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Player: Kenshiro

Character Full Name: Zeem

Character In-Game Name: Zeem

Nickname(s): Zeem

Association(s): The Horde and the Loa.

Race: Troll

Class: Shadow Hunter

Age: 41

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, dark and tied in braids.

Eyes: Red

Weight: 277 lbs

Height: 7'7"


His clothing changes often, depending on where he is and what he is doing. They include very earthy colours and seem to be made out of hides and wood, while there are others that are orcish-made, being light iron or steel.

He usual carries his glaive, a bow and a spear.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Zeem is very proud of the power granted to him by the Loa and very proud of who he is. He has great overconfidence and can be quite cocky and stubborn, especially in terms of his own strength, demanding respect from others. Zeem is not the type of person to work with the strategies created by others and he would only bring chaos into a battlefield. As such, he is not an amazing soldier.

Despite all this, Zeem knows talent when he sees it, and respects those with it. When someone close to him is in danger, Zeem has no qualms about putting himself at risk to save them, if necessary. He loves animals and, in the end, is a kind and compassionate being.


Zeem was born on First Home, otherwise known as the Broken Isles. He lived a relatively peaceful childhood, as the Darkspears were known to be less savage and ruthless than other tribes. His father, was a headhunter and trained him in the use of the spear and bow. Eventually, however, this peace was ruined as Zeem grew into adulthood. Life became difficult as they were constantly assaulted by the once peaceful murlocs and the weather became a constant storm from the sea witch, Zar'jira. With the help of the Horde who landed, they managed to destroy her and her servants, but not before losing both the island and their leader, Sen'jin. Upon arriving on Kalimdor, he was thrust into the Third War and managed to escape unscathed. To lessen the burden on his tribe, Zeem helped to rebuild the tribe's home in the Echo Isles. One of the Darkspear Shadow Hunters took notice of the young troll's determination and and offered to show Zeem to the Loa and to decide his destiny.

Zar'kulia made him meditate in front of her rush'kah masks until he began to hear strange whispers and he felt torn from his body. Voices joined as he saw a large canyon in Durotar, a hot hilltop and an oasis paradise. He saw a thunder lizard, a raptor and a glowing figure. He was confused about this and told his master everything they had said. She told him to travel to these areas and find a sign of the Loas before returning to her in the Echo Isles. He gathered his equipment, along with a few days rations and set out.

He made his way to Thunder Ridge, a large canyon west of the Orgrimmar build site. There, he found a hungry and weak thunder lizard, whose horn was glowing with electricity. Going to the beast, he gave it as much of his food as he could spare and patched up the creature's hide. A voice broke into his mind and asked him to kill the creature. Zeem shunned the voice, telling him that if it were he in that situation, he would hide, recover and return to fight again. He felt warm before he heard a whisper, 'Endure...". When Zeem's eyes connected to the thunder lizard', he felt compelled to touch the electric horn and, to his surprise, it didn't shock him. Minutes passed and the thunder lizard miraculously stood and left, retreating deeper into the Ridge. Zeem turned and headed towards the Barrens.

Several hours later, he made it to the Barrens. Strangely enough, upon entering the savannah, he stood face-to-face with a raptor. He prepared his spear and waited for the raptor to make a move, but it simply stood motioning for the troll to come closer with its head. He hesitated, but in the end gave in. As he got to the raptor, it ran away and motioned for him to follow. Everytime he got to the raptor, it ran away and waited, until he realized what to do. The raptor seemed to know this and bolted off through the savannah, followed rather closely by Zeem. When they began to run uphill, Zeem was barely able to keep up. He was sweating and trembling with each step, but he was so close and was not about to give up. Upon reaching the top, the raptor simply nodded at the troll before darting off. Too tired to continue, he set up a camp and called it a night.

That night, in the middle of the night, he awoke to find himself on the Broken Isles. He was deeply confused until he turned around and saw a vision of himself, dancing with strange beings and drinking. Suddenly a flash and he saw himself battling humans and working hard for his tribe and to please the Loa. In his heart, he knew he was not destined to be another foolish troll dancing and partying. He was a warrior and the Loa would understand this. Almost as quiet as a breeze, he heard 'Truth...'.

In the morning, he surveyed the area looking for any sort of oasis or green in the area. His keen eyes picked up the green in the distance and he stomped off in the general direction. Lushwater Oasis was quite calm at this time of day. As he began to remove his clothing to enter the oasis to bathe, he heard yelling. It was Zar'kulia and she did not look pleased. She began to lecture him about the failures of himself and the Darkspears and that she would rebuild them anew. She no longer needed an apprentice and began to strike at him. Shocked and angered by this betrayal, he fought back and managed to strike her in the gut. She dissipated into smoke and heard another short whisper, 'Fierce...'. He immediately returned to her master in the Echo Isles.

She told him to meditate again and, he found that the Loa approved of the young Shadow Hunter and Zar'kulia began the next phase of his training. It was simple and quick for Zeem, as he had skills in blacksmithing. He found the materials in the wilds of Durotar and forged himself a glaive and spear. With the skull of a raptor, feathers and wood from local trees, he carved himself a rush'kah mask and quickly presented it to his master for approval. It was acceptable and he began to train both the magic of the Loa and the glaive work. For this section of the training, they traveled to the jungle of Feralas and spent the next several years practicing the art. They lived in the jungle in solitude until finally, she deemed him a Shadow Hunter and sent him out into the world. He now wanders the land, in search of adventure and a chance to prove himself.

Skills and Abilities

Generic shaman abilities, made with Loa twists.

Rush'kah Mask: Without his rush'kah mask, Zeem cannot use the Loa' powers.

Fleetfoot: Zeem is quick on his feet, both physically and mentally.

Legba's Haste: By calling upon the Loa of Speed, Zeem can increase the speed of himself and his allies. This also allows Zeem to warp to a location he has previously visited, although it is a long ritual and usually requires a sacrifice to please Legba. [Astral Recall]

Blessing of Lukou: By calling upon the Loa of Healing, Zeem can heal individuals or call down a healing rain. [Healing Wave/Healing Rain]

Samedi's Will: By calling upon the Loa of the Dead, Zeem can charge an attack to smite an Undead foe. [Stormstrike]

Wrath of Shango: By calling upon the Loa of Storms, Zeem can throw or bring forth electricity to electrocute his enemies. [Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning/Thunderstorm]