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Player: Wonderlandx

Character Full Name: Priestess Alkirah Breezefallen

Character In-Game Name: Alkirah

Nickname(s): Kirah

Association(s): Darnassus

Race: Night Elf

Class: Priest

Age: 312

Sex: Female

Hair: Long and white pulled back into two braids that loop at the bottom or simply styled to her liking.

Eyes: Alkirah eyes shine a bright silver glow.

Weight: 205 lbs

Height: 6'8"

Other: She also spends most of her time in Darnassus or other elven lands known to her, if she is in another area such as the Eastern Kingdoms, it would be very rare to see. Alkirah is also very slender and lithe.


Alkirah is almost always in a robe which looks of high quality almost always keeping a well made classy mace at her side. She carries various books in her sack, which she hands out to her pupils for study.


Alkirah can come off as a bit quiet at first but that is usually because she is very observant, she may also come off as commanding. Alkirah is both playful yet serious when it comes down to certain things such as her Kaldorei culture and the well being of her elven lands. Alkirah is also very curious about alot of things unknown and new to her and loves to learn about them if she can. She is very sweet to most people and loves to help them if they need it. She gets along with the other races but remains wary of them. She is not as xenophobic as others of her kind, because she is still young, and did not go through the ordeals of most her kind. She tolerates the other younger races in the hope that they may share her love for Elune.


Alkirah was raised amongst other Kaldorei children her age, in Ashenvale. A community of children who were also being cared for by other adult or otherwise elder kaldorei's who's parents were off in the Emerald Dream or off training all the time like hers. Her father stayed with her mother as long as he could because he wanted to be there for Alkirahs birth, but at a short time right before she was born he had gotten called away to the Emerald Dream. Alkirahs mother stayed with her in Ashenvale for as long as she felt needed and then left to go train as a Sentinel. Alkirah was very happy as a child to be left in a community of kaldorei she wasn't upset at all, she was very greatful for this. She started to read books on Elune and taught her fellow brothers and sisters around her about Elune and her blessings.

Alkirah spent most of her lifes childhood and adolecsent years reading and studying Elune in depth, as much as she could she strived to be a good priest who knew the most she could about Elune so she could further share her knowledge. Elune facsinated her greatly, she couldn't stop thinking about Elune and what she has done for her people, she was fixated on the Godess. When the Orcs invaded Ashenvale, Alkirah, along with other priestesses were sent deeper into the woods, to be protected should anything happen. She was isolated from the third war, and like most of her brethren, felt sad that they had lost their immortality.

Alkirah left Ashenvale and set out to go to Darnassus after many many years, she wanted to see what was in the city and see if they had known of Elune, she of course wanted to make sure everyone did! After arriving in the city she had first made her way into the beautiful Temple of Elune where she would have liked to have had a heart attack. For Alkirah to see such a beautiful place made in honor of Elune was a dream. She spent near every hour of her time in that temple taking on younger Kaldorei daily and taught them Elunes way and even spoke with their parents about the White Lady, she felt respected.

Nowadays Alkirah is still in Darnassus most of the time but travels to other Kaldorei settlements to spend her time and read, even teach pupils of her order Elune Adore. .since she is one of the Shan'do's. If Alkirah is ever in the Eastern Kingdoms it is simply to look for other Kaldorei brothers and sisters, and teach them the ways of Elune and keep the Kaldorei heritage strong. She wants to help the Kaldorei who seemed to have strayed away from their own kind.