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Player: Rosencrat

Character Full Name: Vetia Blacklock

Character In-Game Name: Vetia

Nickname(s): Vey, Gobbo

Association(s): The Horde, Bilgewater Cartel

Race: Goblin

Class: Tinkerer (Rogue)

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Hair: Normally long and black, Vetia has since dyed her hair a light red and cut it short into a gelled pompadour.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 94 lb.

Height: 3’1”


Usual Garments/Armor: Bold text After a life spent studying contrasting colors, Vetia prefers to wear shades of red. When she needs to dress up or has to make public appearances, she will wear an outfit of a gold and red filigree vest, red pants and lace gloves. In all other situations she prefers her work clothes; a pair of old red suspenders, worn white around the collar and shoulder from age, along with a pair of heavy leather gloves and boots.

Near-sighted, she will alternate between wearing her red-shaded spectacles or her prescription (Red) goggles.

Other: None


Vetia is a classic goblin; she is a self-centered egotist and self-serving opportunist. She is greedy, somewhat cruel and her streak of crass humor can make her insufferable for long periods of time. Years spent amongst her own kind have gifted her with the partially psychotic and predominantly curious bent that is a hallmark of the goblins: She loves crafting and tinkering with armaments and any explosions that are a by-product of her work are just the machine’s way of telling her that she is going on the right path.

Her love of building weapons isn’t born of any cruelty beyond that which is inherent to her race. She will never make a weapon for the express purpose of harming and killing. The tinkerer will only build a weapon as a test of her skills, to see if she possesses the ability to turn her imagination into reality and prove her worth to herself. This constant self-scrutiny coupled with her erratic focus causes her to jump between crazy weapon to crazy weapon in a constant struggle to create with little care to perfect.

When not working, Vetia indulges in her second passion: Hedonism. Still a wealthy socialite at heart, Vetia abhors work and enjoys drinking, screwing and carousing. She detests order and stringent jobs, lashing out against people in positions of authority that attempt to assert control over her. She prefers to allow her whims to carry her and will pursue what fancy grasps her from moment to moment with single-minded purpose till she is either satiated or the effort of pursuit outweighs her natural desire to rest.

Despite all of these detractions, Vetia is not a bad person. She will naturally feel remorse if she does something wrong, will apologize if she feels that she must and will not harm someone if they do not deserve it. Her only ‘evil’ aspect is her love of swindling people out of their money and her lack of scruples about testing her weapons out on living creatures.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


The weapons manufacturer Blacklock & (Mostly)Sons established itself at the beginning of the First War during the rise of the Goblin Trade Empires. The home-grown business, based out of Kezan, was composed of the Blacklock family: The father and founder, Virv Blacklock; the mother and vice president, Vani Blacklock, and the pair’s eight sons and daughters. Vetia was born between her older sister, Vexia, and her younger brother, Vancloc.

Vetia grew up, quite literally, in her family’s workshop. She spent the majority of her youth learning the family trade, and as she grew up she assumed more and more of the duties expected of a member of the family.

When she was eight the Second War began. Blacklock & (Mostly)Sons, though operating under the banner of neutrality during the conflict, dealt more heavily with the Horde. Eschewing normal production of war machines, Blacklock & (Mostly)Sons focused mostly in the production of munitions, particularly explosive-based and ballistic weapons for use by both sides. By the end of the conflict the family, sans two unfortunate sons who had operated as sappers during the war, had established a pleasant fortune for themselves.

The six remaining Blacklock children continued to work dutifully beneath their parents throughout the Third War and the ensuing years on their secluded island. Driven entrepreneurs, the two senior Blacklocks treated their children more as employees than their actual progeny. Affection was dolled out based on work and output, with the ‘son/daughter of the month’ rewarded by receiving extra allotments of hugs and ten more seconds of eye contact per day.

For the most part Vetia didn’t mind this treatment. Though a driven businessman, her father often paid Vetia –who, while not the hardest worker, was one of the best engineers amongst the family- the most attention and would frequently help her to improve her different daily projects. Though showing early talent herself, she frequently struggled under her father, who could effortlessly perfect a project that she had spent the entire day working on in a matter of minutes. The middle child strove to better herself and outperform not only her siblings but also her father, her vision of excellence and perfection.

The only failing that her father possessed, and that Vetia seized upon as her way of surpassing him, was the gun. Like all practitioners of goblin technology, the Dwarven gun had long since eluded the father of the family. All attempts to create a gun created crude, inelegant devices that were more likely to explode in the hand than launch a bullet. After over three decades of work, Blacklock & (Mostly)Sons’ only claim to fame beyond their munitions was “guns that have a forty percent chance of working!”

When not working, Vetia spent the years indulging in her family’s fortune. She frequently partook in lavish parties, spending weeks at a time on drug-fueled benders and erotic escapades. All throughout these youthful outpourings she continued to tinker and invent, however, jotting ideas on bar napkins or on green backsides of late night partners.

By the time of the Fall of the Lich King, Vetia had become an established tinkerer. The goblin had graduated from simple manufacturing, her skill and creativity bringing her into a private workshop attached to the factory. There she expanded on the established weapons and gadgets that her father’s company produced, adding new (And often dangerous) additions to the standard line.

Like the other members of the Bilgewater Cartel, the entire staff of Blacklock & (Mostly)Sons escaped death by the ‘kindness’ of their Trade Prince. The entirety of the company’s stock, holdings and earnings lost, the surviving family – the father, three sons, a daughter and Vetia – escaped to the Lost Islands. There, along with their ilk, helped and eventually joined the Horde.

Leaving her family to re-build their business, Vetia has set out into the world to rid herself of her father’s shadow. She vows to not only produce the best weapons and munitions that she can, but to complete that goal that has haunted her entire family since the company opened: The creation of a completely reliable goblin gun.