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Player: Caravan!

Character Full Name: Professor Tank Fizzpop

Character In-Game Name: Tank

Nickname(s): Tankini, Tankabelle

Association(s): Nine Points Adventure Club, Goldrang Cartel (Loosely), the Kezan Explorers Association and Historic Society, the Horde (loosely).

Race: Goblin

Class: IC: Explorer, Tomb Raider, Treasure Hunter and Professor OOC: Rogue

Skills and Abilities:

Brains of the Operation: Very good at figuring out puzzles, riddles and other logic problems. Math skills, history learnings and some foreign language proficiency makes this goblin one smart cookie. Note on language: She only speaks Goblin, Common and Orcish. She has a scholarly understanding to read other languages (including ancient forms) for studying artifacts. She's working on making a cipher for the languages used in Uldum.

Full of Hot Air: In her possession is a large hot-air balloon (can hold 3-4 small persons + gear comfortably, 6 small persons + gear uncomfortably, 3-4 mixed-sized persons + gear uncomfortably)

High on the Hog: Turns out that treasure hunting is a lucrative business! She has a sizeable personal wealth as well as a small collection of artifacts that she didn't sell to museums or personal collectors.

Metal Detector: Tank has commissioned a metal detector for use in her explorations. As can be expected from goblin machinery, it has an unguaranteed success rate. (50-50 chance of working at all)

Their Vision is Based On Movement, Right?: Over time, she's been able to perfect her ability to get in and out of places without being detected by clever use of shadows, cover, or distraction. [IC use of Stealth and Distract]

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue-Green

Weight: 75 lbs

Height: 4'2"


Usual Garments/Armor: She is usually seen in a black leather vest, pants, boots and gloves get-up. When in hotter locales, she will change to something less likely to make her sweat and pass out. She is one for jewelry, and wears jeweled earrings and bracelets.

Other: Tattoos! Tank's got 'em. Quite a collection, really, as the stylistic-tribal swirls extend from her chest to her torso as well as along her arms. There's a heart tattoo on her right rump and a compass on her front-left hip.

Frequently in her possession are a goblin radio, an old-fashioned compass, and a trained monkey (with Fez!) called Chester. The monkey will also answer to 'Fahim'.


Tank is not a brave woman so much as she is a stubborn woman: She would walk away from a brawl but she would continue exploring a tomb or wreck for that sweet, sweet treasure even if there was imminent danger there.

When it comes to interpersonal interactions, she is friendly-enough in her own way but is overall a flake of a friend. She puts herself first and frequently puts material possessions over others. (Friends are a dime-a-dozen but this solid-gold vase is one-of-a-kind!) Tank is shallow and prone to bouts of pettiness, jealous and grudgemaking. Despite all of her more undesirable qualities, she likes a good laugh and adventure and can make an enjoyable traveling companion if you're not expecting too much.

She prefers the finer things in life (food, drink, women, etc) but the definition of what consititutes as "fine" is variable. Tank also has a "bit" of a gambling problem and has an impatient wanderlust about her -- Wherever she's going, she's gotta get there -fast-.


Tank was born the only child to an overworked accountant and his silver-digging, part-time manicurist wife. They had intended to have more children, but her mother felt that one child was more than enough (and had done enough to her body!) and they should be thankful that they got that far. Her father intended for her to become an accountant as well (or, in the dream of dreams, to become a lawyer), so though he didn't send her to the best school he sent her to a good school. It was there that Tank was exposed to history or, more aptly, the things history leaves behind. Gold crowns and sacred burial tombs filled with the unknown were definitely sexier than paperwork, so rather than resigning herself to keeping track of other people's money she apprenticed herself to the Kezan Explorers Association and History Society.

It was grunt work, but she was young and she learned how to play the political game inherent to academia (even goblin academia) while excelling at field work. She was sent along to various goblin(and Horde) outposts and some of these adventures included putzing around in the ice of Lake Keltheril while in Everlook, running from cannibalistic pygmy-trolls while stationed in Grom'gol, yanking ceremonial rods from cold-dead mummy hands in the temple of Atal'Hakkar while in Stonard. She, as well as the other goblin explorers, found themselves at odds with the Dwarven Explorer's League -- they never seemed quite willing to share their "oh so precious" dig sites. She worked her way up from being a rookie field hand to associate professor, but climbing her way to assistant professor requires more shmoozing and time up with an expedition through Northrend. Nevermind that it was a Scourge stronghold, that it would later be under attack by Alliance and Horde forces, or that there were crazy giant men and dragons: There was work to be done and money to be made! She recently rose to the ranks of a full-time bonafide professor, but has forsaken a cushy (and boring) deskjob to continue "recovering" lost artifacts. In addition, Tank has established her own association for the enjoyment of treasure hunting, tomb raiding and thrill-seeking -- the Nine Points Adventure Club.

She was stationed in Gadgetzan to take advantage of the wealth of ruins (Zul'Farrak, the Moons, and not to mention remnants of the Qiraji empire in the south and in Silithus) when the entrance to Uldum was revealed. A land untouched... surely it had to be worth a fortune, and Tank would not be excluded from the discoveries!