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Player: Aethon.

Character Full Name: Snizzle Swiftgear.

Character In-Game Name: Snizzle.

Nickname(s): N/A.

Association(s): Himself, Horde(very loosely).

Race: Goblin.

Class: Alchemist. ((OOCly: Warrior))

Age: 28.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Yellow, and is quite messy.

Eyes: Yellow-ish.

Weight: 42 lbs.

Height: 2'9".

Skills and Abilities

*Tick tick* Where did I put that damn thing?: Using various chemicals, Snizzle can create smoke bombs, and other explosives...He still has to learn how to time them.

Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability: Snizzle is not a cold-blooded murderer, and even if he's attacked, he won't try to kill the enemy in an instant, but he has to defend himself, so he learned how to make various acids which don't kill the enemy, but paralyze them. He usually keeps them in vials but it's not the safest way to keep them.

Heal yeah!: It is indeed a good business to create heal potions, so Snizzle thought why not? He hasn't read any tutorials on how to make them, so he is still practicing....But no one knows that, shhh.

Here's the Gobbo, where's the Gobbo?: Using smashes herbs and such, the drinker of the mix can go invisible for a short period of time. However, Snizzle can't always afford to get the right ingredients...

Spray-gun: Snizzle's favorite weapon. He can load this gun with bottles of acid, spraying it in a wide area.


He usually wears leather outfits with ref, gold and white colors when traveling. When working, he wears overalls and a yellow shirt under that, also a pair of goggles. And never forget about the safety gloves.


Snizzle has never been the one who cared about giving a good first impression. He wants others to like him for who he truly is. But he never cared for friends too much anyway. However, if he does get along well with someone, and he grows to trust them, he'd do almost everything to protect or help them. When resting in inns, he likes to talk with others, but his interests rarely interests others.

He is only greedy towards people he hates and strangers. And as most of the goblins, he has a good talent in business, and is always trying to sell his potions to others, if they look like they need them. Also, because of his greediness, he sometimes tries to spare the ingredients, making his potions and bombs unreliable and dangerous.

When it comes to combat, Snizzle can't do too much. He is not skilled with any weapon but his spray gun, bombs and concoctions. He likes to use the element of surprise, so he usually attacks from somewhere where the enemies can't see him. To help this, he even 'invented' a potion.((See above.))

Alignment: Neutral.


Snizzle was born two years after the first war, into a family of three kids, him being the youngest. They lived in the Undermine with his father who was an engineer and with his mother was a merchant and of course his brothers. His father wanted to turn engineering into a family thing, but Snizzle wasn't interested in it. His childhood was rather good, since his parents made some good coins.

As soon as Snizzle was old enough to work, he joined his mother, unlike his brothers, who helped their father. His father wasn't happy, but he didn't want to force anything on him. So he was working in a small shop, which sold every thing one could imagine. From ale to machine parts, you could find anything. For the first few months, he was just cleaning the shop, but later on, he was allowed to 'run' the shop when his mother was busy with something else. He met every kind of people, engineers, alchemists and shady goblins.

However, he couldn't work there in his entire life. He wanted to start up a new business, where he can be the boss. His father offered to teach him engineering, but Snizzle still refused to learn it. He tried a lot of things, blacksmithing, leather working, heck, even tailoring, but nothing fit him. He was lingering around in the shop, waiting for customers when he had an idea. There was one thing he hasn't tried. Alchemy. He created healing potions out of the herbs he could find around their place and sold them on the streets. He even created his own stall and brought home some coin to help his family.

As the time passed, he became a real Alchemist, selling his potions in his mother's shop, which seemed like a good idea, until he could afford to buy his own. He wasn't really bothered with the second war, and he tried to remain neutral the whole time. However, come Cataclysm, the mount Ajar reawakened, and to get out of there alive, he had to sell everything he had really quickly. His family had a little saved money, but it wasn't enough for all of them. When no one was at home, Snizzle, driven by panic, took all of the money to buy a ticked to the ship, leaving his family behind, just to save his own bottom. As the ship left, he quickly regretted everything, but there was no way back. It turned out that it was a trap.

Luckily for them, the ship wrecked near the Lost Isles. He was saved by his father, who somehow managed to buy a ticket to the shop as well. His father had no idea about what Snizzle have done, and he didn't want to tell his father, so he kept silent about it. They found a horde camp, where they could survive for a while. Fortunately, the horde had a zeppelin that was about to leave. They both managed get onto the zeppelin, which then led them to Durotar. His father wanted to stay there, but Snizzle felt uncomfortable around his father after what he have done, so he decided to travel, and improve on his alchemy.

He first stopped at Ratchet where he set up a new stall and lived in the inn. He lived there for months, before he got bored and took a ship to Booty Bay, where he found his place. He continued to sell his goods, and travel in the meantime.