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Neutral User:ProjectRandom
Title <Swordmaster>
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Class Rogue
Age 29
Height 3'9"
Weight 60 lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Affilliation(s) The Windwaker
Occupation Mercenary, Adventurer
Relative(s) None
Companion(s) Varying
Status Alive

Player: ProjectRandom

Character Full Name: Zernzaz Spiddlefoot

Character In-Game Name: Zernzaz

Nickname(s): Zern, Zerny

Association(s): Independent

Race: Goblin

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities:

  • Agile - Zernzaz is small by most male goblin standards, and his line of work, stature and experience makes him fast and tricky in a fight. He is more likely to climb around, over or on top of you and stab you at every blindside than he is to face you up front.
  • High Alcohol Tolerance - Frequent binge drinkings give Zernzaz a high tolerance to alcohol, meaning he can drink a lot more until actual alcohol poisoning becomes a threat.
  • Thief - Zernzaz is exceptionally good at stealing things. Be it out of someone's house, their corpse or even their pocket, Zerny has stolen enough things to know how to do it right.

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Weight: 60 lbs

Height: 3'9"


Usual Garments/Armor: Zernzaz usually wears light clothing, and a hood and mask to cover his face except for his eyes (he likes to look "cool", as he would call it), perhaps so no one can see him smirking while he tells a bad joke.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Zernzaz does his race no justice at all. He is, by all means, one of the most outwardly obnoxious people you'll ever come across. He does not try to be this way, it is just the way he is. Zernzaz is a compulsive liar, gambler, and womanizer, and has no qualms betraying or backstabbing his allies to get the good end of the bargain. A very shrewd businessman, Zernzaz will give you exactly what you asked for when you hire him on a job. Word for word. And if you do hire him on a job, it can be assumed you can't afford a more reputable service. Zernzaz is highly unpredictable, and will often say or act in whatever way he feels like at the current moment. He likes to drink, party, and have fun, using the money he cheated people out of. Zernzaz IS a person with feelings, and as such is capable of empathy and love, but the brunt of his personality is a shrewd, loud and obnoxious ne'er-do-well. He can easily be summed up as "that guy who makes the bad jokes in the bar". However, while some might see his personality as endearing or cute, as Zernzaz is definitely the life of the party, his attitude is fully capable of either giving you a laugh or offending you entirely. He is not a killer, and does not like violence, save the occasional bar brawl he causes while drunk. He is highly diplomatic, and prefers to talk his way into getting what he wants, and will probably become frightened if things get to deadly violence.


Zernzaz was born in Kezan, the racial capital of the goblins. He had no friends as a child, as he often put the other goblins off with his erratic and strange behaviour. He had an obsession for anything valuable, or anything he deemed valuable, for that matter. Zernzaz was often bullied by the others, but when they weren't bullying him, they wanted something from him. Zernzaz always had a natural gift for "acquiring" things that he wanted, and he came to learn how to use this to his own advantage, swindling people into giving him valuable items in exchange for useless junk that he convinced them was "genuine". Mischievous by birth, Zernzaz isn't a bad person, but he also isn't a good one by any respect. Zernzaz never knew his parents, being the result of mindless, and excessive breeding between goblins. Street gangs and thieves taught him how to live, and because he learned most of what he knows watching others, and considering the moral standing of most of the inhabitants of Kezan, Zernzaz, suffice to say, did not have any good influences in his upbringing. However, an important goblin entered Zernzaz's life that would be the cause of his chaotic neutrality and whatever good he has in his heart today.

Zernzaz was just coming of age when he met Absinthe. A fairly unattractive goblin female, but she was much like Zernzaz, manipulating and stealing to get her way. He began calling her his "girlfriend", which she found endearing, but never really returned the affection. Zernzaz became convinced she was his one true love, disregarding her hints of annoyance at his advances. Eventually, she grew tired of his bothersome presence, and decided to pack her things and leave Kezan, telling her she's going out to buy him some trinkets for his birthday. Zernzaz waited weeks for her return, and, on the day of his 18th birthday, finally decided he had to go and find what happened to his "girl". Oblivious of as to how to act civilly, Zernzaz traveled far and wide, meeting all kinds of different people. His journey can be described as one big misunderstanding, his journey caused by a miscommunication, entailing many more complete failures to communicate with others while he searched for his lover.

Bars were one of many things Zernzaz discovered during his travels, and alcohol soon became Zernzaz's closest friend, often going on binge drinkings and stirring up trouble in the local taverns. He became notorious as the one idiot who always stirs trouble in the taverns, but was also the personality and life of it as well. His crazy antics, that he had no form of standard to determine what is and isn't appropriate, makes him highly unpredictable and, to some, a fun person to be around, though he was always a love-or-hate personality.

Zernzaz seemed to sub-consciously adopt the profession as a fence, buying and selling stolen items, usually ripping people off and conning them, as his career. He began blending into the world, becoming an inhabitant of it instead of just a visitor, but he never forgot about Absinthe, and the longer he had to search, the more he drank, and the more ridiculous he became. Zernzaz, to this day, still frequents bars, scamming people, drinking and overall being a nuisance. But even now, he is still convinced he will one day find his girl. A hypocrite, he still manages to flirt and womanize daily, going to show what type of person he is.

When he was first introduced to the outside world, Zernzaz did not care for or even seem to notice the Horde or the Alliance. He was not someone who had a set of values, and thus he never pledged his allegiance to any cause other than his own, which also causes much conflict with Alliance races that, much to his confusion, shun him for being a Horde race.

As Zernzaz converses with all different types of people, he begins to learn the way the world works more and more, but he will always be zany and unpredictable Zernzaz, that personality becoming who he is long ago.