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Player: Rensin

Character Full Name: Captain Baufon Stibstab

Character In-Game Name: Stibstab

Nickname(s): Cap, Stabby, Stibby

Association(s): Horde, Bilgewater Cartel, Goresight Vanguard

Race: Goblin

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Exceptional piloting and captaining of a Goblin Zeppelin

Age: 56

Sex: Male

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Reddish Brown

Weight: 112 lbs

Height: 4'1"

Usual Garments/Armor: Loose clothing, fit for being mobile while on deck. However, he does have heavy armor for when he's asked to fight.


Straight forward and to the point, Stibstab is a shrewd man who often likes to get to the meat of the problem. If he were to do everything his way, he'd probably try to do things in his hyper efficient, borderline neurotic way. Often he's set in doing things his own special way, viewing them as more efficient and practical, and gets irritated very easily when things don't go as plan.

When it comes to his interactions with others, he has the typical goblin standpoint of "What does this interaction mean for me...? How much will they end up paying me in the future?". If he feels you are wasting his time, or that you will even be a POTENTIAL waste of time, he doesn't bother with you.

In the case of the folks from the Alliance, he sees them as a group that are not entirely profitable. He feels that when seeing an Alliance tabard, an Orc would pay more for a bloodied one than said human could offer up for any job they might have. Same would go for Night Elves, Gnomes (Who he especially despises), Dwarves, Draenei, and Worgen. He also lumps Kobolds, Murlocs, and Gnolls into this time wasting category.


Born in Kezan, Stibstab really didn't have any more benefits than any other Goblin on the island. Often times while growing up, he was taught how to steal for food, but found it more efficient to beat up on the smaller kids to get what he wanted out of life, so often he did that rather than pilfering in order to get ends meet.

This led to him as an adult becoming a mercenary for hire, doing what dirty jobs he could for who he could to get a profit. He conditioned himself to do things for people others might not be comfortable with, feeling that the dirty jobs often payed more, which was true in almost every case. He had no problem working for Orcs especially, knowing that race could see a good warrior and would dish over the gold respectfully to him when the time came.

For years he took his time doing these odd jobs, putting a bit of muscle behind everything he did, until he made enough gold to start up a Zeppelin business to cart folks around. For him, this was a dream he had had since a boy, to captain his own flying machine and to boss the others on board around in not only an efficient manner, but a productive one as well.

Eventually, Stibstab met his future wife, Cotney Spewitt. She was just a lonely passenger on board the ship, with a wonderful singing voice. She had the goal to sing in various parts of Kezan, and needed a captain that would willingly help her fly around to these areas... for a good price. Stibstab fell head over heels for her, and gladly decided he would do this for the pretty little Goblin lady, as he saw nothing but profit and potential children.

However, sadly, the couple learned eventually that they could not have children. Stibstab continued his job, and still vowed his love for the woman despite this, helping her carry out her dream through the couple's sadness. If they couldn't have children, they at least had eachother.

Then the worst day of Stibstab's life happened. Kezan was destroyed, and in the havoc his poor wife was lost to him. Stibstab, having no choice, fled for Orgrimmar, alone and heartbroken. On arriving to the location, he had put himself into a full week's worth of binge drinking to swallow his sorrows.

This was where he was accosted by a female Orc named Lirshar. Noticing that Stibstab picked a fight with her fellow Orc Terc, and that the Goblin not only beat the snot out of the young Orc, but then proceeded to lecture him on what he was doing wrong, Lirshar was impressed. She was even more impressed when she heard he was a captain and gave him the opportunity to work for the Goresight Vanguard. Her only condition was that he quit the drinking, and do his job.

Stibstab indeed cleaned himself up, and welcomed the opportunity. He now works for the Goresights, carting them around in his Zeppelin, keeping the memory of his loving wife close to his heart.