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Player: KomodoTheCashew

Character Full Name: Tykeral Kerickson

Character In-Game Name: Tykeral

Nickname(s): For a while he was called The Terror of the Iron Eyes when he was the only Worgen in the Iron Eyes and the general population was still adjusting to the Worgen, All the names people like to call Worgen (Wolfy, Pooch, Dog, ect.)

Association(s): Gilneas, Iron Eyes Mercenary Band

Race: Worgen

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Tykeral has a heightened sense of hearing as well as smell due to being part wolf. He also possess a lot of survival skills like first aid, fire building, shelter construction, hunting because of his time in the Wetlands as well as the Gilneas Forest.

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Hair: Black Fur

Eyes: Like most male worgen, Tykeral lacks pupils and his eyes are one solid color. His eyes are light blue.

Scale/Height: 1.05


Usual Garments/Armor: Gilnean Casual Attire for his time off of missions and socializing, Rugged Looking Armor for missions and battles, Eyepatch over his right eye because of a nasty injury after fleeing Gilneas during the Forsaken's attack, though he mostly tells those who ask that a feral bear mauled his face while he was escorting a gnome scientist but sometimes he makes it a game to tell people a different reason for his eyepatch each time


Tykeral can be a very social, helpful, understanding person but he can also be a very hostile, selfish, quick to anger type of person. For an example, Tykeral likes to help simply because of the feeling it gives him, he will be a smiling "I will help you in any way I can" type of person responding to each request with a humble "Yes Sir/Ma'am" but if the individual refuses his service with a phrase like "I don't need the help of someone like you, dog." Tykeral will instantly change to a fire-spitting, foul languaged beast. For the most part though, Tykeral is a nice and understanding person. As far as speech personality, Tykeral has the poor english of most mercenaries (Aye, I drink to that mate!) mixed with more educated sounding English (Of Course Ma'am, my most sincere apologies!) this is a result of being raised in a place like Gilneas, where image is everything, and working with the lowest class of people, where proper speech is the least of their worries. When it comes to solving problems, Tykeral likes to get things done in the best way possible and this can sometimes mean breaking some rules.

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Born in Gilneas months after the first war ended, Tykeral was constantly abused by his father and neglected by both parents because he was only a heavier burden on a couple without jobs and barely any money to sustain themselves, they did not want children. Tykeral was an accident. Eventually, this constant abuse led to him leave home at the age of 15 to start working on the farms outside of the main city with his uncle's family after an incident where Tykeral's father put him in the hospital.

His uncle could see how Tykeral's father was molding him into an aggressive and hostile man so he decided to take on the role of Tykeral's father figure. This affected Tykeral in a positive way, he learned the value of service and goodwill but still retained his fathers negative personality. Those who knew Tykeral were impressed with how much he had changed for the better, simply wanting to help others and how much happy was. Tykeral's father received news about how better Tykeral was after leaving. This enraged his father who did not want his social prestige damaged by others thinking him a bad father. Tykeral's father begun verbal harassing him and his uncle to send him back and stop embarrassing him. Eventually, Tykeral's father begun physically trying to force Tykeral home. Tykeral's uncle was constantly defending him from his father. His uncle eventually decided that Tykeral could stand up for himself which wasn't a mistake. One meeting with his father ended with Tykeral besting his father in a fist fight. Soon his father would stop trying to get him back. Tykeral felt truly peaceful and content for the first time in his life.

Tykeral joined the Gilnean Military Guard at 17 for the sense of belonging and service to Gilneas. He learned things like combat skills, self-confidence and bravery in basic training. Shortly after graduating, the Gilnean Civil War broke out. Tykeral fought with the Loyalists for a while before quitting the military and joining the Rebellion. He a traitor and was to be charged with treason if he were captured. This was punishable by death. The rebellion inevitably lost and as bad as Tykeral's life was, he did not want to die.

Tykeral with a few other rebellion soldiers, fled to the forest outside of Gilneas and lived off the wild to avoid being arrested, it was in this time that Tykeral learned to live off the land and be self sustainable, defending himself from the beasts of the forest and the harsh weather. As good as he got as slaying the beasts of the forest, he was not ready for what was to come. Those in the forest were some of the first attacked by The Worgen.

Tykeral was no match for the Worgen and mindlessly joined the rest of the them in the search for blood and flesh after being bitten. He captured during the attack on Gilneas. He was experimented on by the alchemists and scientists trying to find a cure to the curse. Tykeral lived for a couple of months chained up in the dark and dank basement of the scientists, only adding to the downward spiral of his life. Eventually, they were successful with the cure but some of the earlier tests made Tykeral conscious to his actions but still unable to control himself. He killed many people who were present during the tests on him. His guilt was building up inside of him due to this. He fell into a deep pit of depression. Once he was actually able to control himself, he fled Gilneas during the Forsaken’s attack, using the chaos around him to run and sneak past the Forsaken. Once he got to Silverpine Forest though, he was found and attacked suffering many wounds, including his eye being stabbed and ripped out of his socket. He barely escaped alive after a bloody, messy fight with the squad that found him. He sprinted in no general direction in mind without a look back at Gilneas.

He ran till he found a place away from any sign of people, The Wetlands. He lived off the land once again but this time using his newfound Worgen abilities like the better sense of smell and sight as well as strength and speed. He came to accept, eventually love, his new form and all the strength it granted him. To him this new form also felt like a new chance for redemption. His uncle had taught him about second chances but when had he ever gotten one? Now, he decided, was his second chance. Tykeral was finally away from all the drama and all alone. He had a lot of time to think on his sins and what he would do different this time. Thinking like this did console him a bit, he was still very down and depressed. He thought a lot about Gilneas, he hadn't seen a fellow Gilnean for a while and begun to think he was one of the only ones to live, He should have stayed and fought not run like a coward.

