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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Azma Oir Il-Quar IV

Character In-Game Name: Azma

Nickname(s): -

Association(s): Dalaran, Kirin Tor, Stormwind, Booty Bay

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Age: 62

Sex: Male

Hair: His hair is black in color. He has relatively long eyebrows (they extend off his head a little, an usual sight for a human), a goatee, and a silky beard that is ½ a meter long.

Eyes: Light blue

Weight: 165 lb.

Height: 5’8”


Azma wears a lot of blue in his wardrobe. He wears a short and loose robe that would closely resemble a khalat. The robe is blue in color and decorated with elaborate and intricate designs, with many golden words stitched into the fabric. On the back of his robe, a purple colored symbol of the Kirin Tor disturbs the blue and yellow patterns of the robe. The pants that he wears underneath these robes are similar in design, as if part of a matching set. They are loose but not baggy. His shoes are blue as well, but like the robe, there is a small symbol of Kirin tor incorporated into the leathers.

Azma is an heir to considerable wealth, but most of this comes in the form of jewelry that has been worn throughout his familial line. Of this jewelry, Azma often wears golden bracelets and necklaces. One of these necklaces boasts a large sapphire, and is one of Azma’s most prized possessions.

Other: He wears cologne that smells like cilantro oil and cinnamon.


Azma is a result of two worlds: a world of privilege and a world of poverty. He is conscientious above all else, his internal motor, likely inherited from his mother, is strict and thoughtful. His early life shaped him to endure the harshest of elements, along with life’s most difficult emotions. The result is not apathy, but an emotional self-awareness that would allow him to survive the difficulties he would later endure.

Though his time spent there was short in comparison to the rest of his life, his stay in Booty Bay shaped him into the extravagant, curious, and open-minded cosmopolitan he is. His tastes for ale were inspired by the Dwarves, his appreciation for technology by the dwarves, and his interest in rumor from the Goblins. Even as he moved away from Booty Bay, he has allowed himself to be open-minded enough to accept the presence of Blood Elves in his city. Additionally, his recent sense of fashion is borrowed, if not downright stolen, from the Draenei.

The result of all of his quirks is a man who finds it difficult to fit in with those who surround him, but a man self-accepting enough to not only care less of how they think about him, but to encourage others to achieve self-actualization. His mannerisms, way of speaking, and sense of proxemics often create a hazardous sense of space around him, but beyond his awkward way of interacting with people, he expresses warmth and friendliness through his actions.


Azma was born to a man bearing a nearly identical name: Azma Oir Il-Quar III. His mother, a gemologist like all of the wives of his forefathers, decided that she would give her son a valuable sapphire necklace the moment she gazed into his bright blue eyes for the first time. As if he were a gem himself, she polished the young Azma into a man worthy of appraisal. She controlled every aspect of his life so that she might prevent her only son from the nicks or scratches that the world so often gives its children. The young Azma adhered to a strict schedule that included academics, language, etiquette, magic, and scribing. Even his childhood friends were subject to this, and as a result, were cycled in and out of his life as time continued onward.

Life as a young man in Dalaran was of great annoyance to the young Azma. His father, a member of the Kirin Tor, was quite removed from the important moments of his adolescence. And so he learned about the curiosities of life through his friends and the philosophies he would later amalgamate from the immense libraries in the city. Most integral to the life of an adolescent is rebellion; because of the neglect he received from his father, the young Azma decided to take on the school of frost magic rather than the school of arcane that completely filled his family line.

And so for years he studied and practiced frost magic under the wing of a father’s friend, and because the man deterred his son from a path so valued in his heritage, his father broke his ties with the man and chastised his son. In return, the young Azma turned away from his father and began to live elsewhere in the city. For nearly three decades, the young Azma dedicated himself to mastering the ways of the ice, a time often marked by contemplative journeys into the Alterac Mountains. It wasn’t until an altercation with Orcs of the Frostwolf Clan, one that nearly resulted in his death if not for the shields of ice he was able to summon, that the young Azma stopped making these journeys.

