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Player: Theredy42

Character Full Name: Shizly Ricabolt

Character In-Game Name: Shizly

Nickname(s): S, Shiz

Association(s): The steamwheedle cartel

Race: Goblin

Class: Warlock

Skills and Abilities: -Fast learner: Shizly finds it easy to learn new things, this works quite well when trying to learn new magic.

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Blond in a pony tail

Eyes: Brown

Scale/Height: 0.9


Usual Garments/Armor: Shizly can be found wearing a grey and black suit. Since his left hand was cut off, he uses a metal glove which looks like a hand which can only grab things with the press on a button. Recently he as took to wearing armor which consists of a red robe and a hood with a skull in front of it.


Shizly is kind at heart but puts out a cruel aura about him. He hates most races, mainly Trolls and Orcs since he finds them to be savage. He also does not care about religion, usually laughing at those who do. He is cunning and always looks for a way out of many situations. Shizly also hates crowds.

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Shizly grew up on Kezan, in a middle class family which consisted of his Mother and Father who were kind people. When Shizly was young, he found it hard to fit in with others of his age as he wondered about magic and how he could use it.

Shizly began to learn magic from a young age as he found it easy to learn new spells. He thought that he could make a living out of magic in many ways. Since he saw how others used magic tricks in the street, he took it up himself, using magic for people in parties and the Street, making money slowly. He knew that this would end one day as he would run out of tricks.

When he reached the age of 14, he made a lot of money, but he never saved up, always spending it on his Family and himself. On day a group of Goblins began to rob people on the street he used to stay at. They began to try and take a Women’s purse. Feeling sorrow for this Women, he stepped in, letting the Women escape. By doing this, it caused the group of Goblins to become angry, beating up Shizly instead and taking the money he earned for the week. Knowing that he could not do anything, he cried and stayed down as they walked away.

He became angry over time, knowing that this type of magic was not enough, he wanted to hurt those who robbed him. He began to learn about another type of arcane, taking up fel magic. Using this to his advantage, he began focus on curses and Fire spells. After time, he became skilled in fel magic, beginning to seek out the group.

Finding them was easy as they had a hideout, knowing this he went to there to show them his power. He walked in with a grin on his face as he started to curse most of the Goblins while walking towards their Leader, challenging him. Shizly defeated him easily with his new found magic. He took his money and left.

He began to think, he wanted more, so he decided to join a group of underground robbers who only robbed the rich. He thought what he was doing was the right thing, but he knew deep down it was wrong.

His Family was proud of him as they thought he had an honest job, but in reality, he was stealing from people. He also hid his use of fel magic, trying to distance himself from them when he could.

Time went past as he grew older, he still tried to distance himself from social life, finding it easier to not talk about things. His world crumbled when the Volcano on Kezan erupted. He spend most of his money on getting his Family tickets to get off the Island.

During the journey, the boat was caught between a conflict of Alliance and Horde. The ship began to sink. As everyone panicked, Shizly tried to find his Family, but as he was looking for them, a large pipe began to fall, he went to move out of the way, but instead he got his hand stuck under it. He tried to move his hand, but it was crushed under the weight of the pipe, still sinking, his Family found him as they tried to move the pipe but to no success, his Father took out his sword as cut off the hand, causing Shizly to cry out in pain and pass out.

When he woke, he found himself on a Beach with other Goblins, there was wreckage on the Beach. Seeing how he was hurt, he stayed with the main group as they helped cook food and help the injured. His Father was part of another group which began to explore the Island.

After a while, they were saved, going to Kalimdor, his Family went to the Steamwheedle Cartel as they tried to make a living again, selling things they found. After some time, they had enough money to open a shop in Bilgewater Cartel. Shizly still finds it hard to live with one hand, he often wonders about how he could restore it.