When Tykeral first ran from Gilneas, he had short fur that appeared well-groomed, it was mostly clean and his claws were free of imperfections. 1 year later and after the Cataclysm, His fur was long and dragging across the ground, picking up any specks of dirt or mud causing a layer of mud encrusted fur to form. The fur around his claws and maw were blood stained. His claws chipped and broken. He was mostly walking on all fours now as well. Most people would think Tykeral was a ravenous beast and run in terror. Some mercenaries found him and were not afraid, by this time the curse was a known thing. They figured, "Let's go talk to this guy." They decided to recruit him after they talked to him and learned why he was there. They were impressed by his ingenuity to live completely off the land and wanted that kind of ingenuity in their ranks. They also wanted the intimidation that a Worgen like him would bring to their band. Tykeral agreed and begun the fast paced lifestyle of a mercenary. They gave him clothes, friendship, a place to sleep and the sense that he finally belonged. They even suggested Tykeral don an eyepatch, now a trademark of Tykeral, saying it would increase his tough factor. Though, In reality even they were intimidated by Tykeral. The big void where is eye should be wasn't helping.

Tykeral started out as more of a recruiter for the Iron Eyes in every city and town they would stop at, (Grrr, Look at how tough I look, I'm a wolf dude that looks all scary and intimidating, how cool is that? Join the Iron Eyes!) he never saw action but heard all the glory stories of the other men and women. One blizzard-y night as the Iron Eyes were on their way to Iron Forge, a bunch of bandits ambushed the convoy and begun an intense fight. Initially Tykeral wrapped himself inside the supply wagon and cowered. The last time he killed a living person was back when he was an experiment for the Gilneas scientists, the blood spilt then caused him to go into an unquenchable hunt for blood. He didn't want to lose control now and kill his new family and friends. Hearing the death cries of too many of his brothers and sisters were enough to motivate him to fight, Tykeral grabbed a large 2 handed sword inside the wagon and leaped into the battle. At first, he was clumsy and suffered a lot of injuries. A thought popped into his mind, The way I'm fighting is for humans. It was meant for the human body. I need to fight using my new self's abilities and advantages. His stance became more aggressive and speedy and not waiting for the other man to tire out and open themselves up. Tykeral found making an opening with his brute strength worked much better for him , following up with a hasty attack, using his sword, claws and fangs to execute his opponent. He slaughtered 15 men, two times as much as any one else. He was admired by all his comrades and feared by those they captured. Instead of recruiting after that, Tykeral was promoted to taking care of the higher paying missions with the other top-tier Iron Eyes. However, as much skill as his superiors now saw he possessed, he still wasn't ready to lead men. he was a lone wolf and fought best as such. Tykeral amassed many kills, captures and completed objectives in the name of the Iron Eyes during the months after the Cataclysm.

When the Cataclysm hit, The Iron Eyes leader was found dead and many members left. Their numbers went from around 2000 to about 500 in a matter of two months due to moral drops and leadership generally getting worse. Tykeral was promoted by his superiors faster than normally to the rank of Chief for this reason. Equivalent to the Alliance ranking of a Sergeant. Rank didn't mean much to Tykeral though. It was his reputation that mattered to him and he was gaining reputation. It was a reputation similar to the one he had working on his uncle's farm, always the first to help anyone he could find needing the help, hell, even those not needing the help. On the outside he was a big, battle scared Worgen but on the inside, a charitable man. He knew how to look on the bright side and inspire people to do what they believed they could not. It was for this reason he was promoted to a small leadership position. Only a small one though, Tykeral was not good with co-coordinating men and women with tactics and battle strategies. He was better suited to being a co-leader among the mercenaries but due to the dwindling numbers of the Iron Eyes, he was to lead men solely by himself but not for long.

Normally, Tykeral would be in charge of around 10-15 men but since their numbers were thinning, changes needed to be made. The superior Iron Eyes decided that the men needed to band together in bigger groups instead of small squads. All enlisted men (Grunt to High Chief) were now equal and the officers (Chief Lieutenant to High Chief Marshal) led equally with the Leader still over everyone. The Iron Eyes are not as active as they used to be, more weekend mercenaries now and not a lifestyle choice. The enlisted men live their own lives, only reuniting when officers send out messages to all the men that they are needed for missions/contracts. In order to accommodate the lower pay of less contracts, Tykeral hires himself out more as a free agent doing mostly security/VIP escort stuff but he still takes the time to willingly help those in need. (From old women looking for their missing cats to helping local citizens fight off local bandits and theives.) This is the current routine of Tykeral's life.

As of recently, Tykeral is suffering more and more from his curse. You see, the cure Tykeral was given that allowed him to control himself was not the final one. It held all the properties of the final "Alchemic" cure nix the ability to control the users self enough to turn back into a human, Tykeral does not know this and often frustrates himself into a fury when he attempts to change back. Tykeral is also turning more into a feral worgen similar to the Nightbane of Duskwood, there is a chance when he smells blood that he will begun to lose control of himself. His personality is becoming more volatile as well, losing control at the smallest of offences to himself or anyone who matters to him. Tykeral was not aware of the Night Elves cure of drinking from the wells of Tal'doren seeing as he ran away from Gilneas immediately after receiving the Gilnean made cure and has not come into contact with other afflicted Gilneans until as of recent.

Tykeral was informed of the Night Elves' cure by Roux. He did take it but he's still very volatile and the sight/smell of blood excites him more than it should. Could it be because Tykeral accepts his Worgen form's feral nature more than most of those afflicted?