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Player: Rokhjin

Character Full Name: Xeniliana Nightstalker

Character In-Game Name: Xeniliana

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Darnassus, Cenarion Circle.

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Age: 4620

Sex: Female

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Silver.

Weight: 117,5 kg.

Height: 2,23m


When visiting civilization, she'll be wearing a loincloth and a leather harness so she's covered as much as she has to. Otherwise, she's usually in an animal form. The reason for this being that she rarely visits (or feels like she needs to visit) any place with other people. Therefore, she creates her own clothing, using anything she might find. This includes the skins of animals and any other object which she could use.


Xeniliana is a generally friendly Night Elf. A bit mistrusting of any race but her own, she'll keep her eye on them. She is easily angered when nature is harmed or living creatures are needlessly killed. On the other hand, she seems quite slow to trust, even to her own kind as she mostly chooses to stay back and observe whoever comes into "her" forests. She never seems keen on approaching others unless noticed by those she was sneaking up on. However, once she realizes you are no threat (provided you're not a threat) she appears happy to converse, if with some trouble.


Xeniliana had a normal youth, born to a druid father and a sentinel mother. They had always wanted their daughter to make something of her life. Therefore, her father taught her what he could about nature while her mother showed her how to use a weapon.

She had always liked her father's teachings the most. Therefore she chose to start training as a druid as she came of age. Under her father, obviously, as the Cenarion Circle wanted nothing to do with her. Spending most of her years in the Emerald Dream, learning all about the animals and the nature which had always surrounded her people, she felt strange coming back to Azeroth. Of course, seeing the world under attack of the demons, she immediately joined ranks with the great Night Elf armies to push back this enemy of old.

After the war, she found herself feeling empty. Surrounded by this "Alliance" and its reliance on technology and constructions made of stone and wood, she made a pact with herself to go into the forests around the world, only to return to civilization when it needed her. She left immediately, leaving all her possessions behind, and started living in nature to heal any wounds the latest war might have caused to the lands.

Her isolation, however, did not help her much. Growing more feral with each passing week, there is little left of the Night Elven woman she once was. She chooses the company of the trees and the animals above that of her people and, though not completely turned savage like some of her druid Brothers and Sisters, she seems well underway.