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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Vol’fon

Character In-Game Name: Volfon

Association(s): -

Race: Troll

Class: IC: Ley Walker OOC: Mage

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Hair: Golden-yellow hair shoots up like a shrub atop his head, making it comparable to goldenrod.

Eyes: Light brown, often covered by a thick pair of glasses with rusty arms and smudged lenses.

Weight: 276 lb.

Height: 7’7”


Usual Garments/Armor:

Vol’fon dresses for practicality rather than impression. Having poor vision, he has poor taste in good outfits, the colors often clashing. Currently, he wears a thin leather vest made out of strips with different colors, these colors being darker hues such as red, orange, navy, and purple. His pants, on the other hand, are made out of cotton and blue in color. Many pockets are sewn onto the sides of the leggings, and are always full of different objects.


Vol’fon has a number of bandages wrapped around his hands, arms, and legs. This is the result of falls and attacks that caused scars. Being visually impaired, having to run from or fight something is difficult for Vol’fon and results in a number of wounds. To aid him, he carries around a sturdy pole made out of oak.


Vol’fon is a writer at heart, always walking with the mind of an inventor. He tends to put people into archetypes and stereotypes, but doesn’t condemn anyone for the way they are unless they’re violent and intrusive. He passionately seeks to explore the world and learn more about it, and a part of this is getting to know people. As a result of all this, Vol’fon is an all-around friendly guy. He still holds some grudges against humans and other people he has come into conflict with before, but he tends to avoid conflict when possible. He isn’t the one to win in a fight, and he is aware of this. Therefore, he tries to prevent them whenever possible. Like most Trolls, he is superstitious, and understands the outside views of his own superstitions. However, in good humor, he holds onto these.


When Vol’fon was just a baby, he was left alone to stare at the sun. As a result, he has always had serious vision problems. Knowing this is the reason for his vision problems, Vol’fon has always hated his mother. The earliest thing that Vol’fon can remember is his father throwing him out into the wild when he turned six, leaving him alone and to fend for himself. This was not abandonment, but a tribal tradition that everyone in his family has been through. He was not to be accepted into the tribe until he found his way home in one piece. However, the many beasts in the area threatened to tear him to pieces, and if it weren’t for his knowledge of how to grab a snake, he probably would have died from being bitten and envenomated. Days passed and he only found himself getting lost, each tree seeming identical under the dizziness that came with hunger. He knew that if he were to have a chance of surviving, he’d have to pick a path and take it. The underneath of all the fern’s leaves turned in one direction, and so he followed this path and found himself stumbling into the open door of his neighbor’s hut. Darkness was falling, but he knew where the sun set.

Now a member of the tribe, Vol’fon had to take a path, and choose what he would become and how he would serve his tribe and family once he was an adult. He always looked up to his older brother, who was both a skilled fisherman and basket-weaver. He had older sisters as well, but he didn’t look up to them since they were considered more like property than people. Just when he decided to join his brother for a day of fishing, his father held him back and told him that he wasn’t meant to be a fisherman. Indeed, his father was Zul’volak, a well respected Witch Doctor in his tribe. His input was of great importance. His input was that he saw himself in his son, and decided that he would follow in his footsteps as a Witch Doctor. From then on, he worked as one of his father’s two assistants.

It could be argued that one of Zul’volak’s wives, Mola, was one of his assistants. She did a lot of the lackey work for him, but it was work nonetheless. The other assistant was Tork, a son of one of Zul’volak’s friends, and an aspiring Witch Doctor as well. The other craft that Vol’fon decided to take on was writing. Since he could remember, he was always fascinated with the old stone tablets near and within his village, and decided to write his own tales of the Loa, bringing back an old tradition to the Witch Doctor practice. For the next eight years, Vol’fon would live a relatively peaceful childhood as an apprentice to his father, even if he did yearn to fish with his brother at times.

Years later, the war with the Murlocs disturbed his entire society and way of life. As a Witch Doctor, all that he could do was work on shrinking the skulls of his enemies in order to keep the spirits at ease, but Vol’fon himself was not at ease. He wanted to fight with his brothers. This desire was so strong that he temporarily turned to the use of combat magic so that he could fight the war. His father was quite angry about this, and threatened that the spirits were too, but he was able to give his son an exception due to the circumstances that were threatening his people. The war distracted him from the cultural exchange that was taking place between the Orcs and his people. During and after the war, he and many other Trolls would befriend the Orcs, but in doing so, many of the cultural barriers had to be broken down. The first of these barriers was the treatment of women in Troll society; Vol’fon did not know how to feel about this. For his entire life he was taught that women were inferior, but with the Orcs came strong women that showed him that they were far from inferior.

