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Player: Bovel

Character Full Name: Ukho Grimtotem Sternhoof

Character In-Game Name: Blackbrute

Nickname(s): Blackbrute (by outsiders)

Association(s): Cenarion Circle, Thunderbluff, Grimtotem Clan*

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid

Age: 59

Sex: Male

Pelt: Black and white

Eyes: Pale yellow

Weight: 384 kg / 847 lbs

Height: 2,44 m / 8' (1.00)


Scarce leather clothing such as wrist- and anklewraps and harnesses or armour made out of wood and thick, cured hides studded with sharpened bones and metal spikes for some extra injury in close quarter combat.


Alignment: Neutral

Ukho is a brute tauren, both in action as in word. But he is also simple, acting on instinct and intuition and rarely overthink things. Ukho loves to measure his strength against man or beast in a more or less friendly manner. In some situations he come off as indifferent, though his reasoning is survival of the fittest.


Alo died during the birth of Ukho, her fifth son. His father Toh'la raised him and his brothers on his own, with the ambition to make them into great hunters and reknown warriors. Ukho's youth was harsh with his father pushing them all to the extreme, never accepting weakness or failure. All five calves were to fight each other from an early age, usually leaving Ukho bloodied and bruised.

Toh'la brought his sons to Redrock Mesa for them to face shu'halo from other clans and tribes to test their prowess and mettle. A violent altercation resulted in Ukho abruptly ending the life of his second eldest brother Usha and Toh'la praised his son for the demonstration of strength.

Alongside his father and remaining brothers, he strode into battle against the foul centaurs. Ukho and his brothers fought well and slew many enemies, but their father fell by one of their arrows. Together they burried Toh'la within a tomb at the Grassmount to be watched over by Hornblade's spirit.

The starborne offered to teach the path of druidism and Ukho became the pupil of shan'do Mennar. Three years past and the elf still considered his brutality and bullheadedness problematic. Ukho was trapped within the Emerald Dream for a year without his shan'do's guidance and he returned a changed tauren. His usually black pelt turned pale and his heart that of a predator.

Ukho fought shoulder to shoulder with his druidic brethren against the qiraj in Silithus as the Scarab Wall was opened. His feats on the battlefield during these events sent him to fight undead and undeath in the Plaguelands. Ukho stood up against the Scourge at the battle of Angrathar and the days leading up to it.

Skills and Abilities

Apart from most druids, Ukho never managed to establish a connection to plantlife and leaving him unable to cast spells of healing nor call upon thorns and vines to aid him.

Instead Ukho's forté is the beast, the hunt and the pack. He compensates the lack of healing by calling upon regenerative properties from the animal kingdom which he can pass upon his “pack”, like licking a wound clean. Attuned to the inner beast, Ukho has begun blurring the lines between his forms and able to strengthen or toughen himself somewhat when in tauren form.