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Player: Valicor

Character Full Name: Zazz

Character In-Game Name: Zazz

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Horde (loosely)

Race: Troll

Class: Rogue

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, dark-blue braids

Eyes: Maroon

Scale/Height: 7'4" (Scale 1)

Weight: 265 lbs


Usual Garments/Armor: Zazz can usually be found in light leather armor, donning his one-handed short-sword. He prefers darker-colored leather, much like what he currently wears. Zazz also sports a white and purple mirage of facial paint.

Other: Zazz has a multitude of little scars lining his facial region and arms. He has tattoos on his forearms and shoulders which he applied himself. Because of being mentored by somebody who speaks proper common, Zazz dedicated himself to learning to speak without an accent. He now speaks with an accent of his own, a forced proper common, which can sound odd at times.


Zazz isn't the quietest of the bunch, but he also isn't rowdy. He doesn't show much about himself physically, and often doesn't know anybody close enough to reveal his inner self. He's determined to succeed at whatever he is tasked with, but also prides himself on doing things properly and respectfully. He values honor, and even goes as far as to hold open doors for others, and use "sir"/"miss" in daily conversation.

Alignment: Neutral


Zazz was born a little after the First War had begun. On the Isles, he was raised by both of his parents to be a Headhunter. He excelled in the aspect of agility and quickness, naturally not being as strong as his peers. His parents were both names of little value in the tribe, and so he stayed as he grew.

Through an uneventful life, Zazz was taught respect and honor. Although the time came that both of Zazz's parents passed, he continued to thrive in their image, continuing to set goals and push himself to be as successful as he possibly could be.

As Zazz entered adulthood, roughly age twenty, his body continued to mature. He developed stronger, more toned, more sinewy and lean muscle. Although he continued his agile Headhunting ways, he also began to sparsely spar here and there with other trolls, looking to hone his skills with a blade and to continue growing in strength.

In little time, Thrall arrived at the Isles, using his Orc forces to aid the Trolls against their naga and murloc problems. Thrall, heading for a distant land across the seas, rallied for any Darkspear brave enough to venture with him. Zazz, having no family or true relation left on the Isles, gladly accepted this new life as he went with Thrall through his Exodus.

Through the time of this voyage, which was another uneventful time period in Zazz's life, he dedicated his time to studying the way of combat. He did not physically practice what he studied, simply applied himself to learning it. Eventually, the ship landed, and Zazz was part of a small force that helped to secure the land and begin to build Orgrimmar. Zazz contributed just as much as any other Orc, molding and crafting the city as if it had been destined to be his own home.

Zazz helped to build for a long while, but began thinking differently as the city shaped. Nearer to the end of the building of Orgrimmar, Zazz was determined to leave the city and to travel, exploring these new and strange lands. Eagerly, he said his goodbyes to any of those loose friends he had, and went on his way as simple as that.

Zazz, again, uneventfully traveled through the Barrens, where he took many mental notes about the landscape and the creatures he saw. He then came to Ratchet, and was introduced to the race of the goblin. Although interested, Zazz quickly began moving onto more alluring subjects of culture around Ratchet. Exploring as much as he could, Zazz spent about a day in Ratchet, before finding way onto the boat at the end of the dock.

The sail across the sea brought him to the, perhaps, most famous goblin port, Booty Bay. Through here Zazz accessed the Stranglethorn Jungles, where he found himself at a certain peace. Here, Zazz could forage and hunt to continue honing his skills. For a while, Zazz lived on his own in the various corners of the Jungles, rarely spending coin on anything when he could simply make it for himself.

Only recently, while trekking around Gurubashi, was he asked to spar, and was thus adopted by a Kal'dorei that introduced himself as Erudor. Unknown to Zazz, this Kal'dorei was trained in the ways of the Shadeweaver. Desperate to pass on the Shadeweaver ways and traditions, Erudor dedicated his time to mentoring Zazz in the ways of hunting, foraging, providing for himself, and especially blade play.

Time passed, and Zazz embraced each new challenge he was given. He soon let go his tradition of using tomahawks and bows, instead taking up a one-handed short-sword that Erudor provided him with. Because of his Headhunter lifestyle, Zazz retained his quickness and agility in combat, his strength continuing to grow from what it had been.

As Zazz excelled in providing for himself, Erudor spent little time on those subjects, and instead turned most of his mentoring days to combat skills alone. He made sure to make Zazz proficient in both the way of the blade, and in unarmed combat. Zazz always fully commit himself to learning, even so far that he forced himself to begin speaking his own sort of accent, a forced proper common, so that he did not retain his 'improper' Zandali accent. From long hours spent under the wing of his mentor, Zazz also picked up a stronger sense of respect and courtesy.

Eventually came the day that Erudor decided to send Zazz on his quest for his Hundred Trials, and gave him one final spar. Analyzing that Zazz was fully capable, the mentor and aspirant went their separate ways.

Now Zazz spends his days as a Shadeweaver Aspirant, searching for valuable information and insight from almost any experience in his life to complete his Trials. He can still mostly be found in the Jungles of Stranglethorn, but he has begun to wander, curious to examine this new world formed by the shattering Cataclysm.