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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Arvellos Endal’felo

Character In-Game Name: Arvellos

Association(s): The Burning Legion

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Fel-sworn (OOC: Warrior)

Age: 187

Sex: Male

Hair: A fiery orange, short and naturally spiky. Some locks of hair are noticeably redder.

Eyes: Fel green.

Weight: 161 lbs.

Height: 6’3”


Arvellos wears armor coated in a very thin plate of steel, the cloth underneath black and orange underneath. It fits his figure very well, as if it was crafted for him personally, the pointed tips of each sleeve ending at the beginning of his middle finger. His boots, however, aren’t big enough, as if his feet and lower legs have grown larger than when the boots were originally crafted for him. He also usually wears a silver-chained necklace with a topaz crystal dangling as its pendant.

Other: The Flarecutter: this is the sword that has been carried down through many generations of the Endal’felo family, but only recently has it been used and reinforced with Fel iron. The sword is a long and thin blade that extends 2 ½ feet from the hilt. Though originally only reddish in color, it now emanates a green hue as well.

The Embodiment Shield: the shield that Arvellos always carries with him is attached to the armor of his left forearm and is only a little wider than his forearm itself. It has also been reinforced with Fel iron.

Skills and Abilities

Fel-strike: The Flarecutter, which has now been reinforced with Fel iron, corrupts what it touches with Fel energies, and so more damage is caused than if it were a normal sword.

Attachment: Having used the Flarecutter for years, Arvellos has become attached to the sword both mentally and physically and as a result, he depends on it as if it were an arm.

Embodiment: Just as he feels that the Flarecutter is a part of his body, the Shield of Embodiment is something that he is so used to wearing that it feels like part of his body. Being small and relatively lightweight, he can move it quickly as his arm moves.

Courage of the Demon: After consuming demon blood, Arvellos has gained muscle mass that allows him to face enemies that are larger than him and still be on an equal playing field. Speed and mental clarity are also slightly improved by the consumption of the blood.

Speak of the Devil: Having studied under the tutelage of a demon for nine years, he has learned a thing or two about the Burning Legion, demons, and their abilities.


Though Arvellos has the mentality of a warrior before anything else, he is calm under the surface and thinks through actions before executing them, though commands from his demonic superior takes the exception (although such demands are rare). He has a one-track goal, which is to find artifacts and relics that will grant him more power, and he pursues his goals with both craft and aggression. He speaks few words, and when he speaks, his words are put into careful deliberation before projected. This makes it slow for him to make any thought, but gives him a strong will once he feels secure about one. He tries to appear considerate, even in confrontation.


Born into a militarist family, the eldest of four boys, Arvellos learned to lead as a sibling and as the son of an officer. His father, as it turns out, joined the military in order to search for the relics that his father and fathers before him have been searching for. Of the most important pieces of his lineage was the Flarecutter, a sword that has been used for over five generations. As the eldest son, Arvellos was to inherit it. However, the sword was not to be used in combat, as there was a supposed curse that fell on whoever held it by the hilt: it would corrupt a man through the palms of his hands and lead him only down a path of death, or so they say.

No, Arvellos was to use a standard longblade, and he was trained to master the use of this weapon by his father so that he might train his younger brothers to wield one as well come the time. The reason his father trained him to use both a sword and a shield was because he intended for Arvellos to become a guard just as he was. His father’s ambitions were successful, and by the time Arvellos came of age, he entered the guards and was stationed towards the entrance of Silvermoon City. Up until the time of the Sunwell’s corruption, this was Arvellos’ place in the world. All the while, Arvellos would help search for artifacts and relics with his father until the day his father contracted an illness that would lead to his death.

During the Third War, Arvellos fought to protect his city and turned to the Sunwell for empowerment and motivation. At the same time, he would climb the ranks and find himself in a position of command, which came natural to him as he was an older sibling. After a while, he began to find himself too weak in his own scrutiny, so when he grew further from his family, he reinforced the Flarecutter with new steel and began to wield it in battle. However, after a year of using the weapon, he would find himself lusting for more and more power, and this thirst led him to the power that Fel magic had to offer.

Even with the use of Fel, he still felt that he needed more power, so he began to seek out this power as his father did, by searching for relics that might grant him this power. Watching him from the sidelines, a Nathrezim began to see some use in Arvellos, and so he appeared before him and made an offer that he was sure the Sin’dorei would take:

“Arvellos Enda’felo, the blood that rushes through your body is an unstoppable fire within you, a fire that requires fuel, and it is fuel stronger than you have ever seen that I can give to you. Though you may deny it, the people you fight for cannot give you the power that I can, that the Legion can, and so you should join us in our pursuits, and find the objects which you seek.”

For a while before this meeting with the Nathrezim, Arvellos had been sacrificing his pursuits in order to serve his city, yet not much was given back to him, and he never found the time to look for the relics that he and his forefathers were hell-bent on obtaining. When he lay down his sword in exchange for wielding the Flarecutter, he had already made the choice of the self over the society. With the hilt of the cursed sword still held tightly in his hand, Arvellos accepted the demon’s offer and began training under his authority, unaware that the Nathrezim might be using him for his own purposes.

However, in order to abandon his army in exchange for joining what the demon claimed to be a more powerful one, Arvellos wanted proof that the Nathrezim would aid him in his search for relics, so the first thing that the demon did was guide Arvellos to a cave buried underneath a small and isolated ruin and help the Sin’dorei decrypt the messages that would lead him to an ancient shield hidden in a crypt and clutched by the skeleton of a long dead leader. This shield, as described on the side of the coffin, is called ‘The Embodiment Shield’ and is said to become stronger every time it was hit by a weapon, and believed to make the one who wore it stronger. However, it didn’t appear strong to Arvellos, only being a small square of iron as large as his forearm. Yet, as he began to train under the Nathrezim, he learned that what was inscribed on the side of the coffin was indeed true. But the truth behind it is that it gave him a self-fulfilling prophesy.

From then on, he swore allegiance to the Burning Legion and learned to use the power of Fel in ways he would have never imagined while learning more about the demons he sided with. For the next few years, he would fight for the Legion in Outland while still training under the Nathrezim, losing any compassion that he might have held for the peoples he helped manipulate and kill. All the while, he learned to trust the Nathrezim that was using him for purposes that only the demon himself knew about. Up until this very day, he stays true to the oath he took with the demon and carries through with its commands so that it might help him find the artifacts that he is searching for.