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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Aigneis Irontapper

Character In-Game Name: Aigneis

Nickname(s): Aig

Association(s): Ironforge, The Explorer’s League, The Reliquary (competition)

Race: Dwarf

Class: Archaeologist

Age: 113

Sex: Female

Hair: A sharp red, braided and tied up in a bun with metal clips.

Eyes: Green.

Weight: 164 lbs.

Height: 4’10”

Scale: 1.02


Usual Garments/Armor: When exploring or going somewhere dangerous, Aigneis prefers to wear a set of chainmail armor. However, her arms remain unprotected in exchange for more flexibility, with only a silk shirt covering them, along with fur mitts.

When she’s idling at home in Ironforge or staying in a certain place for more than one day, she wears brown leather overalls over a white shirt.

Other: As somebody who has mastered the use of a number of weapons and tools, she carries all that she can with her when she’s exploring. The most notable piece of weaponry is her very plain and sharp cutlass, which is made out of titanium. The ore that was used to forge this weapon was found and smithed in Northrend, and due to its value and efficiency, it is her most prized weapon. She also carries around an iron dagger and a chain and hook. The chain and hook is used to be thrown onto or into an unreachable surface so that it can be scaled or climbed. It works like a lasso, except it’s not for wrangling.

Although it is not always the case, if Aigneis knows she is going to be climbing a mountain, she will bring the gear necessary to do so. Another exceptional item is her simple iron rifle, which she only brings with her when she’s hunting during spare time.


Aigneis is curious above everything else. More specifically, she is very determined when it comes to satisfying that curiosity. This is what has driven her to her career in exploration and archaeology – not only is she determined to tread in places few or no people have ever tread, but she wants to explore with purpose, that is, to discover knowledge that can be used to get a better picture of her people’s history, and the history of Azeroth in general. Although she does many adventures and explorations solo, she often finds herself in a group. If there’s nobody in the group that knows as much as she does about a certain area or dungeon, she will take on the position of a leader and lead those in the group into…danger most of the time. She has always been so used to disregarding her own safety that she disregards the safety of others when the situation is an unsafe one.

When she’s not working, she can be found doing one of two things: reading or drinking. Sometimes it is a combination of the two. Though she might not look it, Aigneis is the studious type, and enjoys spending a lot of time reading through the archives and works of literature and academia. And of course, like many Dwarves, Aigneis rarely skips the opportunity to have a night of drinking and feasting. In general, she has a personality that emanates a sense of seriousness and a sense of carelessness at the same time.

Aigneis worships both the titans and the holy light that the Humans introduced her to during the war. She worships the titans because she venerates her origins, and she follows the holy light because she appreciates its emphasis on doing good for others. This causes her to have good relations with Humans and Draenei. Other than those two races and Gnomes, who she is used to due to living with them in Ironforge, she feels rather neutral about the other races of the world. She could be antagonistic towards races of the Horde, but she prefers to be in good relations with them when she can in order to go places where they stand in the way. However, recently, she has begun a feud with Blood Elves due to the foundation of the Reliquary, seeing them as competition that stands in her way, especially in Uldum.


Aigneis was born into the name of Irontapper, a family who had a history as miners up until recently, when her grandfather and grandmother climbed the social ladder and opened their own smithing business in Ironforge. Just as her grandfather and grandmother met each other through their shared profession, her parents did as well. However, a few years before Aigneis and her brother were born, the woman turned to archaeology. Many of her mother’s friends worked for the caravans, and when they sat down for a night of drinking, the women would tell tales about all of the rumors they’d heard, and all the places they had seen. After a while, to her father’s disdain, she began to associate herself with other Dwarves who were dedicated to exploration. This was before the time of the Explorer’s League and so she was free to explore for her own personal gains. However, her preparations to become an explorer took a long time, as she made sure that she gained all of the survival skills that she needed before she set out on her adventures for knowledge. And, after she set out on these adventures, she would learn about all of the things that her friends would talk about. At the same time, her husband was worried about their marriage, and he proposed an idea that would help reignite their love: children. Not long after that, Aigneis’ older brother was born, and she soon followed. After the birth of her two children, her mother had to retire from her hobby as an explorer, but the stories she read about in the archives would fuel bedtime stories that would go on raise Aigneis into the woman she is today.

Aigneis’ brother would grow up with the ambitions of becoming a great weaponsmith and wielder like his father, Aigneis herself wanted to become an explorer; however, influenced by her father and brother, she would learn to wield many different weapons growing up. While her brother and her father remained cramped inside the smithing shop as she was growing up, her mother took her on adventures when she wasn’t doing the adventures that she needed to do herself, and alone. Eventually, when she deemed Aigneis to be ready, she set her on the path by teaching her all that she needed to know in order to survive on her own in the wild, on her own adventures. Among some of these skills were hunting, herbalism, and world languages.

After Aigneis learned all of the necessary skills of an explorer, her mother was confident enough to set off on a dangerous exploration. After she set off, she was never heard of again. Her exploration was to be set in a ‘northern continent that was rumored to hold the secrets of the titans’, and it was said that she just disappeared and couldn’t be found. Aigneis and her family did all they could to figure out what happened, but to no avail. Meanwhile, the Explorer’s League was coming into formation, and Aigneis joined as soon as she could, quickly being accepted into their ranks and skipping over the stage of prospector when she showed off all of the skills that prospectors are taught before they become journeymen. After that, Aigneis set her sights on Northrend. However, after she became a Journeyman in the Explorer’s League, she was subject to go where she was sent to go, and this wasn’t always Northrend. This was during the war against the Lich King, so she temporarily left the Explorer’s League and signed it off as ‘military duty’, joining the Argent Dawn and their efforts in Northrend.

During her service in the Argent Dawn, Aigneis would discover the darker workings of the world. As an explorer, she felt that there was a certain sense of mystery and natural beauty to the world that made it worth exploring, but those senses would soon be dulled and overshadowed by the horrors of war: the threat of the scourge, the slaughter of her fellow soldiers during battles, and the hatred that burned between the different factions and races involved. However, despite it all, she was able to survive these conflicts. A year before the Shattering occurred, she rejoined the Explorer’s League when they lit their torches green and resumed her duties to find more information about her people’s past, and where things can be taken in the future. In that respect, because the Shattering opened up the doors to Uldum, it seemed like a blessing in disguise to the explorer, who now takes full advantage of the disaster.

Skills and Abilities

Aigneis possesses the basic skills of a warrior due to her involvement in the Argent Dawn and the weaponry training her father gave her. She has also learned how to sneak around without getting caught, although she's far from roguish. The reason behind that skill is due to having to use them when she's exploring a place that is infested with monsters and traps or guarded by someone of an opposing faction.

Aside from these skills, she knows all of the skills that are necessary of a member of the Explorer's League. Of the most important of these skills are weapon use, hunting abilities, survival abilities such as first aid and herbalism, and knowing how to read many languages. Although she can read many languages, she doesn't know how to understand many of them in an auditory manner and doesn't know how to write many of them. The only languages she is fully versed in are Dwarven, Gnomish, and Common.