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Player: WindZealot

Character Full Name: Veritas Dawnstalker

Character In-Game Name: Veritas

Association(s): Silvermoon, The Horde

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Age: 177

Sex: Female

Hair: Veritas keeps her blonde hair in a headband, most of the time.

Eyes: Fel Green.

Scale/Height: 1.00


Usual Garments/Armor: Veritas usually wears leather with a green cloak draped over it, alongside her glasses, always present.


Veritas was once a very cheerful soul, and can still be, at rare times, and particularly to close friends. To them, she can also be very caring/protective. Otherwise, she is a clumsy, guilt-prone, nervous wreck of an ex-farstrider. She does possess the temper that can be found in her other family, though to a lesser extent, sometimes, if not rarely choosing to remain calm. She also possesses many other notable traits from her heredity, such as a love of reading, an enjoyment of animals, and such.


Veritas was born to a farstrider for a mother, and a father who happened to be a mage, in a small house for four in the Eversong Woods, and early into her life, she required glasses, as she had inherited her father's short-sight. Naturally, nonetheless, she wanted to be like her parents, despite wanting to study and be a mage, like her aunt. Needless to say, the desire to follow mommy and daddy's footsteps won over. So when she reached the age of 90, she began to train to become a farstrider. Oddly enough, she concluded at the time of the Second War, and she fought in it, yes, helping to keep the Orcs away from the Eversong Woods. Though part of the forest got burned, the Quel'dorei succeeded.

Afterwards, she befriended a lynx, though this partnership would not last, considering that that was two years before the Scourge attack. Veritas and her lynx would attempt to fight off the scourge descending upon her family's household, and Veri was forced to flee. Her lynx, though, was not so fortunate to have survived. With the loss of the Sunwell and her parents, she dealt with the pains of her magic addiction, and after a long while of dealing with the pains alongside her cousins and brother, succumbed and took the fel as soon as it was introduced. It was then, she just got up, and left the Farstriders, and began to pursue mercenary work. Eventually, she took up a job that involved escorting a caravan for the Argent Dawn.

Oh, what a horrible mistake that was. Her younger sibling had chosen to assist her in that, and the caravan had been attacked. To make a long story short, Veri was forced to view her brother dying by impalement. She still feels guilt to this day, and the loss of some people she knew during the Shatttering only intensified said guilt. Perhaps, staying within Silvermoon after getting thrown into a cave for two weeks and nearly going insane would relieve that pain? That's what she did. So far, it's working.