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Player name: Whorak

Character Full Name: Zinaida

Character In-Game Name: Zinaida

Nicknames: Zin

Associations: The Exodar

Race: Draenei

Class: Priest

Age: 10,514

Sex: Female

Hair: Zinaida has long, dark blue hair.

Eyes: Glowing blue.

Scale: 1.02


Usual Garments: Zinaida wears an assortment of white and golden robes.


Zinaida is a calm and friendly Draenei. She usually takes a long time to make important decisions, first meditating on the subject. She is strong-willed and disciplined, making it hard to persuade her once her mind has been set on something. She is devoted to her faith and believes in peace, rather than war. Because of this, Zinaida will avoid conflict.

Alignment: Neutral Good


Born as the second oldest child, Zinaida’s youth consisted mostly out of spending time with her mother, a mage, who would tell Zinaida stories about the Naaru or teach her about the arcane and spending time with her older brother, Maarten. It was not long before she started to train under the watchful eye of her mother in the ways of magic, however, she never had an aptitude for the arcane and learning progressed slowly.

Zinaida would occasionally spend time wondering about the deeper purpose of life. When asking her parents they could not answer, only leading her to deeper thoughts. It was only later when she met the priestess Haelei, her brother’s wife, that she started to show interest in becoming a priestess herself. Knowing her family supported her, she started her training under Haelei’s wing.

The arrival at Draenor was a new experience for Zinaida, now a priestess. The crash on the planet caused her to gain some wounds, but she tried to aid her fellow passengers where she was able to. Many loved ones were lost, including the mate and son of Maarten. Their sibling bond remained strong as ever, and she lent her support to her brother. In the years that followed, Zinaida started a family with Gar’aru in Draenor, their new home. He was a hunter and they lived a simple life. Their son was born many years after they met and they named him Zin’aru.

Zinaida knew they were not alone on the planet, since she would occasionally see Orc traders come to Shattrath City. The Shamanistic Orcs were of great interest to her, but it was not until many years later that she dared to interact with some of them.

The peace between the two races lasted for a long time, until Kil’Jaeden found the Draenei again. The Orcs became corrupted by Kil’Jaeden and started their merciless onslaught. Gar’aru and Zin’aru fought alongside each other together with the Draenei in their attempt to hold keep the Orcs away. Gar’aru instructed Zinaida to flee with the Prophet Velen to Zangarmarsh.

They learnt that the Tempest Keep was discovered by the Sin’Dorei and Zinaida aided her kin to take control over the Exodar. When attempting to plane shift, the engine exploded and they forcefully descended onto Azeroth. When she heard of the existence of the Dark Portal she traveled there to try and find her family.

Skill and Abilities

Gift of the Naaru: Like other Dranei, Zinaida can heal herself over time with a burst of holy magic.

Holy Barrier: Zinaida can shield herself with holy magic, absorbing some of the damage.

Circle of Healing: The priestess is capable of healing up to five nearby allies.