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Player: Dukica

Character Full Name: Teldris Whispermoon

Character In-Game Name: Teldris

Nickname(s): None.

Association(s): Cenarion Circle, Darnassus.

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Age: 427

Sex: Male

Hair: Green

Eyes: Amber

Weight: 140 kilos

Height: 2,15 meters

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Other: Has a Frostsaber kitten, Bubbie, that he carries around.


Leather kilt made out of pieces of cloth and leather, a belt of thick leather and a wooden moon on it, armbands of leather scraps, a mask made out of leather with a wooden frame to it, also leather boots. Also has a leather battle-armor, with quite tough leather that can withstand harm.


Teldris is cheerful and enjoys company and is easy to be befriended with. His heart is pure and uncorrupted and so, it is hard for him to do harm to any innocent. He is a day dreamer that often going to sleep when looking at a flowing river or a peaceful lake.

He dislikes most of the Orcs due to them cutting the forests of Ashenvale. Unlike most of the kaldorei, he isn't xenophobic and can have a good conversation with any race, as long as they don't insult him. He always tries to stop a conflict amongst his allies and friends.

He dislikes undead, he is extremely picky about their associations, looks, and personality, due to recent trauma.


Teldris was born in a family of strict druids and priestesses of the moon, among his brother and sister. His mother was as said, a Priestess of the Moon, and his father a Druid of the Claw. Teldris was born on a windy night and his father and mother were filled with joy.

In his childhood, he showed an interesting love towards tomes and scrolls of druidism, often reading them for hours and hours. With each passing month, he became less friendly towards the other children of Ashenvale and more asocial. He read books and scrolls for days locked in his room. No child would even talk to him anymore. His friends abandoned him. His parents didn't seem to notice, as they have been too busy with their own business of the night elf culture.

In his teenager years, he was completely shut-in. He walked around the forest, not seeming to care of any other night elf. He learnt herbalism and botansim. His father wanted him and his brother to be trained as druids of the wild and to learn basics of druidism. Teldris gladly accepted it, though his brother did not. He ran away from home and was never seen after. Teldris continued anyways and had spent one hundred and fifty years learning the way of the nature and the animals. Teldris finally learnt the basics and it was his time for the Emerald Dream. He went to sleep in some secluded area of north-east Ashenvale together with his father. There he saw the lush gardens, emerald dragons, animals roaming free and other druids. He spent his time there learning the druid way. After two hundred and eight years he finally awakened. He felt being one with the nature, in wrath and tranquility. His father didn't want to train him no more, he said he had no more time. They wanted him to grow up on his own, so they excluded him from the house. As he was leaving, his father gave him a simple set of leather robes, a magical staff and a family frostsaber cub. Teldris's heart was broken and he now hates his family to the core. Though, his sister had doubts about the family too. She then ran away, as a simple priestess of Elune without finishing her full training, into the the woods too.

The Horde attacked Ashenvale and the Legion with them. The battles were fought and Cenarius was killed. Teldris and his siblings were hidden deep in the forests of Ashenvale, unaware of each others' location. Teldris was surviving off the fruits and plants together with his frostsaber, Moonlight. As months passed, peace was made, and he could freely walk in Kalimdor. Teldris refused to join any faction that is in war for territory and domination and so he considered himself out of the Alliance, and instead, joined the Cenarion Circle. He thought that there would he have a better chance of improving his studies of druidism.

He has recently been attacked and kidnapped by a gang of undead alchemists that did experiments on him. He gained leprosy. He then wandered across the three continents in search of someone that can cure him, and so he found a shaman with a mild knowledge of shamanism, but still it was enough to cure him. He had gained more respect towards draenei, and more hate towards the undead.

Skills and Abilities

As a Druid of the Wild, he possesses most of the druid spells, forms, healing and what not. He possesses a large amount of knowledge about nature and herbalism, as he studied it.