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Player: Saiyuu

Character Full Name: Saiyuu Graviels

Character In-Game Name: Saiyuu

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Holy Church of Light, Argent Crusade (Formerly);

Race: Human

Class: Priestess

Skills and Abilities: Usual skills of a Priest, related to the Light. Her abilities are rather strong with the Light, empowered by her strong faith. However Saiyuu has little to no ability with Shadow magic (and is unlikely to ever have). Her favorite uses for the Light lie in healing, defensive abilities and some degree of offensive, usually empowering weapons or using blasts of Light for the latter. Nothing exceptional or different from your usual priest, however, recent events have turned Saiyuu to learn other skills not related to the Light.

Meaning to become a more offensive priest, Saiyuu has gathered some knowledge on how to use small firearms, such as pistols but nothing larger than that. Explosives (grenades) and exquisite gadgets, related to the Light, are also employed in combat in order to overcome opponents that underestimate her and that usually think her abilities lie only in using the Light. She has some degree of skill in swordsmanship, enough to put up a decent fight but nothing big if compared to veteran swordsmen. To a lesser extent she's also learning how to throw daggers, but so far she only has little experience with it. The reason for her to start going for such aggressive ways of combat is related to the recent events in her life. Her physical shape doesn't allow for her to be very agile, so Saiyuu relies mostly in using shields of Light or staying away from her opponents in order to defend herself. Blessings are also employed often in order for her to have a better condition for battling.

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Hair: Alburn, almost red. It is shaped in a shoulder-length mane of wavy hair, usually well-trimmed. It rarely goes longer than that, since Saiyuu dislikes the excess of heat and discomfort caused by longer hair.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 147 lbs

Height: 5'0


Usual Garments/Armor: Very variable range. It might be something very casual to something very formal. Mostly she prefers to wear loose, comfortable and practical robes. Due to the recent events, Saiyuu rarely goes anywhere without her weaponry. She carries a pair of pistols strapped to her sleeves (she's incapable of dual-wielding them, the second pistol serves as a reserve to prevent loss of time with a reload). Small grenades and bombs are also carried now and them under her robes. She recently acquired a strange enchanted blade (not manufactured by her) that permits her to enchant it with Light and perform empowered attacks, or to be employed as a focus for easier casting. Her robes are enchanted with mageweave threads, permitting an easier conduct to the Light in case she needs to use a Light shield over her clothes without focusing too much on it.



Alignment: Chaotic Good. Early events led Saiyuu to skip from a calmer nature to a more aggressive one. She's still as forgiving and kind as she usually was, but she has accepted that some people just do not want, or deserve salvation, and that the world would be a much better place without them.

Personality: Her former personality undergone through several changes, ever since the early happenings. She now feels a constant emptiness in her personality. Saiyuu finds unfair that through most of her life people were hurt or died in order to keep her away from harm. Some of her older life values were renewed and changed, or adapted. She feels that the very act of helping people is reward enough to her, a payment from the Light for her faith. If it comes to being wounded or hurt for someone else, she will do so without hesitation.

Saiyuu's new personality kept parts of her old one. She's still kind, altruistic and gentle, though has grown into a more mature and brighter person. She's friendly, somewhat talkative to those she knows, but otherwise reserved unless there's a need for her to speak. She has taken a dislike, even disgust, for her former personality. Saiyuu has learned that her weak, scared self, is the major responsible for most the misfortune that happened lately in her life and is working hard to change it. She tries to be more self-reliant, trusting her own abilities to do things, rather to rely solely on others anyone while staying behind.

She's forgiving enough to allow a defeated enemy to seek redemption, or even seek salvation, if its feelings are sincere. However, a darker side of her is also cold enough to outright kill people she thinks are beyond salvation (usually demons and their allies). This side of her can be rather calculating and sadistic, and she might actually find some entertainment on punishing evildoers that have disgraced the lives of others, in short, believing that they're receiving retribution for their acts. Her faith and abilities with the Light aren't affected by this, since she honestly believes this is the right thing to do; The good, the innocent, should be saved. The ones who have stray away from their path can be brought back, but they must be willing to be helped. Lastly, the ones who want to be in the evil side to the very end, those don't even deserve to be shown mercy.


Saiyuu is the only daughter of Richard and Elise Graviels. Her father was a priest under service of the Church of the Holy Light. Once he was irreversibly crippled in one of his missions, he retired and sought to spend his remaining days in Goldshire, as a local doctor. It was in Goldshire that he met Elise, a local farmer. The two would fall in love after a few years, and Saiyuu would be born from this love. Saiyuu was raised like a normal child in every aspect, but seeing how she had affinity with magic made her father decide to teach her what he knew. Saiyuu began to learn about the Holy Light at the age of twelve, though at this point most she learned was the very basics of holy magic, the majority of her teachings being about Moral codes, principles and theories of the Light.

She joined the Holy Cathedral of Stormwind and worked there as priestess and acting nurse. Saiyuu spent her years there learning and strengthening her beliefs, until the war against the Lich King came. She was assigned to provide help to the Argent Crusade forces, along with other priests and priestesses. Saiyuu traveled with a recruitment group, gathering information from places during her travels and writing her first book, "Customs of Azeroth", a book portraying unknown customs from races and enlightening with proper information about them. She finished her book by the time the war was over, her beliefs strengthened after all she saw. Saiyuu still stood with the Argent forces for a while longer, helping the wounded and gathering information for a second book she's now writting, "Architectural Wonders", a book speaking of supernatural or impressive buildings and settlements that not many know about, such as Dalaran, Acherus, Naxxramas, Malykriss, Shattrath. Most information for those books was gathered from patients or friends.

During the War against the Lich King, Saiyuu had an active duty as a Priestess and Nurse with the Argent Crusade. She rarely moved away from the camp, rather staying back to take care of the wounded soldiers. However, in more than one occasion she was forced to battle the Scourge, once the attacks against the Argent Grounds were so relentless that even the priests had to help hold the ground. Ever since then, one of her greatest regrets was the fact that she was too weak (mentally) to put a proper fight against the Scourge, and that eventually caused the death of some people that took the duty to protect her.

With the war ended, she returned to Stormwind and returned to her regular duties as a priestess, within the Cathedral. A few more years passed and Saiyuu eventually fell in love with a human paladin, and was to be engaged to him, however her life wasn't as easy as she thought it would be. In more than one occasion, Saiyuu and her fiancée were engaged by a mad Felsworn, and in the last meeting she had with her, her fiancée was brutally killed, while Saiyuu was unable to do anything to help.

Ever since then Saiyuu went through a drastic change. It was required the death of her loved one for her to understand how much her cowardice and fear forced others to suffer in her place. She took a decision to not allow it to happen, ever again. After this one event, Saiyuu started learning more aggressive ways to use the Light, as well as learning how to use things other than the Light to battle against her foes. She took a peculiar interest for firearms and explosives, and ever since then has been practicing with them and trying to become more skilled.