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Player: denisalex

Character Full Name: Therese Beckett

Character In-Game Name: Therese

Nickname(s): Thery

Association(s): Gilneas

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Hair: Black ponytail

Eyes: Green

Scale: 1

Skills and Abilities

  • Unseen Force - Should Therese turn into the cat aspect and prowl, her first hit would be ravaging, dealing more damage than the other ones.
  • Potency - While morphed into the bear form, Therese can enrage for a few moments in which she sends attacks that have a lesser chance to be dodged or defended against due to their viciousness.
  • Unstoppable Frenzy - By embracing the beast within, the Druid goes into a rampaging state, which makes her attack faster than normally. The effect only takes place when morphed into the cat, bear or wolf form and consumes a high amount of energy.
  • Will of the Wolf - As a Worgen, Therese is a greater opponent in her "not-so-beautiful" form. This consists in greater strength and agility, but she is prone to losing control of herself, as the beast tries to take over, into combat.
  • Hunter of the Night - Moving swiftly, Therese may be hard to notice if she's on the prowl. This effect is only for her human, worgen and cat form.
  • Brutal Swipes - The attacks she sends towards her enemies while in the bear form are strong and have a great chance to cleave those in front of them.
  • Vast Culture - Therese spends much time documenting about the history of Azeroth and its' inhabitants, this leading to her deep knowledge about many subjects.


Usual Garments/Armor: Dark blue leather armor and a black shoulder pad are what she usually wears.


Therese is a natural-born sceptic. She never believed a certain issue until she saw it herself. While she might offer to help different people she meets within her travels, she expects to learn more about their race's behavior. Even though she is quite apolitical and doesn't care too much about the two factions, Therese still respects those of her kind and considers them above any other race, as well as she despises the Forsaken a little bit due to the attack they launched upon Gilneas. She enjoys solitude mostly, locking herself into a room full of interesting books that can improve her knowledge or just studying the environment.


Born right after the First War emerged, Therese grew up next to her mother since her father was a proud soldier who defended the borders of Gilneas. As he was always needed in the army, Therese's mother managed to learn the arts of primitive druidism from her aunt and become a harvest witch since she was one of the country folk of Gilneas. The aunt managed to teach Therese's mother quite a lot before she died of age. Then Therese's mother knew she had to pass down the tradition.

Therese was just 5 years old when the Greymane Wall was built so she never managed to see the other lands. Her mother seemed to become more and more focused on her rituals rather than about her husband who didn't came back home, even though the wall was built.

The little Therese was growing older and older and started to wonder about her father, whom she talked to only a couple of times. She was sad, but cheerful on the other side because her mother was there for her and was actually her best friend as she called her one day.

More years passed for the isolated Gilneans who were considered traitors and cowards by the outside world. Therese was about 19 years old when she found out about her mother's secret, it was beyond her ways of understanding and required explanation. Her mother came up with various reasons for choosing that certain path and succeeded to attract Therese, making her want to become a harvest witch, as well.

It was anything but easy for Therese needed to become one with the nature and to have -a lot- of patience. All that came in time. Luckily for Therese, her mother was always there to provide her with the right answers or else the young and sceptic Therese would have given up just as fast as she decided to learn.

Eventually, Therese realized that it was in her blood and gave everything she had for becoming a harvest witch. Most of her time she could be seen next to her mother, trying to do precisely what she did. All of this was kept secret though and even though harvest witchery was fairly common knowledge, little was known about it's details.

With Therese practicing more and more each day the years passed quickly and soon the Gilneans found themselves into a perilous situation: the entire city fell under the Worgen curse. The outbreak spreaded everywhere within the Gilnean lands and all inhabitants were cursed. Nobody seemed powerful enough to control their other form, but eventually some Gilneans learnt to restrain themselves from acting like wild creatures because of the serum and realized that they had to live with that curse for the rest of their lives. Therese and her mother were also in this situation, though Therese had a really hard time trying to control herself while in the Worgen form.

A civil war had started within the lands of Gilneas, but it didn't take much time until it was over and a new war begun, this time, one of great proportions: the one against the Forsaken. The walking corpses were a real threat for the isolated Gilneans who expected no help from anyone since they built the wall and abandoned their old alliances, but the Night Elves came to their aid and so did the other forces of the new Alliance. Together, they fought the Forsaken and managed to pull them back from the wall.

By that time, Therese had already learnt quite a lot from her mother and after the Night Elves aided the Gilnean druids, she was able to shape-shift, like the very Night Elves could, though she believed her kind was better than them. All the harvest witches were called full-time druids and unleashed their beastly instincts against the invaders, whom they easily defeated within a one on one brawl, but with whom the druids had trouble if they were outnumbered. Therese avoided dealing directly with the Forsaken because she heard about their vast numbers, but even so, she started to hate them for what they did to her lands. She managed to visit different capital cities of the Alliance in order to study about them instead.

Therese found reading fascinating and most of all she enjoyed history and facts about each race. After a few more journeys, she started to read about each race's flaws in case she had to deal with someone. Her knowledge soon got to a high level because she was documenting all day long... and even within the sleepless nights she had.

Now she still tries to discover more curiosities about each race and about Azeroth itself, though she prefers to do it live instead of just reading books.