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Player: Maarten

Character Full Name: Taryn Stormrunner

Character In-Game Name: Taryn

Nickname(s): Tar, Ryn

Association(s): The Kaldorei

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Druidess

Skills and Abilities:

  • Stormrunner Heritage: The Stormrunner family has lived in Winterspring as long as recorded history goes back, this causes all members born in the Stormrunner family, including Khelynn, to have an increased resistance to the cold. This does not render her, or any other member of the Stormrunner family, immune to frostbite or the like.
  • See the Natural World: Taryn has practiced seeing without using her eyes, through the use of her bare feet. This is helpful when someone has thrown a smoke grenade or when there is just too much darkness to see. This only works on living ground, like roots and grass. On dead terrain or stone this ability cannot be called upon. Taryn has to meditate while she does this, forcing her focus to spread between walking and 'seeing'.

Age: 6800

Sex: Female

Hair: White and long enough to reach just below her bottom.

Eyes: Amber colored

Weight: 105 KG

Height: 204 CM

Scale: 1.0


Usual Garments/Armor: Taryn is usually found in simple leather with a few bags to carry herbs around with her. She wears warmer clothes when it's too cold outside. She almost always keeps several alive roots wrapped around her wrists and hands, which she is capable of manipulating if the situation requires it.

Other: She has the family symbol tattooed all over her chest.


Taryn is a carefree and generally kind woman. She always looks at the positive sides of things. Taryn is almost always found with a smile on her face. When her smile is gone, there are two possibilities. Either she truly dislikes someone nearby or there is something serious going on affecting her, her people or her family. Despite her ever present smile, Taryn isn't afraid to sink her fangs into her enemies' flesh. If there is one thing Taryn can't stand, it are people with a negative outlook on life and people who see the worst in a situation.


Taryn was born in Winterspring along with her twin sister, Elyssa. Unlike her sister, Taryn was born with amber eyes, a sign of inherent Druidic potential. Her parents had a discussion and in the end, it was decided that her father would take the woman for training. Taryn was taught how to defend herself with and without a weapon until she was of age before her father took her under his wing and into the Dream. Her training happened in complete secret out of fear of repercussions from the Cenarion Circle.

Taryn spent most of her life in the Dream. The Cenarion Circle wanted nothing to do with the girl. This caused the girl and her father to adopt a rather isolationist lifestyle within the Dream. Whenever she rested, her thoughts went out to her mother and her sister, missing both of them.

Her sister fought on the frontlines of the War of the Shifting Sands and nearly died here. Learning of this news and her sister's discharge, Taryn left the Dream to spend time with Elyssa. She arrived home only to find her mother cleaning up Elyssa's home after she left to explore Kalimdor and, unbeknownst to them, train in the art of Runemastery. Worried, Taryn returned to her father within the Dream.

As soon as the Third War arrived, Taryn and her father awoke from the Dream to aid her people. Both returned to Winterspring where they would be reunited with Taryn's sister, who was now an accomplished Runemaster. Their mother was serving on the frontlines of Mount Hyjal as a General while Taryn, Elyssa and their father fought on the frontlines of Winterspring.

After the War was over, Taryn was accepted within the Cenarion Circle. In honour of her family and her heritage, Taryn got the family symbol tattooed on her chest as part of her rites. After this was finally over, she started to explore Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms at her leisure, helping the people who deem themselves worthy to be helped. Though she tends to remain on Kalimdor, she travels to other lands if she deems it necessary.