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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Bob Appleflow

Character In-Game Name: Bob

Nickname(s): Bobby, Big Bob, Bub/Bubby

Association(s): The Appleflow Family

Race: Human

Class: Farmhand

Age: 53

Sex: Male

Hair: Short cut and gray in color.

Eyes: Hazel.

Weight: 285 lbs.

Height: 6 ft. 5 ½ in.

Scale: 1.08


Usual Garments/Armor: Most of the time, Bob is seen wearing a pair of overalls that are light brown in color and torn in many places. Underneath the overalls would be a darker brown shirt that’s just as tattered. Around his boots and lower legs, he has wrapped extra amounts of leather to protect him from thorns and any sharp tools that he’s susceptible to brush against.

If he’s not working (which is a rare occasion outside of attending service), he can be found wearing brown leather pants and a white shirt with sleeves cut at the top of the shoulder.

If he’s going somewhere where he needs to be formal, he’d be wearing a black suit (which is turning gray due to how old it is). It is far too tight on him due to the big belly that he sports, and so many of the buttons are either busted off or replaced with mismatching ones.

Other: He’s missing a few teeth. One of the most obvious features of his smile is a gap where his right central incisor used to be. He’s also a rather burly guy, being somewhat tall, muscular from long days of hard work, and a big beer belly due to his drinking habit.


Having grown up on a farm and deemed responsible for long days of hard work around the plantation from a very young age, he has a very strong worth ethic. Because of this, when he judges a person, he tends to respect those who do a lot of work, and look down upon those who don’t. As one of the oldest brothers of 14 siblings, he has developed a strong sense of responsibility and authority, as well as a nurturing side that he never acknowledges personally. At the same time, since his younger brothers and sisters, such as Markuss, used to play a number of pranks and get into trouble, it would often be Bob who got the most whooping because he was responsible for making sure that they didn’t get into trouble.

War had a large impact on Bob’s personality. Much of his individuality was lost when he endured a very intense year of training to be a soldier. One would think that fighting alongside those from other kingdoms would shape him into a more open-minded person, but it didn’t. It had the opposite effect: due to cultural differences, he got into a lot of arguments and fistfights with other soldiers, and this only fueled his xenophobia down the road. Not only is he xenophobic of humans from other kingdoms, but other races as well. Orcs are at the top of his list, since his father was killed by one. When his father died, and he returned from war, he took up the role of the father figure for many of his siblings and other Appleflow youth, and so the responsibility that he thinks he carries is even larger because of this.

His drinking problem, on the other hand, is detrimental to his qualities of a good work ethic, responsibility, authority, and care. Not only that, but rather than being the angry and boisterous drunk, he’s more of an aloof and careless type when under the influence of alcohol. Despite not being that angry and boisterous drunk, being aloof still gets him into plenty of trouble.


Bob was born onto what would become known as the excessively populated Appleflow plantation. Being one of the first few children birthed by Milly Appleflow, things didn’t seem as hectic for the young Bobby. However, this meant that the amount of work that he had to take on as a kid was a large fraction. This, in and of itself, toughened him up and taught him a sufficient amount of personal obedience that would come in good use as many of the younger siblings were born. Although this meant the fraction of work he had to do was reduced, he was now responsible for looking out for the younger siblings, and this meant he often got the blame whenever someone did something wrong. He developed a sense of sadness in the fact that he could not gain amusement from the fun that all of the younger siblings were having, because whatever it was that they were doing, it meant that he would be punished for it. This also caused him to be antagonistic and authoritative towards his siblings.

His sense of duty towards his family was sparked when the First War began, and just after his father enlisted, his younger brother Markuss did as well. Afraid of what would happen to the young Markuss, who was known for doing more harm than good, he signed up as well, as if it were because he didn’t want Markuss to stir up too much trouble. Seeing that Markuss managed to poke his eye out with a sword during training, Bob wasn’t entirely successful. When it came to the battlefield, however, he performed with excellence when it came to being a soldier, particularly when it came to protecting his fellow soldiers. Yet, as he was protecting one man, another man was susceptible. During one battle, this happened to be his father, who was gored by an Orc and killed. Before he resumed fighting, he pushed what internals that were left back into the man and wrapped him up so that his body could be relatively preserved. At the end of the war, he and Markuss would carry their father back to the plantation and bury him in the orchard.

Just as Bob returned from one war, he waged another back at home, as the Defias were stirring up trouble for the Appleflows. With military experience behind him, Bob would act as if he were fighting battles again, and would go as far as teaching all of his younger siblings how to shoot down red targets and make small bombs out of the jars that used to be used to carry baby food. This didn’t help at all when it came to the Appleflow family’s public reputation for being violent and suspicious of everyone they came across. To this day, amidst the destruction that the tornadoes of the cataclysm caused his family and plantation, he continues to wage this war against the Defias and protect what integrity his family has left.