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Player: Aisha.

Character full name: Aisha Sylthis.

Character in-game name: Aisha.

Nickname(s): Shai, Fluffykins, Granny.

Association(s): Alliance, Night Elves, Druids, Serrar Falore.

Race: Kal'dorei

Class: Druid

Age: 317.

Sex: Female.

Hair: Snow white; short with a pony tail.

Eyes: Blazing white.

Weight: 185 lbs.

Height: 6' 5".


Aisha likes everything as simple as it gets, but that does not mean she turns away from more complex clothes. She always tries to dress for the occasion and to come prepared. Takes any good armor as long as it will protect her from the perils ahead.


A lot more has happened in Aisha's life, shifting it downhill into a dark oblivion of torment and pain. Aisha has become much darker and more sinister, rather than the old shy, friendly self she used to be. A hatred for nearly all races has grown into her blood as she slowly goes insane being overcome by rage and vengeance. Her panic fear of undead has all but evaporated as she doesn't care much about her life anymore. She's quite aggressive now and doesn't take kindly to those that defile nature or try her patience; she goes feral on them, literally.


Aisha was born in a family of a Druid and a Huntress. Her father was the Druid – Dacian, and mother a Huntress – Kadena. Kadena named her daughter Aisha, as this was Elune's will. Aisha was growing and becoming everything her father and mother wanted. She was kind, friendly and just. But life wasn't easy for Aisha; she had to work hard to reach her goals. She was taught the history of Night Elves from top to bottom and it made her take the decision of becoming a Druid to honor the Ancients, but the way Night Elf society worked she had to become a Sister of Elune. During the war itself Aisha protected her home, since she was too young and inexperienced to take part in the war with the Burning Legion. She was eager to fight and help her parents and sisters, but she couldn't.

Once the war came to an end and Night Elves lost their immortality Aisha was almost ready to join her sisters as a Huntress. But little after the war a change was made in Night Elf society, allowing Aisha to follow her dream and become a Druid. A few years later Aisha decides to set out and explore the world. She was preparing to help those that suffered from the war and make up for her not being able to fight the Burning Legion all those years ago. And here came her kind nature.

Aisha never saw the whole world before the war, she only read about it. As she started to travel, she understood that the world she read about is gone along with their immortality… Forests devastated, animals driven to rage. It was shocking to Aisha.

One night as Aisha was sitting by a tree near a camp fire when she suddenly felt cold inside. She looked around and understood that the spirit of the tree was trying to talk to her. She put her hand on the tree and asked with a soft voice:

“Aisha: - What is it, Great Spirit?”

There was no answer. Aisha felt colder, her soul filled with despair as she felt the pain of the forest around her. That night she cried. The world was a terrible place filled with devastation and despair. Aisha's kind nature made her soul weak to such horrors. The loneliness was getting the best of her too. And just when she was ready to give up and go back home she met him… a Night Elf Warrior named Aidan. He asked to come along with Aisha and she agreed. They traveled around the northern part of Kalimdor helping how they can, who they can. Aisha started to feel fond to her somewhat mercenary Warrior friend. She started to understand that it was love, her first time. She wanted to tell Aidan how she felt about him, but she was too afraid that he didn't share the same feelings to her. Yet it was enough to Aisha that he was with her. One cold and rainy late night, as Aisha was sleeping Aidan was thinking if he should let Aisha know that he loves her. As Aisha opened her eyes she noticed that Aidan wasn't sleeping. She asked him:

“Aisha: - Aidan, why aren't you sleeping?”

He turned his head to Aisha and quietly said:

“Aidan: - It's okay Aisha, go back to sleep.”

“Aisha: - How can I sleep when you're up in this cold and rain?”

“Aidan: - …it's nothing… just go back to sleep.”

“Aisha: - What's wrong?”

“Aidan: - Nothing!”

“Aisha: - Not true…”

Aisha stared into Aidan's eyes when he finally said:

“Aidan: Aisha, I think I love you.”

Aisha's eyes grew wide as she looked at Aidan. Next thing she knew Aidan came closer to her and kissed her. Aisha felt like she was in heaven, she was so happy that he shared the same feelings. But happiness didn't last long… As Aisha and Aidan were traveling to a town they were ambushed. They were fighting for life itself. It was chaotic and Aisha didn't notice a bandit with a bow behind her. As the bandit fired at Aisha, Aidan saw it and seeing no other option he dived in front of the arrow. He was hit. Aisha barely fended off the rest of the bandits and once she did, she quickly got back to Aidan. Unable to help him she carried him to the nearest town, but to her grief it was too late. Nobody could help Aidan. Aisha cried, it was such grief that even the sky cried, it rained.

Now Aisha doesn't know if she will ever find love again. After Aidan's death Aisha became more closed to close relationships, fearing it might end tragically again. And she is unsure if she will ever find someone with who she will feel as same as with Aidan or even better. Aisha travels alone once more… but she acts different now, if you known her before Aidan's death, you would see that she is missing a big piece of her soul and heart. What or who knows what's in store for Aisha now, but to her there probably won't be anything more tragic then the death of her beloved one.