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A draenei born between worlds and raised travelling among them. Telah followed his father's hoofsteps and became an anchorite, servant of his fellow exiles and the potent Naaru. In the last few decades his life has changed drastically with the loss of his wife and daughter as well as the great setback for the draenic people on Draenor.


  • Character Full Name: Telah
  • Character In-Game Name: Telah
  • Nickname(s): Beacon of the Light of Creation
  • Association(s): Exodar, Hand of Argus
  • Age: 16,697
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Dark grey
  • Eyes: Glacial blue
  • Weight: 222 kg / 489 lbs
  • Height: 2,42 m / 7' 11" (1.07)


Telah 02.png

A pair of bright eyes framed by a wide brow at the bottom of the tall and pronounched crest. With cerulean skin as the open ocean and hair like a thunderstorm on the horizon. Telah is muscled with thick thighs and a strong tail from travel and service on the battlefield and in the wilderness. His generally kind face is contrasted by six scars, three across each cheekbone.

Telah carries a staff as proof of his vocation, it's head an idol of a naaru. He prefers to wear functional garments with only the most basic decorations.


Telah is very devoted to the teachings of the Light, rivaled only by his devotion towards his own kin. He is a selfless draenei, always ready to shoulder the pain and grief of his people even though it at times send his heart to dark places. But Telah is blessed with a tenacity that go beyond the bounds of his devotion and seem anchored only in primal instincts of survival.

I am an oath kept.


Skills and abilities

Telah is considered a powerful anchorite, having wielded the Light since he was young. While able to call the holy energies as any other cleric, his ability to conjure and shape barriers and wards is what singles him out.

By reaching out with his inner light, Telah can connect emotionally with another draenei when having a physical contact. Either to lessen and take upon himself the burden of another or even share the strength of his own faith or calm with his brethren.


It was almost seventeen millennia ago that Telah was born and first saw the universe within a dimly lit hall of Oshu'gun. Like all draenei carried and born in trans-dimension, Telah was small, fragile and almost looking underdeveloped during his infantile years. In contradiction of a stereotype that vessel-born are motherbound and generally very needy, Telah was independent, not always taking his size or rather lack of it into consideration, but his stubbornness compensated for that.

Early into his second century Telah along with other young draenei were summoned to the Chamber of the Naaru by anchorite Uleen. There, in league with K'ure each child's future was decided and Telah was chosen to tread the path of the Light of Creation, to become an anchorite. And it all began at the end of that same illumination-cycle. During the first millennia Telah and his fellow neophytes were restricted to the vessel alone, even on planetfall. Countless of years spent in silence just absorbing the wisdom of the naaru and learning the history of their race, every little mistake. Words were only used in the occasional courteous phrases or rarely in discussion among the neophytes allowed by an anchorite. Young Telah believed that he would spend much of the schooling being taught by Uleen and that it would allow his father to calm an ache for recognition he kept hidden within his heart.

During his early adulthood the anchorite was stationed with a group of explorers, sent into the wilderness of a humid and overgrown world. The experience toughened Telah and gave him an insight on worlds beyond the crystalline safety of the vessel. He took a liking to the rushing blood one get from standing at the fringe of the known, face to face with uncertainty. Ever since he often volunteered to be part of the initial scouting parties whenever they reached new areas.

Telah met the female that came to be his mate during the last years of his enlightenment on the surface of a rust-coloured desert world. Named Murar, she was an artificer working in the same settlement that Telah was sent to guide. A slender draenei but with long and defined muscle earned from manual labour and perfectly curved horns reaching all the way down to her jawline all in a pale gray hue, topped off with a raspy voice. Their connection was something that grew over the span of several decades but did not really become tangible until after they left that world. Telah dreaded the idea of not having been able to protect Murar from the demonic advances and prayed to the naaru that she had safely returned to Oshu'gun. And the naaru stilled his fear by showing him a vision of the artificer resting quietly in a pod.

Murar and Telah's relation resulted in the birth of a daughter who was given the name Ahmat (2391 at Exodar crash), slender like her mother and dark-skinned like her father. Ahmat's birth touched Telah, bringing a life into the world inspired him further in his charge as anchorite. Knelt before K'ure with a simple knife he cut himself; for obedience, courage, intelligence, honour, for their oath to the naaru and for his family, making it a total of six wounds, three across each cheek.

As young he harboured a resentment towards his father cause of how it seemed he distanced himself from Telah, something he never spoke of and always feared the naaru would sense it. This changed as he became a father himself and stood before the same predicament. Every single child is important to the future of the exiled ones and children are to be cared for equally, no matter ties of blood. Who have a heart boundless enough to love every single child as his own? Telah do not and instead had to limit the love shown towards Ahmat, something that always pained him.

Planetfall on what came to be called "Exile's Refuge" was uneventful and Telah was not involved in the contact with the brown-skinned and savage natives. Anchorites and neophytes were summoned to a meeting, the Prophet was to embark on a journey and offered all present to follow him. The leader stopped at the far end in a valley of dark stone, thumped his staff into the ground and fell to his knees in prayer. All draenei joined in the prayer which was the start of a week-long ritual of consecration. Telah got the order to stay and watch over the creation of Karabor which was a blessing from the naaru since Murar was part of the workforce of artificers to raise the grand temple and with her came Ahmat. During the years of construction Telah got the chance to spend time with his daugther. It was a bittersweet time for Telah, both being so close Ahmat but also tending for all other children there, always having to keep his heart one step away from his spawn. Every morning he rounded up all children and settled in the first finished garden and taught them the history of their people.

Murar was chosen to stay in the Dwelling of Light as the orcs attacked, Telah was not. She along with many draenei sacrificed for the sake of their kin. He never really had the chance to mourn the loss of his mate, when the news of the attack on the city came Ahmat's heart broke. She mourned her mother's death for a year, barely speaking even to Telah during that time. Tragedy struck the anchorite a few decades later as his daughter's body was never found after the Exodar crashed on Azeroth. Telah had a hard time letting his mate sacrifice herself and not him and he blames himself for the loss of Ahmat. On this new world he immersed himself in aiding his kindred; healing the injured, feeding the hungry, searching for the lost and later taking on the role of a diplomat. Anything to distract from the loss.

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