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Player: Grakor456

Character Full Name: Surthak Flameblade

Character In-Game Name: Surthak

Nickname(s): None (yet.)

Association(s): Orgrimmar

Race: Orc

Class: Demonology Warlock

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Hair: Bald, trimmed black beard.

Eyes: Red.

Weight: 415 lbs.

Height: 6'7"

Usual Garments/Armor: Surthak dresses simply, and never in a way that marks him as any kind of arcanist. He usually is in pants, boots, and vest, looking more like a sailor than a warlock.

Other: He keeps a sword at his side, and has a wand hidden on his person. He's young and looks it. He's a mere apprentice in his arts, at least so far.


Surthak is idealistic, viewing the world with the optimism of one who believes that, no matter what happens, he has the power to make a difference. He believes what he does with conviction, and tends to be difficult to shake from his ideals, however strange they may be in the eyes of someone else.

The irony of Surthak's path is not lost on him. He views the powers of a warlock as not evil in and of themselves, and sees them as a means to an end: the best weapon against other demons. He therefore has something of a unique take on the concept of honor. He sees himself as honorable despite his path, and endeavors to always use his powers for good. His knowing of the corruptive powers of the arcane leads him to be vary sparing with his powers, even as limited as they are, and only using magic when he thinks it's necessary.

Surthak is, however, a good-hearted person at heart, even if he has a questionable path before him. His adherence to his morals is the only thing keeping the corruption of the warlock's path at bay, and left him largely an up-beat, jovial sort of man even in the face of adversity.


Surthak began his life in the internment camps, though he held no strong memory of the place due to his young age beyond the first few years of his life. Before his teenage years, he had been freed of the camps and was pulled along for the flight away from the Kingdoms, something that ended up very tough on him, but he endured due to the strength of his parents caring for him through the ordeal.

His path became decided during the Third War. His father was a grunt, a warrior for the Horde that fought at the battle of Mount Hyjal. It was a battle that his father died in. The young Surthak at first didn't understand that he wouldn't see his father again, and as time progressed after that battle, he grew a bit embittered at the knowledge. His dad, the hero of his life, would never be with him again.

If it wasn't for the support of his mother and the other orcs around him, he may have fallen to darkness right then. Instead, he was picked back up with encouragement, but he nonetheless made a decision then. He'd do whatever it took to fight back against the Legion, using the powers that would be most effective against them. He wouldn't let tragedy strike a second time for his friends or family, not at the hands of demons.

With Orgrimmar's construction, Surthak worked on a ship for a time to learn to sail, getting money through the work. It left him fit and healthy, work that he actually enjoyed, but he wanted to do something more. A couple years of this passed before he returned to the city to make his goal a reality. Going down into the depths of Orgrimmar, he found himself a teacher who would teach him the arts of the warlock, something that he knew would make him ostracized among his peers, but nonetheless he desired. He always kept himself collected, never using his new-found magic for anything more than necessary. He was a good student, unusually patient compared to the more over-eager students that usually came to learn the art. He took things slowly, and this left him lagging behind, but with confidence in what he could do.

He was still an apprentice when he was ready to explore more of the world, though he was determined to learn more as he went.