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Player: Herastean

Character Full Name: Yorrick Von Ɯberwald

Character In-Game Name: Yorrick

Association(s): Gilnean Kingdom, Alliance Army

Race: Worgen

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities:

  • War machine: Yorrick was cursed as he was a child and, fighting to survive during the Gilnean civil war, his body is made for war and though powerful, his previous wounds could lead to un-easy movement and certain bone weakness. His size also impeaches any sneaky action.

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Scale/Height: 8'3" (1.15)

Weight: 400 lbs


Usual Garments/Armor: A full plate armor with a long spear, a small bag on his back containing what only appears to be potions and food.


Still heavily traumatized by the Civil War and his curse, the young Worgen would prefer not to speak of his status. Unable to transform after years and years of life in Worgen body, he can become rather unsociable and even aggressive when questioned about his appearance, mocked or provoked. He prefers to roam around the world for work when he's not fighting alongside the Stormwind's army in which he sees a refuge away from his tormented Kingdom.


Yorrick is the second son of a Gilnean old couple. While his father was working for the local guard his mother was a housewife, living off the rather generous pay of a city's peace officer. While he had a very average life in his little village, he trained with his father and his colleagues in order to become, later, a guard himself. This solid constitution and training allowed Yorrick to be ready to face off the terrible dangers that would soon ravage his lands. As the civil war started and Worgens started to ravage the lands, the young man had to fight for his life before finding refuge in the lands with the few guards he escaped the town with. Though injured, the bite he received to the leg did not caused him any other harm than spread the Curse onto him and soon enough, Yorrick saw his body transform in times of anger and fear to bear the form of a great Worgen.

Still growing and now living a hard life of fight and physical work in order to survive, he had left his companions who returned to Gilneas City to fight against the rebels while he kept roaming his desolated lands, killing animals or even rebels and worgens to feed himself. Receiving injuries now and then, his size allowed him to take down many enemies and staying alive even though his bones suffered some major wounds that still leaves some scars. As a young adult, he never lacked major amount of foods and his meals composing of meat mostly, he start to grow larger and wider over the years. He took little part in the war that raged through his lands even though his rage towards the other worgen was strong enough for him to attack any weakened creature he would see, making him a threat to other Worgens and unable to join any pack.

As Gilneas was invaded and almost wiped off the map, only saved by the intervention of Alpha Prime and the elves, Yorrick found himself one of the few feral Worgens to be part of the new tests of a potion that might solve the problem with Feral Worgens roaming through the lands. Captured by a set of guard using his kind of Worgen's usual lust for blood and easy preys, he was ambushed while attacking a guard faking injuries in a forest and forced to consume the potion brewed by the Royal Alchemist, Krennan Aranas. Though Yorrick's mind was altered and he could now control his thirst for blood and anger more, allowing him to live with his kind, he was still incapable of turning back to his human form, against all his attempts and desire to get rid of the curse fully and forever.

After the war and as Gilnean came to a peace where worgen ruled, Yorrick felt sick with the fact that his people accepted their form and, hating himself for being unable to calm his rage and feral behavior acquired over years of loneliness and battle, left his lands to roam the world. As Gilneas joined the Alliance, Yorrick only hearing word of this after weeks of traveling, he found himself pleased with the little remarks he got from humans he met South and, as he felt tolerated even though feared by the villagers and peasants, decided to establish himself in Duskwood and take part in military activities in order to hunt the few feral worgens established there. He still roams the Kingdom of Stormwind, fighting for his new land against the evils that threatens it.