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Character Full Name: Taera

Character In-Game Name: Taera

Nickname(s): Theli

Association(s): Draenei, The Exodar, The Earthen Ring, The Spirits.

Race: Draenei

Class: Far Seer (Shaman)

Skills and Abilities: In addition to the usual Shaman skills, abilities and spells, she gains a measure of prescience, allowing her the odd glimpse into the future, typically by way of dreams. The future is not set in stone and, by the simple act of glimpsing it, prescience often alters the outcome of what is to come.

Age: 11 046

Sex: Female

Hair: White, parted along the middle. If viewed from the side it obscures most of her face. It is also of a longish length, reaching the middle of her back.

Eyes: Bright draenic white.

Weight: 75 Kgs

Height: 2,2 m


Usual Garments/Armor: Most often comfortable leathers. If she is called to battle, however, she will don armor which, she believes, is imbued with the blessings of the elemental Spirits.

Other: She drifts off quite often, staring at various things for no apparent reason. It is in these moments she feels most connected to the world around her. She may come across as absent-minded, only focusing properly in combat, healing or merrymaking.


Alignment: Neutral Good

Kind, caring and forgiving are three words that best describe Taera. She enjoys the company of spirits more than that of actual people, though. She's marked by a love for simple, natural sites, falling easily prey to long treks in the wilds and wastes of the world. She still keeps her age-old passtime of jewelcrafting, and, as such, enjoys the minute details of everything around her, as much as the bigger picture, if not more. She has an uncanny knack for reading people which she bases on her sight in the spirit realm. She is, in general, an understanding and philosophical person, viewing things through the perspective of her teachings, only to then simplify them to absolute, abstract things, such as “All things change, in time.” or “Time heals all wounds.”. Some would say she abuses rhetoric and proverbs, yet she pays no heed, keeping on with her belief that wisdom, not necessarily knowledge, will be instrumental to the continued survival of all life, in balance with the Spirits.

She retains her belief in the Light, as well as keeping to her faith in the Spirits, seeing value and use to the Draenei as a people in both. Her views on humanity, dwarves and gnomes are much the same. She sees them as being obsessed with progress in either magic or technology, yet, despite this she sees great hope and potential in them. Her views on Night Elves and Tauren match quite well, appreciating both races' attunement to nature. She views Orcs and Blood Elves as a blank slate. In her eyes, the Orcs redeemed themselves by slaying Mannoroth, and the Blood Elves were forgiven by the Naaru and Velen after the restoration of the Sunwell. She tolerates Forsaken, but would not like them for the world, seeing them as little more than mistakes, trespassers in the cycle of life. She sees Trolls as curious beings, however, and is quite inquisitive to their primal nature.


Born on one of the many unnamed refuge worlds the Draenei used to escape the Burning Legion in their flight from Argus, she quickly took up craftsmanship, working at it in parallel with studying the ways of the Light. Her fascination with Draenei crystal technology led her to toying with jewel crafting and crystal shaping quite quickly. Her work in the Light, on the other hand, appealed to her yet undeveloped mystical side. She was faithful, yes, but her methods never passed the most basic things, such as the gifts that the Naaru bestowed upon all Draenei. She had also, in the little spare time she had, trained her body physically, out of pride, rather than necessity.

The exodus across the stars took from her many things, among them, her closest kin and family, as well as many of her kind, yet when she, alongside her people, finally reached Draenor, she finally tasted peace. She was curious from the start of the Orcs' Shamanic traitions, yet did little more than observe their attunement to nature and trade with them the jewels and trinkets she'd made. It was during this time that she devoted most of her leisure hours to physical betterment, the rolling plains of the planet more than hospitable to her enthusiastic training.

Then came the slaughter of Shattrath, during which she, along with a part of her kind, fled to Zangarmarsh seeking refuge. It was after this that she took up the path of the Shaman, re-dubbing herself Theli, in addition to her birthname, to signify a new beginning, after a creature she'd seen on one of the worlds visited by the Draenei in their flight across the sky. She hearkened to Nobundo and the Broken's teachings on Shamanism, finally being able to express and exert the connection she'd felt with all that is. Her focus from here on, was appeasing the elemental spirits, gaining their aid wherever she could, through enhancement of her body, sheer elemental combat as well as healing. She felt the turmoil of a churning, broken world, yet kept hope and harmony within.

She would put these skills to good use in the coming months, joining the battle for the Exodar, wing of Tempest Keep, in the Draenei's desperate attempt to escape their now shattered homeworld, finalizing with its sabotage and crash onto Azeroth, during which, for a more humorous mention, she was sound asleep, the relaxation of her body, or perhaps some favor of the spirits, having guarded her throughout, leaving her unharmed.

Ever since the crash, she has been working on attuning herself to the elements of this strange new world, exploring it throughout with unfathomable curiosity, bonding with the spirits of the planet as she went.

Prior to the War against the Lich King, the Shaman had taken to wandering the worlds, disappearing from society for months at a time, heeding whispers on the wind and the call of the elemental spirits, and whether through deep meditation in spiritually-active sites such as the Throne of the Elements, or lengthy journeys to high peaks and deep valleys, Taera's bond with the elements grew stronger and stronger – and she became further removed from the rest of the world.

As the War in the North dawned however, Taera was led to the Earthen Ring, a group which she eagerly joined, seeking wisdom and insight that she'd been unable to glean elsewhere. Learning and practicing under the tutelage of the Ring's members gave her a good deal more patience and understanding as to how the world functions, and such training left her with a deeper connection to the elemental spirits, even allowing for tiny glimpses, passing images of mysterious things, which would take a good deal of interpretation to turn into actually useful information. After much counseling with her peers and soul-searching, Taera decided to return to the affairs of the world, not so much an aloof, if fiery Shaman, but a tempered fledgling Far Seer, seeking to aid Azeroth and Draenor's shattered remains in whatever way she could, in her wandering path...