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Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Sythrani Tharoldrinnen

Character In-Game Name: Sythrani

Nickname(s): Syth, Collector. (The first is normally used by friends, whereas the second was a nickname gained during the expedition into Ulduar.)

Association(s): The Tharoldrinnen family; The Red Dragonflight - Terastraza the Dragon, and Kemrastraza the Drake specifically. Otherwise independent.

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Dragonsworn (Paladin)

Age: 139

Sex: Female

Hair: Deep crimson held in a long ponytail.

Eyes: Fel-green.

Weight: 64 Kg.

Height: 1,71 m.

Usual Garments/Armor: She's most often seen in full plate or at the very least a few bits and pieces of chain or scalemail, but on occasion and in safe areas she does wear clothes.

Other: A small number of gadgets are usually on her person. Generally minuscule things like a lighter for instance, to light campfires with.


Alignment: Neutral Good.

An adventurous, albeit laid-back individual, Sythrani is a devout, playful and generally happy person. She loves collecting stories from most of the races, and her interests usually fall on ancient history and myths and legends. Apart from this, she is also quite interested in engineering, as an alternative to Arcane and as a companion to the use of the Light.

Sythrani is an eloquent elf, and prides herself on her oratory skills. She enjoys telling stories, or giving inspiring little speeches, but rarely, if ever, preaches. In addition, her rebellious, almost pig-headed personality is usually what sparks her more or less dangerous adventures. She is an almost obsessive collector of various magical and historical trinkets, or just objects that 'look nice'. She's the kind of person that scours ruins in search of artifacts, or goes on exploration expeditions to far-off lands. During her travels, she's learned quite a bit about the world, and she loves being on the road and moving from place to place, even though in the end, she always returns home, to Quel'thalas, where her beloved family live still.

Sythrani's views on the various races vary. She's obviously most fond of her own people, as is every other Blood Elf, and she dislikes Orcs and Trolls - finding them rather barbaric and disgusting, but conversely enjoys the company of Tauren. She is quite cautious of Forsaken, and all of the Alliance races save Draenei. She holds a secret fascination for Night Elves, but is utterly infuriated by what she sees as their stuck-up nature. She is exceedingly disappointed in most Humans, save the Lightwielders, for their betrayal of the Blood Elves, and tolerates Dwarves due to the events at Ulduar. She finds Gnomes particularly worth her hatred and disgust, as they are, to her, a race that is so obsessed with progress that they've lost all sense of morality.


Born to a Farstrider mother and a wealthy merchant-craftsman father, Sythrani's childhood was an exceedingly playful and rebellious one. In spite of following the typical Farstrider upbringing of learning about nature with a hands-on approach, her liking for even more physical tasks put theoretical knowledge to shame. Reluctantly agreeing to be taught a pittance in mercantile and crafting skills, Sythrani grew into a combat-focused Farstrider with a knack for the occasional money-making crafting job.

As the decades passed, Sythrani's hunger for physical exertion slowly waned, and her interest in crafting and the pursuit of engineering grew, the latter of which was a fairly expensive hobby, as engineering was rare in Quel'dorei society, often seen as the lesser cousin of Arcane, and disregarded in favor of the latter. Sythrani's thirst for knowledge rapidly turned into one of spirituality, and she found herself reading up on myths ancient legends and with her nose in history books as often as she would train and put together small, simple gadgets.

The Second War dawned on Azeroth by the time Sythrani was an adult, and she - to the vocal protests of her mother Oralind and her sister Thea - quickly agreed to be a part of the pittance of forces sent by the elves to aid the Alliance, as she thought that she would find the answer to her soul-seeking in war.

Little did Sythrani know the horrors she would face, but also the blessings she encountered. In the latter case, it was encountering the Knights of the Silver Hand that brought purpose to her struggles in life, and she took up the path of the Paladin, training running in parallel with warfare for the entirety of the war, her most notable battles being the Siege on Blackrock Spire and the Battle at the Dark Portal, the latter slaughter leaving her disillusioned as far as war was concerned.

As soon as her time as a squire was finished, Sythrani departed for Quel'thalas a Paladin of the Holy Light, and sought to spread the ways of the Silver Hand in her homeland. Truly relieving were the moments of reuniting with her family after the war, though short-lived. Sythrani didn't stay for more than a couple of years before darting back into the world for more travel, soul-searching and improving her skill in engineering and the use of the Light.

It would not be until the Siege on Silvermoon that Sythrani would return, worried about her family, only after the Scourge had passed. She found her people scattered and broken, and her father dead, whereas her mother and sister had survived. She did not mourn for long - instead seeking only to reconcile with her remaining family members, and help those in more need than her, either with rebuilding or healing. It was during this time that the winds of change blew over the shattered Quel'dorei, and she, along with the majority of them, became a Blood Elf - by feeding off a Fel-crystal - out of a sense of unity, and regret that she had not been 'home' when the Siege happened.

Immensely thankful that the Light did not leave her after the ordeal, Sythrani practiced her faith and skills with fervor, remaining in Quel'thalas up to the time that the first Ice-breakers would attempt to reach the continent of Northrend once more.

