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The story of the Sin'sholai goes back to a year ago at the Wrathgate. Grand Apothecary Putress had used the Blight to attack not only the Scourge, but both the Alliance and Horde. Distrust and distance had grown between Thrall and Sylvanas following the battle at the undercity, and when the Lich King assaulted Ratchet, Thrall forbade Sylvanas from deploying her Forsaken in Northrend. This deepened the rift between the two.

Meanwhile, Lor'themar Theron, Regent Lord of Silvermoon, was following through with Thrall's orders. Grand Magister Rommath, who was willing to go to any lengths to redeem his people, hatched a plot to assassinate Theron, whom he saw as "in the way of progress." An Orc was chosen for this task, to further the rift. As Theron died, Rommath killed his own hired assassin. Taking up the mantle of Regent Lord, with a grief stricken Halduron Brightwing pledging that he would protect Rommath where he had failed at protecting Theron, Rommath declared the Elves an independent state.

Present at Theron's funeral was Sylvanas, who knew beforehand that Rommath planned declaring independence. She had known Theron while she still lived, and thus took the orc assassin as a final betrayal by Thrall. She too declared Independence from the Horde, and the two came together to form a new alliance.

And so the Sin'Sholai were born. The Blood Pact had been made.