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Player: aroes

Character Full Name: Sandow Wakefield

Character In-Game Name: Sandow

Nickname(s): Sandy

Association(s): Gilneas, Darnassus, Cenarion Circle

Race: Worgen

Class: Warrior/Runemaster

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Reddish Brown

Eyes: Brown

Scale/Height: 1.05/ 7'4"

Weight: 220 Lbs


Usual Garments/Armor: These days, Sandow is usually clad in somewhat brown, green, or red rustic cloth or leather garments that are more designed for comfort or camouflage rather than protection. On rare occasion, he'll return the the garb of his adolescence. Lavish robes that would be expected of anyone that ever attended a royal court.


Sandow could best be described as a spacey, light-hearted individual with only vague or abstract goals in mind for the rest of his life. He does have a healthy respect for most magics as opposed to fear, something drilled into him by his grandfather. He things nothing is ever gained from picking useless fights for things like the sake of appearance but that'd likely be thrown out the window if left alone in a room with a Forsaken or anyone that elected to fight under the Banshee Queen's banner. His attitude towards the rest of the horde is rather apathetic if only for the fact that he hasn't had much direct interaction with them. First impressions for many of them are still pending.

Alignment: Neutral Good


Sandow was born just a few months before the border of Gilneas was sealed and the Greymane Wall went up. It was due to this unfortunate timing that his father was many miles away in Dalaran, where he had been completing a magical education. With no word from his father, he was left to be raised by his grandfather, Sylus Wakefield and his mother, Lillian. They were lucky enough to reside within Gilneas City in quite a nice home, for Sylus was a relatively minor court conjurer. Even though they had most of the material goods they could ever need, that didn't mean it was an easy life for them. His grandfather frequently had to burn the midnight oil to get through the administrative tasks that had been delegated to him, in addition to the time he spent on the board of one of the city's many magical academies. Sandow, on the other hand, was sent to a prep school for young gentlemen to learn manners, dance, and the little intricacies of high society. That didn't go as smoothly as his mother would have liked, it wasn't that Sandow was a brat or anything. Quite the opposite in fact, Sandow was a little slacker. He played their little learning game but never really put in any extra effort to tasks given.

The one thing that did manage to capture his attention was magic. He'd been fascinated by every little trick his grandfather had performed to delight or distract him as a child. When he was finally old enough to fully comprehend the kind of effort that it took to learn magic, he was instructed in the basics every evening. The process was slow, taking a whole year to learn to correctly write the magical alphabet. This task was something that Sandow had the patience for before of what it would lead to. He actually started learning to cast spells around the time he was 13, his grandfather elected to teach him the basic spells from every school until it could be determined where it would be best for him to specialize. That answer came 2 years later when he attempted scrying for the first time. To say that the ability to visit people and places from the comfort of one's own home were addicting would be an understatement. Because he'd been restricted to the capital city all his life and would be further restricted by the wall that had shut their only overland border, this new found spell was the freedom to explore the world.

As his magical abilities became more focused, Sandow spent longer and longer simply laying in bed while his mind visited far away places he could have never even imagined. A master sorcerer would have looked at his method and thought it sloppy, using a combination of names and old maps to try and visit major towns or encampments. Though he was able to see such wonders as the city of Stormwind, all the time spent channeling magic had taken it's toll, leaving him well and truly addicted to the magic. By the time it had begun to affect him, he'd long since passed his compulsory education and had taken up the position of assistant to his grandfather. Both he and his mother hand shouldered a lot to raise him so it was only right that he try and return the favor. The onset of the arcane corruption was gradual, first he was plagued by what he thought were nightmares but were in fact the remote viewing of current world events. The images were meaningless without context though, how was one of barely 20 supposed to know what a demon looked like? After a while the dreams turned into outright paranoia.

That symptom started around the middle of the country's economic downturn, with gloom in the air and rumors of strange creatures attacking people in the countryside, it didn't help that Sandow already felt that everyone within the walls of Gilneas City was out to get him. One day he simply left the city without a word and continued walking down the furthest country road he could find, thinking that some time away in nature could quiet the voices in his mind. That didn't last long though, on his fourth night away a beast of unknown variety mauled him as he cooked his dinner.

The next thing that Sandow knew, he was locked in a set of stocks with a royal alchemist standing over him. The physical change was quite a shock to his system but all that was pushed aside when he found out about the invasion of the Undead and the sacking of their lands. That whole mess passed and he was left to make a new life for himself as a refugee in the Night Elven capital, thankfully being reunited with what remained of his family their. Determined to continue his magical instruction but not wanting to succumb to the corruption again, he began looking for ways of casting that did not involve exposing the body to arcane forces. Eventually he found a runemaster from among the Highbourne that had taken up the art in an effort to spare his body from the ravages of magic.

Recently both he and his master have ventured to Hyjal to assist the elves with their defense of the World Tree, as a thank you to both his teacher and to elves in general for giving them a place to live when they had to abandon Gilneas.

Skills and Abilities

Rune of Striking- Marks on his palms allow his fists to become surrounded by arcane energy, drastically increasing the power of his strikes.

Rune of Arcane Shielding- A rune on the back of his neck let's his body become encased in a shell of magical energy capable of absorbing spell and blade alike...but only for so long before it breaks.

Rune of Endurance- A pattern on his left ribcage that increases his physical strength, stamina, and resistance to the affects of hot or cold weather.

Rune of Survival- Can be activated in extreme situations to focus Sandow's mind is order to shrug off stimuli or blows that might down a normal man.

Rune of Revitalization- Activated when sleeping, speeds the healing of wounds and the restoration of stamina.