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Player: Lendri

Character Full Name: Alassae Starleaf

Character In-Game Name: Alassae

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Sisterhood of Elune, Ashwatch Vigil

Race: Night Elf

Class: Priest

Age: 810

Sex: Female

Hair: Indigo with a white hairband holding back her bangs.

Eyes: Glowing silver.

Weight: 193 lbs

Height: 5'11"


Usual Garments/Armor: Very basic clothing usually worn by priests or average citizens. She also dons a pair of slender glasses.


She is very shy when around a group of people she is not familiar with. Usually, Alassae keeps to herself when not around family or friends. She frequently doesn't talk much and strays from larger crowds. When around acquaintances and companions, she returns to her usual talkative and normal attitude. Alassae is commonly seen writing in her book, contemplating, or rarely does one find her alone in an isolated place where not many venture to. Being a priest of Elune it is required of her and also in her nature to rush and aid anyone that may require it.


On the western road that divides Ashenvale in two lies a quaint village of Kaldorei named Astranaar. Many children of the stars reside in this modest town including a particular young woman, Alassae Starleaf. Her family lived in a small home near the edge of the village. The building was secluded from the rest with a small garden out back and pots housing more flora in front. A humble home for three, miss Alassae lived comfortably.

All civilians tended to their own trades and crafts such as tailoring or blacksmithing for the powerful Sentinels that kept them safe from harm. These women were something to look up to and an inspiration for many. Alassae was forever thankful for them to be placing their lives on the line everyday to protect the future for young elves such as herself, though she never agreed to the thought of war and causing pain to others. Her mother was similar in views and had taken up a position in the Sisterhood of Elune. This mysterious order of priestesses praised and worshiped her, drawing the essence from the devout wells to preform mystical healing magics.

Alassae was intrigued and moved by the pureness of these women, and let her mother train her to soon become a sister part of the order in years to come. This became her way of life for the following three centuries. Everyday she delved into her studies, learning to read and write from the community and her parents. They encouraged her each step of the way in all that she did and accomplished. When deemed mature enough, Alassae's mother introduced her daughter to the Sisterhood to await evaluation.

Her emotions were in disarray. Standing before the devout women made Alassae's heart flutter in anticipation. Her mother, Lenore Starleaf, had placed a hand onto her shoulder and squeezed it in reassurance. The sisters of Elune's order had given the young elf tasks to fulfill and tests to complete to move forth in her evaluation process. It was a long road to follow and keep to, paths leading in all directions she could take. In her determination, her heart led her on all the right ones. Upon concluding her final task the assessment came to an end with Alassae formally initiated into the order.

The next four centuries were filled with personal hardships of her own. Miss Alassae learned to persevere and push through depression of seeing ones lost that she could not treat. Elune could only offer so much to those on the verge of death, but with each life lost, Alassae had grown more sorrowful. Her mother would tell her it is the way of all things. To live and die. But Alassae only hoped she could have done more to save the souls deceased.

As the third war approached, many more lives were endangered from the Horde invading their forests right in Ashenvale. The eastern province was pillaged as the nightelves fought for their woodlands to be saved. Many came in injured. Many had perished. And many tears had fallen. She had to watch it all in it's lugubriousness. Alassae could see light in one thing, and that thing was she tried her damnedest to keep the ones that were not too far gone alive. Having succeeded several times kept her sanity intact for the remainder of the war.

After the span of conflict had ended, Alassae thanked Elune for the mercy of war to have subsided, if only for a little while. The people of Astranaar wanted to forget the perils of which they had been exposed to. Some wanted to start new. Others wanted to stay and help rebuild and refortify. Alassae could no longer stay, there was too many memories that plagued her. Everywhere she would see the blood spilled of those who came in screaming in agony. Cobblestones and marble riddled with the sanguine liquid of her brothers and sisters.

If she saw one beautiful thing in all of her experience of war and death, it was the reuniting of two elves at Astranaar's lake after the war's conclusion. The awakening of druids had brought back the companion of a Sentinel that had been gone a millennium's time. Their reconciliation was awe-inspiring. As she sailed off towards the city of Stormwind to start anew, all she could think of was the perfect romance. The perfect assembly of two loves sharing that deep bond with one another for eternity.

As she arrived at Stormwind's port, there was a part in the city that eerily resembled nightelven culture and architecture. She spent most of her time there learning to read and write common. In the next nine years of peace, she began to write inspiring novels of true love while overlooking a waterfall at the peak of Elwynn's mountains.

After visiting Ashenvale for some rest and relaxation to begin her new novel, she had made many new friends and met a group of elven warriors. They were devoted to protect the forests from demons and Orcs, who were breaking their peace treaty that was formed long ago. Alassae wished she could do something to help, but she unfortunately was in no condition to begin fighting in the front lines. A warden spoke to her about joining and said there was no need to fight but to be there to heal their wounded.

She contemplated this new life choice, as it would greatly impact her writing career. She decided to help them whenever she would visit back in Ashenvale. During her stay she had finally experienced something only she wrote about in her novels. Now instead of visiting Ashenvale, she lives there with her mate and helps protect the forests when she is able.