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Player: Skaar

Character Full Name: Ye'ros

Character In-Game Name: Yeros

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Horde

Race: Troll

Class: Witch Doctor

Skills and Abilities: Ye'ros primarily focuses on making magical potions and brews, which she can enhance with her devotion to the Loa and the spirits.

Age: 26

Sex: Female.

Hair: Blue colored braided mohawk

Eyes: Dark red.

Weight: 115kg

Height: 2,09m


Simple armor and clothing or robes most the time. Usually seen with several vials hanging from her clothes, as well as necklaces.


Alignment: True Neutral

Ye'ros has various views over the other "major" races of Azeroth. She dislikes all kinds of elves, whom she finds annoying and flamboyant, not to mention distrustful. Though, she is quite curious of the Forsaken and the plague that turned them into what they are. She admires such powerful magic and impacting magic (or as some could call it a brew), almost as much as she admires the troll race. Ye'ros would probably try to kick any gnome or dwarf that crossed her way.

Sometimes Ye'ros can be perceived as somewhat crazy or maniac, but most times she seems rather casual and outgoing, even though she was educated otherwise as most female trolls..


Ye'ros was born in the Darkspear Island, just like her sister three years earlier. She always admired the older trolls that possessed magical powers, ever since she remembers. Sometimes she hid in a bush somewhere, to just watch and observe the witch doctors work and perform the magics that she adored and impressed her.

Ye'ros obviously wanted to become one of them, to be trained in the art of being a witch doctor, but unfortunately females were never allowed to be taught magic or anything that would give them a position of more power than the rest of the females, unless they proved themselves worthy to the males. Such was not the case, unlike her sister, who proved herself and was being trained to be a warrior. The only company Ye'ros had was her own sister. They were very close and used to sneak outside their family's tent and talk to eachother while all of the others were asleep. Eventually that company was lost when their father started Itat's training for reasons oblivious to her. It was the first thing that her sister didn't share with her.

And eventually the human attacks started which then combined with the crazed murlocs' and finally the orcish arrival. When Sen'jin was kidnapped by the slimy little buggers, her father ordered her mother and both herself and her sister to stay in the village's tent and aid wherever they could, as he went out with a group of trolls to help their distressed leader. Her sister soon disobeyed this order, grabbing a weapon and heading out, despite the stopping attempts from both her mother and Ye'ros. She just said that she was going to fight, in spite of all the consequences.

When it was all over, she was quite shocked to see the orcs and that the trolls were joining them to leave their sinking island forever. Her mind flew away while they were on the boat, remembering all the life that was destroyed and left behind in the doomed island. Their leader was dead. It's quite a mix of strong emotions, when living in somewhere your whole life and then it all suddenly changes drastically. Though this meant other things as well. The orcs' rules were different from theirs. No more female oppression. She then decided what to do once she was free of her father: she would train to become a Witch Doctor.

Once arrived in Kalimdor, the trolls settled in the Echo Isles. Life was going pretty normal for someone who just arrived from so far away. This didn't last much as the Kul'Tiras decided to attack the trolls' islands. They retook them with the help of the orcs once again (in which Ye'ros's sister helped as well), only to be kicked out by the mad Zalazane and his mind slaves. On the shore of Durotar, in the recently formed village of Sen'jin, Ye'ros decided to finally leave and walk North, all the way up to Orgrimmar, to find someone who would train her to be a witch doctor (or a Zufli, as her tribe would call her when she returned). It was a tough search, but she eventually found a willing troll.

Ye'ros then spent the next few years doing all kinds of training with her new master, proving her strength, wits, determination and skill. Now, after years of hard work, Ye'ros is finally a fully able witch doctor and potion (or poison) brewer. Some dreams do come true.