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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Boudi Golemfist [Boo-eh-dee]

Character In-Game Name: Boudi


Association(s): Dark Irons, Ironforge, Alliance (in that order).

Race: Dark Iron Dwarf

Class: Warrior

Age: 43

Sex: Female

Hair: Black. She variates how it's braided.

Eyes: Red.

Weight: 4'5

Height: 137 lbs.


Physically, she's no truly no more spectacular than any other Dwarf. She can't lift an Orc and toss him off a cliff, but she's still strong. She has the typical pearish shape of a Dwarf, with grey skin and freckles dotting her cheeks. She has a few hairs gathered amongst her chin. There aren't enough to be visible from a distance, but when you get close to her they're visible. She wears a set of greyish cloth, something which covers her body but leaves everything above her neck uncovered. When fighting, she wears chainmail gauntlets on top of her regular clothing. Each of these pieces has a rune on it, matching to a rune on her golem.

Her construct, a Golem that she calls simply Modan, is a behemoth, at least to Dwarves. It's 13 feet tall and made of the typical enruned stone of Golems. The Golem, being made of stone, is both incredibly hardy and powerful, yet very slow. The creation has a physique not unsimilar to a Dwarves, with short, stubby legs and long, thick arms with a barrel-ish body. The head of it is engraved into the chest.

Weaponwise, the golem relies purely on it's fists. It's very barebones externally, but seeing as it's made out of pure stone, Boudi sees little room for improvement or necessary changes. Personally, she carries a hatchet and a rifle, unless she is in a friendly town. If she's in a friendly town, than she'll carry nothing on her, other than the keys to her house.


Boudi is a very vengeful person. She holds grudges much longer than necessary and will lash out at people who have wronged her, even if them wrongdoing her is from months, or even years, ago. She tends to learn towards being spiteful and quick to anger, although she has been making a conscious effort to be a better person. She's very proud of what she's been able to do with her life. Ultimately, she views herself as in a good position and she's very wary of those that could pose a threat to her success. She's a rich woman, although she's very stingy and hesitates before spending large amounts of money.

She's stubborn beyond a doubt. When she has a position on any debate or argument, she'll often be one of the last to change from it. Often, instead of graciously admitting defeat, she will resort to calling the opponent a slew of names and leaving in a huff of fury. Going off of this strand, her loyalty to Ironforge is as strong as the mountain itself. However, she does not support it in all of it's endeavors. She gladly signs up for any sort of defense in the area of Khaz Modan, but she is very hesitant to attack outside of these areas, unless it is in direct defense against a threat she sees as important. She is more open to helping Gnomes, other Dwarves or even Humans than any other race, due to the fact that she knows them and she has served with them in the past.

Racially, she's inclined towards being kinder to the paler races, although she truly doesn't care for any beyond Dwarves. She merely understands that they are more trustworthy and more well documented by the Dwarves. She views the races that inhabit Kalimdor as beastial and often not worth her time, whereas Undeads scare her for obvious reasons. She is a Dark Iron at heart and upholds her obligation to Thaurissian's people higher than her obligation to either Aerie Peak or Ironforge Mountain.

Although she is not scared to fight in her golem, she does not like to do it all the time. The machine is quite expensive to operate, and she prefers to not waste money unless necessary or useful. She has no problem with smaller fights, like bar brawls or one on one duels. That is due to the fact that, in these types of fights, she primarily either uses her fists or her weapons. Although she tries to avoid killing the opponent or getting herself killed, she does enjoy these fights, whether it's to merely let off some steam or to prove a point.


Boudi was born in Shadowforge City, the capital of the Dark Iron people. Her family were artisans, a line of people who had helped build golems since the War of the Three Hammers. As a child, Boudi had no problems with this fate; she absolutely loved golems, and spent every day she could following her parents around, with bright little eyes and a mouth constantly spewing out questions. From a young age, she helped her parents in any way she could during their work. This led to her being conditioned from a young age to work in such a field. As she crested adulthood, she was hastily made a Golem crafter. She put days of work into each and every golem, often sacrificing her free time to make sure the golems were exceptional.

It didn't take her long to realize that the extra work was going to waste; her golems, her pride and joy, were being used just the same as any others. So, she began to funnel extra resources away, feigning clumsiness that never actually happened. Her parents had since died, and her house was empty, allowing ample room for the none-too-social woman to build her own golem. Over the course of years, she built a stereotypical golem, spending many sleepless nights to make sure it would look better than any that would ever be made again. In the meantime, at work, she began to take an interest in the runesetting of the golems. She watched, occasionally approaching one of the runesetters to ask him questions, similar to how she had talked to her parents when she was younger. Through a mixture of flirting and paying, she managed to bring one home and have him set the runes on her golem over the course of months, so not to have it be too suspicious.

She was ecstatic when it was finished. However, she had missed one crucial factor -- there was no way she could move the golem, and without the highly-guarded knowledge of how to let the golem move itself, she was going to have a statue dominating the majority of her house. Unfortunately, her friend who had set the runes was not yet high enough in his job to be given such knowledge. So, she brainstormed. Eventually, she came up with a wrap-around. She had chainmail gauntlets forged for a personal suit of battle. Then, she fixed metal plates to the back of her hands on these gauntlets. She had her runemaking friend set runes of binding between the hands of the golem and her own hands, as well as the feet of the golem and her own feet. Through this, she was able to control it's movements.

Her life continued as average for a long time. She never found an actual use for her personal golem, other than practicing for the day she would use it. That is, until she heard of the ghosts who travelled through the city, killing all in their path, including the dear emperor. Her skills were in high demand after that, to replenish the Golems of the Dark Irons. It was a fairly average life for her, albeit a bit busy. That is, until she heard of Magni's death, and the fact that the queen of the Dark Irons was now the Queen of the Bronzebeards as well. It wasn't until the Council of the Three Hammers was formed that she revealed her golem. To reveal it, she bashed out the front of her house, packed all of her worthwhile belongings into a wagon and left Shadowforge City, hopefully never to return.

She made it to Ironforge and immediately looked for work, either as a soldier of the Alliance or as a soldier of fortune. Frankly, she wanted action. Her life was not particularly costly nor materialistic, and she was fine with taking a small house carved into the side of the mountain. Her golem stood still as a statue at the base of the exit, waiting until the day she would find a reason to use it.

Skills and Abilities

Boudi's combative skills almost entirely lay in hand to hand, fist-based maneuvers. However, for survival purposes, she knows how to use, clean and maintain both a hatchet and a rifle. She's quite adept at being able to sculpt things, as well. When she fights with her golem, it's much of the same. She's very traditional in how she made it, and as such it only can use it's fists. It's a large, lumbering machine, and as such can only do large, lumbering moves. In order to synchronize her movements with that of the golem, she puts on her gloves and smashes her fists. She then waits for the golem to power up and do the same. While it's only connected to her fists, she can make it move it's legs with flicks of her wrists (I.E., holding her hands up stops the golem from moving forward). Other than this, the golem's arms copy the movements of her own. If she loses sight of the golem and she does not rectify this, she loses her connection to the golem. Alternatively, if her hands touch while in the gloves, the golem powers down.