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Player: RandomZac

Character Full Name: Vol

Character In-Game Name: Vol

Nickname(s): Vol, Eagle

Association(s): Darkspear, Horde

Race: Troll

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Keen eye sight (He honed his sight by practicing with other Hunters and scouts. He is able to see across vast fields and spot small groups of warriors on the other side of a forest.)

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Hair: Bald (red if grown out)

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 210 lbs

Height: 6'4"


Usual Garments/Armor: Light weight black leather armor with a black mask.


He tends to be a bit of a hot head, he will attack anything that insults him or his people. He has loyalty to the horde and will do anything to help them. He likes to help others and will always offer his help (sometimes to his own disadvantage). He loves his people and will usually choose Trolls over Orcs any day. He does not take well to undead since they were (in life) pale skins, the same can be said about the Blood Elves. Over all, Vol will break his back for others and is known to over react quite often.


Vol was just a child when Thrall helped the Trolls escape from the Sea Witch, the mysterious woman who his parents had been lost to. His father, Zenji killed many Murlocs before he was taken. His mother had died from massive wounds to her abdomen. Before she passed she was able to hand Vol to one of the Orc riders, escorting the outer villages to the ships.

During the evacuation Vol saw Thrall, his impressive figure inspired Vol to help the Horde any way he could. After arriving at the Echo Isles Vol was taken in by a widow who had lost her husband in the Exodus, a warrior like his father. She raised him to manhood, instilling love for the Horde in him. Before the Evacuation of the Echo Isles due to the advances of Daelin Proudmoore, Vol trained with Troll scouts and trained his eye sight to incredible strength.

Once his tribe moved to Sen'Jin Village and after the widow died from old age, he traveled through parts of Durotar and the Barrens, scouting for hunting parties and mercenary groups. Recently he wanted to find work by scouting for the Horde but one Garrosh supporter told him that the Trolls should just go back to the Sea Witch. He then slammed this Orc against a wall, punching his stomach over and over with great speed and following up with a spinning kick to the head, knocking home to the ground. He brought his heel down on the lower back of the Orc like an axe chopping firewood, crippling him. He was then tied to a post and was whipped by an officer for four hours straight. He was taken in by a Witch Doctor in the Drag and his wounds were mended though scars would remain. He wandered around Durotar and the Barrens looking for work until he met a mage. The mage told him about the situation in Shattrath. So Vol asked the mage to take him there, the mage agreed. Vol left his homeland behind in order to help those in need of help. He now sits in the Worlds End Tavern, looking for work.