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Player: Saronsen

Character Full Name: Tanessa van Duquesne

Character In-Game Name: Tanessa

Nickname(s): None yet.

Association(s): Stormwind, House Duquesne

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Tanessa uses two weapons. In her left hand, she typically has a lance tucked under her arm. Used for an advantage in reach in melee combat, the top bares a bladed head, and the bottom of the lance has a semi-blunted metal point. In her right, she uses a shortsword for quick, deadly attacks in close combat.

Tanessa is quick on her feet, wearing light plate over thick cloth or leather, forgoing defense for mobility. Combined with her skill with her lance and shortsword, she is a formidable opponent in single combat. Heavier and slower opponents find themselves unable to keep up, and quicker opponents have difficulty catching her out of position.

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Green

Weight: 153 lbs

Height: 5'8


Usual Garments/Armor: Typically she's found in her light plate armor, bearing her family colors of red and gold. Usually her helmet is hanging off of a small buckle from her belt, and she carries only a few things she needs on a day to day basis, such as a coinpurse.

However, it's not uncommon to see her in casual, if not lavish, clothing, and depending on her mood, even wear a dress.

Other: Her lance has a small banner hanging beneath the bladed tip, bearing her families coat of arms.


Alignment: Neutral Good

While often friendly, and even giving, Tanessa still carries the arrogance that comes with most nobles, feeling that others need to prove themselves to her before she treats them as an equal, and turning a cold shoulder to those who fail to prove themselves to her.

When it comes to her opinions on other races, she's mostly accepting of all races within the Alliance, if not a bit suspicious of the Kaldorei. As for the Horde, she loathes orcs and trolls, and flat out despises the Forsaken. Tauren, she gives a wide berth, knowing that they are typically in preference for peace, but are fully capable of turning into a wild beast when provoked. The Sin'dorei do not draw as much dislike from her as the other Horde races, but she always keeps a close eye on any, lest they stab her in the back, metaphorically, or literally.


Born into a 'new wealth' family in Stormwind, Tanessa had the privilege of having everything she ever wanted as a child, be it a new dress, or 'that toy' from the window of a shop. She received some of the best education Stormwind could offer, though it became clear she had little interest in the finer studies, and would instead be found watching her male peers fighting, be it with their hands, or the older boys training with wooden swords. Now and again, she would even join in on the playful wrestling. Her parents took notice, and gradually shifted her training from the social to martial arts.

This was not easy for her, at first. She wasn't especially strong, and she hadn't grown much throughout her childhood. Easily overpowered by her male peers, she was easily discouraged, and at times, would give up and walk off to be alone with herself. But with more practice and experience, came more successful sparring matches with the boys. Horse riding was easier for her to master, and almost came naturally. It wasn't long before the little girl grew into a teenager, and then a young adult within a small noble family.

The Third War nearly tore the house apart. Their primary source of income, a trading company within Lordaeron in which they had invested in greatly, had been thought lost. For several months no word of what happened had reached them. But soon, a letter describing that the company had relocated to Theramore in Kalimdor, and were soon planning new trading routes. The war died down, and the family maintained its source of income.

Years passed, and the family gradually grew in size through marriage and birth. Several members were officers within the recent military actions through Outland and Northrend, giving their family a good standing with Stormwind.

Tanessa did not partake in these campaigns, however. She remained close to home, honing her skills in almost constant training. She had taken to a quick style of fighting, combining the reach of a lance with the deadly speed of a shortsword. Her style depends upon her being aggressive in combat, as neither weapon boasts great defensive capabilities.

Now, at the age of twenty six, Tanessa is a bit of a symbol of her small family, wearing their colors and bearing their coat of arms upon her tabard. She serves her family more as a bodyguard for now, but she plans to bring recognition to the Duquesne house, be it partaking in military campaigns, or bringing it upon herself to serve vigilante justice to well known criminal or evil entities.