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Player: Majyk

Character Full Name: Apostasy (Deidre Corden before death)

Character In-Game Name: Apostasy

Nickname(s): Stasy

Association(s): Undercity

Race: Forsaken

Class: Hunter

Age: 29, 19 at death

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, pulled into a tight and rather dirty bun.

Eyes: Glow with a faint luminescence, pale white.

Weight: 110lbs with an empty "stomach"

Height: 5' 10"

Skills and Abilities

Apostasy is rather skilled with firearms, from the rifle to the pistol. But as she excels in ranged, she falls short in melee. She barely knows how to swing a sword, much less use it effectively. While she -can- wear armor, it hinders her speed, which she uses to reload/move so she prefers not to wear any. She has begun to work on her stealth and has started meddling with magic to alter her shots.


Apostasy wears a black trench coat over her casual garments. She has leather gloves that go up to her elbow to keep the cuffs in check. The outfit under her coat changes, but the Undercity tabard is always there, as are her many holsters for her pistols. Her trench coat is also tricked out to effectively hide other various guns and ammunition for them. She also wears a long brimmed hat to keep sun, rain and other such things out of her eyes. Recently, she has started to wear the uniform of the organization she is a part of.

Other: Apostasy had a lot of her innards cooped out and replaced with a backpack of sorts, where she holds ammo and other such things. Her face was stitched up when she died and she reworked the stitches so that they don't interfere with her motion, but are still there for a visual, a memento of the life she lost.


Apostasy has a thing for commanding personalities. She has a duality there, having both a dominant and a submissive personality. She also believes that all Forsaken who do not revere Sylvanas to be a traitor and that they must be destroyed. Besides that, she has a dry wit that you would expect of the dead and the fierce loyalty as well, to her kin and kingdom.


Deidre Corden was born into a small farming family. She was raised not with a formal education, but one born of practicality and need. She learned how to hunt and trap, watch the weather, mind the crops and all sorts of things one would need, living out in the woods for the most part alone.

She had a knack for using the family rifle and would enjoy going hunting or even just shooting for fun/practice. However, this simple life began to not sit well the older she got. Having a boring, yet safe, life didn't appeal to her. She began to feel as if she wasn't living, just gliding from day to day.

She heard rumors from the small town that their family bought supplies they couldn't make out on their land about highwaymen. How exciting! She pictured herself much like a young boy picturing themself a pirate, having day dreams about weilding a gun, stealing, cheating and running from the law. What a life that must be, she thought. She began to make more excuses to go into town, to hear more about these highwaymen. She learned that they were supposed to be around the very same village she was at. Now's her chance to escape the farm and live an exciting life.

That night, she stole the family rifle from the mantle and a box of bullets, along with some provisions and even a few pieces of silverware to hopefully prove her worth to these bandits. She covered up the gun as best she could as she walked along the dirt street by moonlight, glancing to and fro with equal parts excitement and fear. She soon got her wish as she heard a shrill whistle.

The thieves slowly disengaged themselves from the shadows of the trees lining the road, circling her with predatory smiles. She threw the silverware to the ground with an 'eep', much to the amusement of the circling vultures. One finally stopped in front of her, laughing to his mates. "Looks like she knows the drill, lads!" More laughter. She stammers out: "I-I c-came to join." She glances to the ground, blushing. The leader cocks an eyebrow. "We're much too dangerous and wanted to be joined by a little lady, like you." He laughs again, prompting even more from his crowd. She grows a bit of backbone and uncovers the rifle, pointing it at a nearby tree. "I can hold my own," she says as she aims at a branch and fires, making a twig come falling down. "'ey! Keep it down!" The leader hissed, looking about anxiously. He points at the silverware that she threw to the ground and one of the lackeys grabs them up and he gestures over his shoulder. "Follow if you want, but you'll have to proove yourself."

He runs off and so does the rest of the gang. Deidre just stands there with a goofy smile on her face for a moment before hurrying after the thieves.

Many months pass and she's successfully integrated into the banditry life-style. She even garnered the attention of the head-honcho who unofficially recruited her into the business and she loved it. However, they attracted too much attention from Gilneas and they were beginning to crack down harder on banditry within the borders, so the group fled the coop. They bought their way onto a merchant ship bound for Hillsbrad and hid away.

Once docked, they simply strolled out and began to look at the new possibilities. They began to prey upon Lordaeron's merchants and peoples, not paying attention to the rumors about Arthas or the plagued grain and all that. They thought themselves nigh uncatchable and, to some extent, invincible.

They were, however, not. As they sat around their fire, drinking and having a good ol' time, each in turn began to feel funny. Oh no, was it the plague? Were the rumors true? What they contracted wasn't really the plague used by the Scourge to make mindless minions. It was a natural illness, one they had barely been exposed to.

None of them knew how to cure it and they were too far away from any settlement that could help and they dared not risk capture and tried to wait it out. Very bad idea. They all died from the disease, in horrible pain. Some even tried to run to the closest town to seek aide, but with the exertion fell victim to the malady even quicker. Deidre stayed with the leader, however, under her oath that she would follow his orders to the death. And so she did.

A missionary found their bodies and deemed them carriers of the plauge that the Scourge used. They sewn the mouths and eyes shut, also adding two x's to the forehead to mark them for burning. They didn't get to finish their plan because the Scourge swept through, slaying the priests.

Deidre, her gang and the priests were risen into undeath. Not all of them made it through their use from the Scourge to be freed however and a smaller portion still made it with the rest of the Forsaken.

Deidre was one of the lucky few who regained their minds. With her new freedom, she chose to take a new name, much like many of her brethren. She took the name Apostasy because she was turning her back on the life she led before, the faith of the living and her shirking of responsibility. She took her skill with firearms and presented herself to the highest authority she could find and joined in with the war effort.

She served in the Forsaken Military and went to Northrend like most of the other Forsaken military members and even helped with the re-taking of Undercity. She began to develop a complex, however. She began to really abhor any Forsaken who turned their back on the one she viewed to be their savior: Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. This new attitude of hers didn't sit well with commanding officers as she saw minor infractions as treason and attempted to take it into her own hands.

She was dishonorably discharged from the service, luckily left unalive. She began to wander around doing some soul searching after the discharge, eventually spying a flyer for the Black Harvest...

It sounded like her kind of place...

And it was exactly as she had expected. As she served with the Harvest, she forged bonds with several of the members and even rose up to the rank of Inquisitor. Later, she stepped down feeling that she couldn't do the duties of an inquisitor to the best of her abilities.

She took a brief respite from serving on the front lines with her fellow Harvesters, but instead scouted out the Silverpine Forest area, keeping tabs on the increasing worgen threat. Eventually she gets the call to come back to the rest of the group.