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Player: Gyran

Character Full Name: Chriana Volschwitz

Character In-Game Name: Volschwitz

Nickname(s): “Deep Tone”

Association(s): Plainstrider Records(Subsidiary of Swaggle Corp); My Bloody Gallywix(formerly); Kraken Beers(Currently)

Race: Goblin

Class: Bassist (Warrior)

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Hair: Long red and half-tied in a pony-tail

Eyes: Aqua

Weight: 87 lbs

Height: 4' 4”


Usual Garments/Armor: Fairly casual tank top and pants normally. When gigging she wears heavy armors with tons of spikes.


Alignment: Slightly to the left

Volschwitz is a volatile, quick-tempered, hard-ass. She is a heavy smoker, her favorite brand being the smooth, elegant, rich-man's Golbsboro cigarettes. Gnomes piss her off more than anything in the world, Deathwing's rampage was less angering to her than the doofy faces and voices of the Gnomish people. As is customary for Goblins, Volschwitz respects money. However, she does not respect hard working individuals because she sees them as morons, favoring the shady con artists and loan sharks she grew up with.


Volschwitz grew up in the slums of--Well, she grew up in Kezan. Her parents were never really around because they spent their time on trade ships, this left a young Chriana very poor and hungry. Good thing Goblins love to hire children at sweat shops! Volschwitz made a living at a factory that built components, mainly wires. Around the age of ten, after a long days work, she found her way to a local concert where some rebellious young Goblins were playing loud music. She'd never heard anything like it and was from then on hooked.

Chriana saved up what money she could for parts to make an instrument, some she just stole from work when the foreman wasn't looking. Soon enough she had her own fiery bass lute, and after work she would wail on that thing until her fingers bled. Her life continues on like this for years until she met a few other Goblins that shared her passion. Then, as a group of teenagers, she and her friends formed the band My Bloody Gallywix. It was around this time in her life that she started smoking Golbsboro cigarettes, and even wrote the song "Golbsboro Burns", a popular among young worker children whom soon began to smoke as well.

As the band grew a bit of renown, they started to make quite a bit of money for party gigs and "worker morale" boosting seminars. This is when the band started to grow apart, Chriana was still enthralled with writing music, but she wanted to take the band in a heavier direction that their singer didn't want to go down. They stuck it out for a while so they could go on their tour through the major Goblin ports, showcasing their latest song "Thousand Needles In My Eye". The final show in which Volschwitz played with My Bloody Gallywix was the last stop of the tour in Booty Bay. After the show she got her gold then quit the band and hopped onto the next trade ship headed for Tanaris.

Chriana Volschwitz stayed in the Gagetzan area for a while. Never truly stopping playing, she'd continue to write songs, each heavier than the last. After the Cataclysm, Gagetzan was almost torn a new one, Volschwitz felt a new fire in her heart. The damage left by Deathwing was so inspiring she decided it was time to create a new group. The world could be destroyed completely, but as long as Chriana is alive she'll hammer away at her bass, sending rockin' deep tones to the depths with her burning corpse.