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Player: Talal

Character Full Name: Vik'zul (Formerly Vik'zul Shatterspear)

Character In-Game Name: Vikzul

Nickname(s): Vik

Association(s): Loa Spirits, Elemental Lords and "The Travelers" (or Titans)

Race: Troll

Class: Shaman

Age: 54

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, tipped by grey.

Eyes: Red, pupils constricted. (Miosis)

Weight: 98kg

Height: 6'9"


Usual Garments/Armor: Vik'zul's flimsy, torn robes. She is not bothered by her appearance.


Alignment: True Neutral

An earthly creature, Vik'zul has respect for all living things. She would not willingly take a life, although if it were for the good of the world, she would not save one either.

Other: Vik'zul doesn't busy herself with the problems of the Horde and Alliance. Rather, she seeks a neutrality with both factions in order to serve the world.


Vik'zul was the youngest of three children, born into the Shatterspear tribe. When she was just a few years old, her oldest brother, Vin'zul, was killed while out on the hunt that would make him a man, which left her and her other brother Vid'zul, to be raised by their mother, one of 4 wives to a respected warrior in the tribe. Vid'zul became a tribe warrior and earned his manhood defeating another tribe member in a fistfight to the death over a young virgin. Having witnessed this, Vik'zul was disgusted by her brothers actions, and he felt a little shamed, seeing how Vik reacted. All that shame was swallowed by his pride, however.

Not long after, Vik'zul was apprenticed to the tribe medicine man, after her "father" saw she was an able brewer, while making salves for his newest battle wounds. She learnt how to heal using traditional means, but the training was cut short. Vik overheard a discussion between her father and a hunter of the tribe, who was known to mistreat his wives and some had even disappeared under suspicious circumstances, but it was not the tribes business what a man did with his wives. Vik'zul was not content to be part of some business deal, which would likely end in her demise. She packed what she thought would be needed for the road and set out in the dark of night. Vid'zul noticed her disappearance quickly, tracked her, and caught up to her at the crack of dawn. Vik explained what she had over heard, and her reasons for leaving. While her brother was at first unsure of this, he trusted Vik knew what she was doing, and let her go, covering her tracks on his way back.

Some months traveling the wilds, Vik'zul learnt to survive in the wilds, making food, finding shelter and avoiding hostile creatures. Slowly, she began to lose will, having no purpose other than simply "survive." What was the point in surviving if for no other reason than surviving?

One night, in her sleep, spirits came to her. She was aware of Loa and Voodoo spirits who would visit young trolls in their dreams, promise power and then steal the souls of the foolish. She questioned the spirit, who seemed to take the forms of many animals at once. It told Vik what she wanted to hear; a purpose. In return for serving the world by preserving life, the spirit would teach her the ways of the Shaman in her dreams. Young, naive, alone and vulnerable, she accepted the offer.

For years, Vik has traveled the wilds learning, preserving and serving. Though the spirit no longer visits her, to this day she does not understand it's full intentions.

Skills and Abilities

Medicine Training: Vik is a talented healer. Using the combinations of her healing magic and alchemy knowledge to make the most effective brews and salves she can.

Life on the Road: Living most of her life outdoors and on the move has built Vik's endurance, but she still can't take much of a hit in a fight.

Self Defense: Aside from that, Vik is not completely physically defenseless. She has taken time to practice disarming an opponent, without physically hitting them.