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Player: natni8

Character Full Name: Alynia Skyshadow

Character In-Game Name: Alynia

Nickname(s): Aly

Association(s): Wastelanders, Herself

Race: Night Elf

Class: Huntress

Age: 485

Sex: Female

Hair: Shining white, she lets it grow long.

Eyes: Glowing silver.

Weight: 184 Ibs

Height: 6'9

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Green leather hood. Comfortable leather armor in all nature colours, greens and browns. She wears a long cape that she can use to hide in forests, it being in those colours.

A couple of short, curved swords. A wooden bow strapped to her back.


Alynia is proud. She is harsh and honest.

Her friends know she can be gentle and kind but to all others she is cold and unforgiving. She is a skilled tactician and has a calculating personality.

She evaluates everyone she meets, be it friend or foe then places that person in categories. She rarely changes her mind about people.


Alynia was born to a typical elven family. Her mother was a Huntress and Alynia wanted nothing more than to be like her. Her father was of no importance, Alynia had little interaction with him. Her mother taking care of her until she could do it herself. She grew up to become a fine young woman.

She grew an interest for tactics, and often wrote down or imagined battles and fights. So, her life went on. She trained and did her duty. Until the Burning Legion returned.

Her mother had told her of the Demons that attacked their people so long ago. And now they had returned to threaten her race again. Alynia fought, one of the few that did not oppose to allying with other races.

She made human friends, she made orc allies. And she was horrified when her people once again started war with the Horde. Her mother even hated the Alliance races.

Alynia protested. She spoke to all who would hear of her concerns. But it was either ignored or criticised. Her peers no longer respected her. She recieved furious glances and even taunts. So, she left.

She donned her forest leather armor, strapped her weapons on and left her people. She made her way to the Eastern Kingdoms where she met up with a group of people like her. Who had nowhere to go. They traveled together, eventually ending up in Khaz Modan. Alynia saw a band of riders travel through, a man bound to a horse in their midst. She wanted to free that man. Not because she liked the looks of him. But because he was shunned by his own people, like her.

When the soldiers stopped to make camp, she snuck up to the tree where he was bound and freed him. Alynia introduced him to the group. Jaymes Wartham was the name of this human.

This group of five traveled back to Kalimdor. They ventured far into the wilds, and eventually, they grew in numbers. People of all races that for some reason found themselves without homes joined them.

They ended up in Tanaris. Now Alynia lives there with the Wastelanders, following the rule of the human she saved. She has authority within the group though.