After the formation of the Horde and the racial alliances between the Orcs, Trolls, and Tauren, there was an intermingling of cultures that shook the foundations of his career and family. As Vol’fon made friends with many Orc and Tauren, he began to adopt many of the values of Shamanism. He was able to believe that there were spirits in everything, and that just as he has always believed, they shouldn’t be disturbed. Vol’fon left his village frequently so that he might learn Shamanism from his friends, and after noticing this, his father decided to sit him down for a talk. This wasn’t as much of a talk as it was a heated argument. By the end of it, Vol’fon openly denounced his position as a Witch Doctor and announced that he wanted to become a Shaman. In return, his father told him to leave the village and live with his friends because the old man thought that this is what his son wanted. From then on, he was known as Vol’fon, and has embraced the name.

Two years went by as he studied under the tutelage of a young Orc Shaman who was also his best friend by that time. One day, a mysterious Tauren wandered by their encampment. A friendly man, the two invited him to a dinner and to stay in their encampment for the night, and he accepted. That night, Vol’fon and the Tauren had a long conversation after he introduced himself as a Ley Walker. Vol’fon was captivated by the study and by the end of their conversations; he wanted to study the ley lines with the Tauren. The Tauren warned Vol’fon that this specialized field is not well accepted and takes years of studying, but to Vol’fon that didn’t matter. He had always thought that there was some kind of current of magic underneath the soil ever since he mysteriously found his way home as a child.

Though the Tauren protested against Vol’fon taking up a path the Troll knew little about, he saw the passion that he was putting into becoming a Shaman, so he figured that if Vol’fon wanted to become a Ley Walker, he would manage to find a way. And so Vol’fon traveled with the Ley Walker for over six years, learning all of the ley lines of Azeroth and how to tap into them. Having dabbled in voodoo and other magic before, the investigation and study of the power of these magical currents came natural to Vol’fon. At the same time, Vol’fon wrote a number of books about the Loa in order to keep in touch with his origins and old beliefs. Six years into the journey around Azeroth, Vol’fon and the Tauren were almost finished. They already walked all of the lines that ran through Kalimdor and Northrend, but the Eastern Kingdoms proved troublesome for a Tauren and Troll. Yet, they were able to sneak around and study most of them. The last of the lines they had to study ran around the mountains near Stormwind. The human capital seemed to pose the largest threat. One night, they faced this threat as a group of soldiers found where they were camping out and attacked them. The Tauren defended both himself and Vol’fon. Vol’fon attempted to fight with him, but the Tauren told him to escape. With hesitation, he teleported away from the situation and left the Tauren to die at the guns and blades of the soldiers.

Vol’fon made it his priority to tell the Tauren’s family about what had happened to him and apologize for not being able to fight at his side, but the Tauren family shook their heads and told Vol’fon that he should not seek forgiveness for what he had done, because he was only listening to the elder Ley Walker. From that point onward, Vol’fon was alone in the world. For the next three years, he would spend most of his time writing books, both about the studies of the ley lines, and about his own experiences as a vagabond. After the Shattering happened, Vol’fon decided to embark on another journey to study the ley lines to see how they were disturbed and affected by the disaster. The spirits, according to Vol’fon, were also disturbed by the disaster. He now travels, trying to learn more about the his damaged world as he works on his next book.

Skills and Abilities

Vol’fon has a rich background in magic. Having started out in life as a Witch Doctor in the making, he is erudite in the way of the voodoo. He is adept in the workings of natural magic as well, having studied under a Shaman for some time. However, his strongest knowledge lies in the arcane specialization of Ley Walking. He learned to tap into the raw magic of these currents and incorporate them into all of the magic that he has learned in his life. Though he knows a good library of offensive spells, his true skill lies within being able to protect himself and his friends. Part of this was understanding how to identify runes and what they do. Another part of it was learning how to use the ley lines for the purposes of travel and teleportation.

Aside from his magical knowledge, Vol’fon has attempted literacy ever since he was young. This means that he has been giving cultures and languages a close eye as he writes his books, and in doing so, he has learned how to get along with other people from other cultures while being able to hold onto his own.