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Player: WingedReaver

Character Full Name: Vanessa Briarthorn

Character In-Game Name: Vanessa

Nickname(s): “Nessa”

Association(s): Gilneas

Race: Worgen

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: Expert Marksman: Vanessa is an expert marksman only with firearms such as muskets, rifles, blunderbusses and the like due to her constant practice with her father’s guns. Bows, crossbows, slings etc. are not included.

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 91kg (200lbs) worgen; 78kg (165lbs) human.

Height: 2m (6”5’) worgen; 1,8m (5”9’) human.


Usual Garments/Armor: Vanessa generally wears modest and conservative dresses in line with her upbringing. When travelling, she’ll pull on some pants and a shirt. If she really thinks she’s going to be in danger, she just might try and pull on a set of chain armor her father had commissioned for her use.


Alignment: Lawful Good

Vanessa Briarthorn is a seemingly shy, timid and reserved woman who prefers to hide behind her beloved husband Phelan Briarthorn whenever something happens or someone new is met. Behind her soft and vulnerable facade is quite a strong will and determination to do what is necessary for the good of her family. The woman is completely altruistic, unable to comprehend the more grim realities of life unless they knock her down flat. In line with this, she’s somewhat easy to fool and deceive, being a naive person at heart. Another part of her being is the inability to stand by as another Alliance race is hurting or is bleeding. While she has little to no moral qualms with herself against hunting animals and defending herself from the Horde, another human or elf bleeding will be enough to move her to tears.


Vanessa was born Vanessa Enfield to the industrialist Thomas Enfield who owned the Enfield factories. The factories produced muskets, rifles and cannons, earning the Enfield family a relatively high income, an upper class house and many connections. The second child of the family and the only daughter of the Enfield house was brought up in a sheltered manner, constantly being taught etiquette and how to be a proper Gilnean lady. The years had her constantly being shadowed by her older brother and eventually she had become a timid woman, unable to take the initiative in her own life. The only respite she had from the disciplined and harsh way of life she had in the Enfield household was shooting, something she found that she enjoyed very much.

Despite his harsh treatment of her, Vanessa was always her father’s beloved child. Her brother, Hamish, was a reckless man who constantly rebelled against his father and was eventually disowned by Thomas. Soon after, he was shot while trying to escape from Gilneas to the outside world.

When she was eighteen, Thomas Enfield died of seemingly natural causes and left behind a factory, some gold and an estate to his wife and Vanessa. The mother, distraught due to the loss of her husband, sought to wed her daughter to someone in order to give her a decent life after her death.

Eventually, an agreement was reached with the Briarthorn family. The Briarthorns were old friends of the Enfields, and despite the socially higher and nobler people Thomas Enfield knew, their twenty eight year old son was betrothed to the twenty six old Vanessa after some discussions and agreements. Naturally, this wasn’t much of a surprise to Vanessa, who had been brought up to think of herself as something to be traded for influence with other families.

This wedding, however, turned out to be different. Despite a rocky relationship between Phelan and Vanessa at first, they quickly adapted to each other eventually had a peaceful relationship, living together quite peacefully. Meanwhile, Vanessa’s mother passed away and left Vanessa the last Enfield. The assets naturally went to her and her husband indirectly.

Life continued at a normal pace, with Vanessa tending the garden of their home and taking up a hobby of painting, and not being very good at it. The worgen curse struck Gilneas in time, and Vanessa was infected quickly. After some time spent as a feral worgen, she was brought back to her senses by the night elves.

Now, she continues to live her life with her husband who also became a worgen. She still tries to do as she always does – tending gardens, painting and looking after her beloved.