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Player: Dmitra

Character Full Name: Valo'rak

Character In-Game Name: Valorak

Nickname(s): -

Association(s): -

Race: Troll

Class: Shaman

Skills/Abilities: He knows a good part of voodoo from his years of studying with his father and in isolation. He knows just the basics of Shamanism like talking to spirits and feeling changes in the earth. His main skills again lie in his voodoo, in which he can track people by memory, talk to the dead spirits, make healing potions, and other small things. Tracking people by memories require several hours of preparation, tracking, and concentration. Also, he cannot do it himself, he MUST have another person with him to give him the memory of the person he's supposed to be tracking.

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Hair: Green-blue, matted

Eyes: Green

Weight: 300 lbs

Height: 7'0"


He is very skinny with normal height. His tusks are much larger than normal, which slurs his speech quite a lot. He has a nasty scar on his ribs, which spans from his left breast to the bottom of the left set of ribs in the back.

Usual Garments/Armor: He normally wears a torn up robe, carries a very nice shield, and a nice hammer on his hip.


Slightly charming, puts on a big act when needed, and like all trolls he loves a good fight.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Valo'rak was born as his mother died, on the Darkspear Islands. As a result he was left with his father. His father was a known witch doctor, always calling on the spirits of the dead to answer his and his client's needs. Valo'rak noticed that his father would ask for payment from his clients not for himself, but for the spirits, as payment for disturbing them in their peace.

Valo'rak noticed that this tribute never left to the spirits. He noticed that through all of the smoke and screaming that his father did, it would just, disappear. To contradict this though, they never had anything more than the other Trolls, and Valo'rak could never find the tribute after it was payed.

His father had tried to help in keeping away the humans that had taken over their precious island, and in that time had taught Valo'rak some of the arts of voodoo. After the Trolls retook the island, he and his dad rebuilt their hut together, all the while getting closer to their fellow Trolls. He and his father had gotten closer too, and Valo'rak had learned more about his father's trade. Never in his life had he been happier.

Valo'rak had turned 14 when his father was killed. Apparently his clients had noticed that their tribute to the spirits never left his hut. They were sleeping in different rooms in the hut, when Valo'rak heard the creaking of wood in the hallway. He sneaked up to his doorway and looked out, seeing other trolls sneaking up to his father's room. One looked into his room, saw him, and tried to take a quick stab. Valo'rak sidestepped, but was caught in the ribs, and now has a vicious scar.

After being stabbed, he tried to kill the other Troll, but passed out due to blood loss. He then woke up in another hut, completely disoriented. He looked around, and recognized the healer's hut. He croaked out, “Where is he? Is he dead? Why am I alive?” The healer came around and explained what had happened, and he discovered that his father was dead, everything burned, and he was saved by the leader of the killing who claimed that the son had nothing to do with the father's dirty business.

Valo'rak was still healing from the wound when the Orcs had come to help them. He had never seen one before, and was fascinated. He learned how to swing a hammer and that became his favorite melee weapon. The Trolls and Orcs had banded together against the Sea Witch, but that wasn't enough. She mercilessly destroyed the islands, and the Orcs were again the savior of the demolished Trolls. After resettling on Echo Isles, Valo'rak set out on his own, scouring Azeroth for fortune and fame.

He now prays to the Loa Bwonsamdi, in order to set his father's debt to the spirits of the dead, and to set his price for the souls that he awakens and asks for services from. He does keep the tribute, but pays it back with great service. However, he can only do so much considering how young he was when his teaching stopped.

After setting out for other places, he came across a Troll settlement. He hid in the brush, not sure of what to do, when he heard something that caught his attention. "Deh islands wah taken again. Dey had to go somewhere else. I tink' by deh Barrens mon." After hearing this, he felt as if the wind were knocked out of him.

He ran off, blindly pursuing this place called the Barrens. He ran for days, always on the lookout for his fellow trolls. He never found them. By now he had gone through several places of which he didn't know the name, and had even gone through Alliance territory. He ended up in a tower, cowering from the rain, when he realized something.

He and his race were never that close, his father was a sham, and everything in his life had gone wrong. Everything had been serious and foreboding. He looked up into the sky and squinted into the rain, and smiled. "Valo'rak, from 'ere on out, will have fun... Valo'rak will always be relaxed, will always want'a be a kid... will always do da voodoo."

He is now searching for a new place to carry out his voodoo as a possible trade, and wants to learn new ones, make friends, and possibly find a mate.