Upon hearing that his son was wounded during one of his excursions into the mountains, his father took leave from his job in order to take care of his injured son. This gesture of kindness rekindled their relationship, and after a heart to heart, his father persuaded him to follow in his footsteps as an arcane. More than two years passed, but Azma had learned and mastered most of what his father could teach him. Knowing that he was of more use to his city than to his son, Azma’s father volunteered to fight alongside the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War while the young Azma would continue to learn and practice magic under the esteemed guidance of other Magi. He would not be there to protect his family when Dalaran was sacked.

At the same time when the Eye of Dalaran was stolen, Azma’s mother was cut to pieces when she was alone in the prayer room of the city’s cathedral. Not only was she torn to pieces, but her husband and son were as well. Both blamed themselves for not being there to protect her, even though the circumstances surrounding the event were the reason for her death. Azma’s father vowed to be in Dalaran the next time it was attacked, and he was. During the third war, he and his son fought to defend her gems and jewelry, which they hid under the floor. Right before Azma’s eyes, Dalaran, along with his father, were destroyed by the demons.

After this event, Azma took only his family’s valuables and fled his ruined homeland. The tides of war swept him from one place to the next. He first found refuge in Stromgarde, which was also in chaos at the time. In both fear and distaste of what was going on in his newfound kingdom, Azma joined the Stromgarde Brigade in the human expedition that would land them in Kalimdor. Along the way, Azma survived not only the starvation and sickness that threatened the brigade, but attacks from the Horde as well. Yet, when he settled with the others in Theramore he found that he was of no use to them. By exchanging mail with an old friend, he was able to land a job in Stormwind, so he decided that once he had the means, he would travel back to the Eastern Kingdoms. It only took him a few months worth of working as a shipyard laborer to earn the money to cross the ocean and make it to Stormwind. And that is exactly what he did. Only, this didn’t happen the way he intended it to.

Just as he was about to reach the designated port, the ship he was on was raided by pirates. Azma had two choices: death, or handing over his family’s jewelry. He chose the latter, and lost all the wealth that he possessed because of it. He was only able to hide his prized sapphire necklace. Impoverished, yet determined to get back what was stolen from him, Azma found a new life in the slums of Booty Bay. Because he was seen as one of the more refined and well mannered individuals of Booty Bay, a Goblin decided to hire him on as a bank teller. In his spare time, he would work at a popular hookah-bar in order to hear all that might be heard about the criminals and pirates. By doing this, along with being a bank teller, Azma became known as the ear of Booty Bay in a matter of a few months. It was as if he knew everything that was happening, whether it be the latest raiding of merchant ships or a kid stealing a bottle of ale. During the next two years of his life, Azma would not only get back some of his stolen jewelry through the many connections he was able to make, but he also experienced a rich amount of enculturation as he met people from all walks of life that came through the port.

Eventually, Azma decided that he would query his friend in Stormwind about the job he was offered two years before, and to his surprise, he was still welcomed to the position. And so he took all that he owned with him and travel, with a guarded caravan, to Stormwind. There, he would work as a tutor in the mage quarter for the next three years. He grew tired of this job and found that he needed to go someplace new after the short stay in the city, so he traveled to the rebuilt Dalaran was quickly able to join the Kirin Tor and become a Mage due to the ties that he had through his father. Until now, this is where he has been, and what he has been doing. However, in his everyday meditations, he wishes to experience the world he saw when he lived in Booty Bay.

Skills and Abilities

Though he has studied and practiced a wide variety of magic, Azma specializes in Frost magic. Defensive magic is the most noticeable of his skills, having mastered the art of summoning ice for protective purposes. While he knows many considerably powerful spells, Azma’s offensive use of ice is not as powerful because he does not deem it to be as necessary.

Being a Mage of the Kirin Tor, Azma has learned and utilized the power of the arcane. Though many of his contemporaries in this school disregard fire or frost magic, Azma spends countless hours of study and meditation to explore the relationship between his use of frost magic and his use of arcane magic. However, he dedicates most of his time to the arcane, as it is expected of him in the Kirin Tor. Meanwhile, his knowledge of frost magic, which spans decades of his life, takes a lesser initiative in recent times. However, Azma has not forgotten a single frost spell despite this disregard.

In his time spent in Booty Bay, Azma roomed with a mage who used arcane magic to manipulate plant growth, and from him he learned some of the basic components of nature magic. Though he rarely uses these skills, they have heavily impacted his appreciation for unconventional uses of magic.