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Krilari Krilari (contribs)

WoW History

As a self-diagnosed altoholic, Krilari started right off the bat with a myriad of characters all span over a number of WoW Classic's realms. It wouldn't until a number of his real life friends from the Society for Creative Anachronism would introduce him unto the realm of Feathermoon-US. While the magnitude of this was not understood at the moment, it would come to pave a path that effects him both in and out of the game.

Years had passed of inactivity from the fledgling player, and while he kept an active account, he found no real reason to constantly play, the game being well too complicated for him to initially perceive. It wouldn't be until Wrath of the Lich King that he would manage to become a heavy player within Feathermoon. simply a month after release, a new horde would come to arise in the boy's eyes. The Dread Horde, lead by none other than Highlord Baleyg, would come to form what is reviled as the two weeks of terror, where the Dread Horde consistently rained down death and destruction upon Alliance Faction leaders as well as their foolish followers who had the gall to assault them.

The Dread Horde's wrath was so that it even created converts among the Alliance, one of them being a simple priestess who would come to be known among the Horde as 'Irenke'. While years would pass and politics overflow, Krilari and Irenke both managed a higher standing within the Dread Horde's Leadership. Both of them joined as rebels along with fellow officers 'Smilingjack', 'Maedea', as well as a few others, they would overthrow their opressive and foolish leader in favor for a council ruled fairly by the Jawless - yet charasmatic- forsaken, SmilingJack.

In the times to come, Irenke and Krilari would both seek refuge from the mass of drama, and through that Irenke uncovered a haven named 'Conquest of the Horde'.