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Player: c0rzilla

Character Full Name: Saszette Sparkbind

Character In-game name: Saszette

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Ex-Bilgewater, Neutral.

Race: Goblin

Class: Techno-Shaman

Skills and Abilities: Like most goblins, Saszette has a penchant for engineering. The daughter of a techno-mage, she had some of her father's skills passed onto her, and now uses them to combat and cajole the furious elements of the newly broken world.

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Hair: Aqua, in two braid-tails.

Eyes: Aqua

Weight: 76 lbs

Height: 4'2"


Usual Garments/Armor: Very simple attire, more practical than fashionable—whatever “fashion” means for a goblin. She tends toward the color blue, and this is reflected in her leather and cloth tunic. White pants cover her legs, and plain brown shoes her feet. Her bracers are tough leather. She has a few minor "tribal" trinkets; bone-and-fang laced armbands, and black ear gauges. Most of her clothing is fire resistant.

Other: Her staff is her prime creation. Mechanical in nature, it harnesses and stores elemental power to be unleashed later. She also possesses a large pair of goggles that can take a reading on elemental entities; their overall power, their 'health', their type. They also protect eyes from getting burnt out of their sockets.

Her totems actually do dig into the earth to force the elements up. It is after this initial shock that she cajoles the spirit into working with her.


While not quite a “dark shaman”, in that she doesn't lust for power and dominance, Saszette has little respect for the elements of the world, besides acknowledging their immense power. Her dealings with them are just that—deals. Balance of the spirits means a balance of power that will lead to the further survival of goblins. While previously she had little care for nature, that has softened somewhat. Seeing the fury of the elements has gotten her to consider not pissing them off further with the nearly uncontrolled growth of goblin technology. This consideration will only come to full fruition after the world has settled, and the elements shoved back to their home planes.

Outside of this cynicism, she partakes in her engineering diligently and with focused, bright-eyed joy. To her, it is the glory of creation and evolution a kal'dorei might see in a tree.

As for other races, she is fairly neutral. While not a wizard financier, she knows the best business deals benefit all involved, and will try to negotiate her way out of a conflict. The orcs' outright reverence for the elements puzzles her.


Saszette was born on Kezan like so many other goblins, her father a research-driven techno-mage, her mother a supplier of arcane reagents. Both provided her with a rather middle-class life which included an education steeped in engineering diagrams and arcane theory. Despite, she never became a full mage, more or less using a few bits of arcane formulas to enhance her own blueprints.

Life went on as she aided her parents in research, the family getting by on grants, or being paid by a more wealthy business to design or aid in some arcane issue. The family never outright opened a true business. Her family's arcane background also rendered her a little aloof from the general smoky industrialized goings-ons in Kezan. Friends were few, and she was always wary of being taken advantage of, lest her family's workings be ruined.

Then, lo and behold, the unthinkable happened--Kezan exploded, and the world broke. Saszette, amidst the memories of liquid fire and spewing molten rock, has a sense of irony--the goblins had just refined Kaja'cola, a drink to boost their intelligence even further. And yet, it didn't seem to save them from nature's base fury.

Being in the Bilgewater cartel, though fairly loosely and not very well known, Saszette's family joined the others on Gallywix's ship. And then suddenly found themselves enslaved. This nonsense solidified in her mind that Gallywix was likely the worst of the cartel princes. Bitterly, only working to aid her family, and other goblin citizens, she was one of the many to establish livable conditions on the Lost Isles.

Other shenanigans occurred due to Gallywix's idiocy--and suddenly the Bilgewater cartel was aligned with the Horde, the cartel's goblins no longer slaves. Orgrimmar was the next stop, where Saszette discovered shamanism, and the nature and history of elemental spirits. She never caught onto the reverence the orcs tried to pass on to those who would listen. Instead, she took to researching how to bind these forces. Why should these forces be met with worship when they squabble among themselves, not unlike cartel princes and CEOs? So, using the arcane theory she had gleaned under her father, she set to refining her diagrams and blueprints.

Once ready, certain her mother and father were settled as well as they could be in Orgrimmar, she set off to show the elements what screwing with a goblin would bring. She also left the Bilgewater cartel behind, Gallywix more than proving he didn't know what he was doing.