Trying to figure out a way to make up for not being there for her family, she set off again - this time for Northrend, in search of some sort of fame or fortune or whatever she could find - even some shiny trinket to show back home and to convince herself that she made a difference. What she found was more than she bargained for. On the one hand, she managed to avoid the conflict with the Scourge enough to give her sword and skill to Wyrmrest and fight in the Nexus War against the maddened Blue Dragonflight, participating in conflicts centered around the Surge Needles and even Coldarra's frozen heart. On the other hand, after the end of the Nexus War, the Paladin's adventurous nature led her to joining Brann Bronzebeard's expedition into Ulduar, wherein she collected a modicum of the trinkets and baubles she'd been seeking, as well as studied the remnants of the Titan city and defended the Expedition throughout its descent, up to the fall of the Old God, Yogg-Saron and the reprogramming of the planetary fail-safe by Algalon the Observer.

Soon after the fall of the Lich King, Sythrani returned home, sharing her stories and her trinkets, only to set off again periodically, in search of new adventures...

...And boy, did she find them. Not one year ago, during a flight over Northrend, Sythrani crash-landed on the frozen continent in what is arguably one of the most dangerous parts of it: Dragonblight. As mere survival became a difficult task, Sythrani was forced to seek shelter, though in the process she came across what appeared to be an injured Quel'dorei woman. Sparing little effort the Paladin dug a makeshift shelter in the snow and once both herself and her new companion were inside, she noticed two things: The life of the Quel'dorei seemed to be fading rapidly, and what supplies the Blood Elf had were going to run out in a matter of days.

Like the stubborn and reckless - but certainly kind-hearted fool she is, Sythrani proceeded to attempt to resurrect the fading elf back to full health, the process leaving her bereft of warmth and Light for a time, and sheer exhaustion taking over and pushing her to deep sleep.

When next Sythrani woke, she found herself alone, save for a quickly-fading trail in the snow. Picking up whatever supplies were left, she followed it, worriedly searching for what she assumed was the Quel'dorei from the day before - she managed to find out her name as well: Kemelra. The trail led to the barred and guarded gates of Wyrmrest temple however, and the Blood Elf could proceed no further. Still, sheer determination kept her there until she succumbed to the cold, to what seemed to be death from exposure.

This would not be the case; A day or so later, Sythrani opened her eyes to a familiar face - the very same one she'd helped out in the frozen wastes, and she found herself in the warmth of the temple. Little attention was paid to her, save for being granted food and water, and none save the person she'd saved - who reveals herself to be a Drake - even speak to her. The two talk, and Kemelra - or rather Kemrastraza explains that Sythrani had been watched ever since the Nexus War, and she brings up the topic of servitude - though with extreme caution, mainly due to Sythrani being a Blood Elf, and the dangers of the trials to come should she agree. Sythrani hesitated before voicing her agreement, but in the end she did so wholeheartedly.

The first few trials ensued, and the Blood Elf is sent off across the world, doing things from minor acts of kindness and charity to having to put down the odd Warlock or give him a chance at redemption - and this latter path was the one she took, all the while being watched by the keen eyes of the Drake. After these minor tasks concluded as a sort of confirmation of her character, Kemrastraza returned Sythrani to Dragonblight, where the elf finally met her Patron.

After careful discussion, and being officially sworn into her position, Sythrani was once more sent off on a quest: Retrieving a red dragon egg in time from a small coven of Warlocks who sought to corrupt it. This was not a task that would be worked at alone, however, as here both Sythrani and Kemrastraza worked together to overcome the numbers stacked against them. After careful infiltration and routing the enemy from within, only the Drake, the Blood Elf, and the leader of the Warlock Coven stood before the egg. It was none other than the one Sythrani had spared in her first few trials.

Bitterness coursed through the Paladin as she put down this remaining obstacle and was returned with the intact egg a-flight to Dragonblight. There came the wisdom of her patron, explaining just why it had to be so: That she may learn to judge the value of life, and when one should stay their hand and grant mercy, or act towards the annihilation of a common enemy.

Sythrani's lesson learned, the mighty Dragon picked a single small trinket from her trove - a choker with a ruby at its center, and proffered it to the Dragonsworn, explaining that it was a means of communication between herself and her Drake, the two of which had become quite close over the course of the months that passed.

In her wisdom, the Dragon sent the two off on their duties: Being the eyes and ears of the Flight and Patron alike among the mortal races, across Azeroth and beyond, and helping uphold the values of life, hope, and what they bring with them. The events later led Sythrani to believe that Dragonkind had some sort of divinity ascribed to them - a theory which she applied to her normal Lightwielding.

Skills and Abilities

Aside from the Paladin skillset and her love for the odd contraption or two, Sythrani differs little from the norm:

Though not a skill nor ability, the ruby choker now constantly at her neck allows for long-range communication with her drake, typically used in receiving orders.
A Borrowed Fire
The Holy Fire evoked by the Paladin shares in the characteristics of Red Dragonflame, in that it can bestow life as well as take it(Mechanically, it's Holy Shock). It helps with gardening, seeing as plants grow under such fires. Otherwise, it's purely cosmetic.
Sythrani has managed to learn Draconic over the course of her service to the Red Dragonflight. This is mainly due to having a good teacher - Kemrastraza being eternally patient with the Blood Elf.