group. He loves to compare his own actions to that of others, and often will boast about often exaggerated acts. He doesn't care much for magic, even his own runic type. This leads him to often trying to avoid people who use magic of any type and seeking the company of other physical weapon users. He doesn't have a large regard for his own safety, and will often engage in haphazardous activities, merely to prove that he could do it.


To talk about this Bulin, you need to first talk about all the other Bulins. The family has traceable roots back over 1,500 years, starting with the first Bulin. Rumor has it that the first Bulin did not know that he even had a child, until the child's mother angrily stomped up to Bulin the First and asked him who he was, and who the baby was. Bulin the First was drunk out of his mind at the time, and slurred that he was Bulin, and so was the baby. Bulin the First then took Bulin the Second from his mother and raised him. This cycle continued for a long time, with Bulin's ancestors participating in every war that the Wildhammer's did. After the War of the Three Hammers, the current Bulin and his son did not even bother to move to Grim Batol. Instead, they went directly to what is today known as Aerie Peak and settled in. Bulin the 17th, AKA the current Bulin, was born about 10 years before the Orcs invaded the south. Right about the time Bulin became an adult, his father went off to join the Wildhammers that were going to Draenor. However, before Bulin the 18th left, he gave Bulin the Bulinstone, which Bulin the 17th treasured.

Now, when you talk about Bulin Bulinson the 17th (the first Bulin was not a Bulinson), you have three large episodes to talk about. First is what we just went over, when Bulin Bulinson the 17th was given the Bulinstone by his father at the ripe age of 20. This represented Bulin the 17th becoming an adult, and truly being able to call himself a Bulinson. It's also around this time that Bulin the 17th became a Gryphon Rider, a tradition in his family, although no one knew for how long. It also represents one of the most adventurous times of his life, as he, now with nothing to do other than have another Bulin before he died, generally tried to woo and/or impregnate various females Dwarves.

The second objective in his life that you have to talk about was the expedition for Bulin the 6th. Bulin the 6th was the only female Bulin, and died under suspicious circumstances somewhere in the Eastern Kingdoms. Nobody knew where, but it had become customary for the 10 Bulins since to just pick a location on the map and go searching. Our Bulin was the 11th to go on this adventure, and decided to go south, far south. This was at the beginning of the Third War, and he had no desire to stick around and be killed by some random Orc. He personally pinned blame for Bulin the 6th's death on the Dark Irons, and headed south to the Redridge Mountains. This represented him truly feeling comfortable and at home being a Bulinson. Although nothing came of this, as was to be expected, Bulin still had fun. This trip also allowed him a crucial time to hone his skills at things like combat, as well as fostering a deeper relationship with his Gryphon.

The third bump in the road for Bulin the 17th was his death. If it were any other time in the world, that would be the end of the Bulins. However, Bulin was killed just as he was returning from looking for his father in Outland. He'd gone north, farther north than usual, courtesy of a portal from a mage in Shattrath. There, on his way home, he was killed by the Scourge, where both he and his Gryphon were taken to Acherus to be resurrected. He, unlike most Death Knights, was not involved in the assault on the Scarlet Crusade. He tended to the Mounts, whether they be birds or horses. Now, this was a kick in the gut to Bulin. He would be alive to see the end of the line of his family, and there was nothing he could do about it. It's not like he could do anything about it.

When he was freed, like all other Death Knights, he was happy. He even got his old Gryphon back. However, unlike many other, he held no desire to go back home. As far as he was worried, it was better that Bulin Bulinson died the same as his father, fighting against the Legion with other Wildhammers in the Outlands. And so, he devoted his unlife to the Ebon Blade. He had many a great adventures in the north, enough to rival those he'd had when he was younger and still alive. It was here that he lost his jaw to a errant swipe from an Undead Troll. Of course, you couldn't really reattach something like a jaw with just magic, and so they just built him a new one. It's not like he needed a jaw to chew or anything, so they just gave him an immobile, metal jaw.

When the Lich King was beaten, though, he was once again without a purpose. First came the search for the Bulinstone. It took him over 7 years, but he determined that, if he was going to live as the last Bulin, he was going to do it with the Bulinstone. He had just had the Bulinstone fitted into his armor, a prime spot right in the middle of his chest, when the Shattering hit. He didn't even know it had, due to the fact that Acherus is in the air, but when Deathwing flew over, the whole place went into overdrive. Bulin hopped onto his Gryphon to find out what had happened, and viewed absolute destruction caused by the Black Aspect. He helped how he could, but there wasn't much the Ebon Blade was doing as a whole. Thus, he left, tossing his hammer in whereever it felt the most useful. He knew that if the Ebon Blade or the Wildhammer Clan ever needed help, he would come running. But they didn't, so he waited.

Skills and Abilities:

Bulin has created a bastardization of many of the skills that he knew in life, as a Gryphon rider. While he prefers not to use the runic magic he was granted as a Death Knight, he's not scared to.

-Stormhammer. Although he doesn't have a grip over the elements like still-living Gryphon riders, but he combines his knowledge of this spell with Death Coil, in order to toss his hammer at them through the air and have it return.

-Gryphon Rider. Of course, Bulin has a Gryphon that he rides. This Gryphon has been with him for a long time, and was even made undead at the same time that he was. Of course, he can ride it flawlessly.

Beyond these two skills, he's just an average Gryphon Rider Death Knight hybrid.