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Player: Reese

Character Full Name: Safksha Shadowedge

Character In-Game Name: Safksha

Nickname(s): Saf

Association(s): None

Race: Night Elf

Class: Savagekin

Skills and Abilities: Safksha’s nature magic always was weak. However, his physical strength while shapeshifted is improved, as he is a Savagekin. His skills lie in shapeshifting and using those forms.

Age: 457

Sex: Male

Hair: Snow White

Eyes: Amber

Weight: 287 lbs

Height: 7'2’’

Usual Garments/Armor: In his humanoid form, he is tall and toned. He has snow-white hair that was once long and illustrious, but now has grown wild and shaggy. He wears very little in way of clothing, having only slightly readapted to the civilized habits. However, it should be noted he prefers to go it in the nude. Being a Savagekin, he prefers a coat of fur to any garment, however. He keeps to his feline form, which is slightly altered. His shoulders and legs are more powerful and defined. His mane is untrimmed and curled, far longer than normal, and tiny tassels of elongated hair extend from the tips of his ears.

Other: He has NO druidic markings or cuffs/collars in his cat form.

Personality: Safksha was once quite soft spoken and shy, but now the slightest tap on the shoulder might incite a ferocious growl from him, though at the same time might bring about a low purr. He’s fickle and might kill you just as soon as snuggle up to you. He shuns most civilized things and tolerates very little human presence, unless they pique his curiosity. Orcs, however, earn particular disdain. The wilds and nature in general are both very precious to him and he will do anything, including risk his life, to defend both his territory and the forest in general from those who would do it harm. In a word, he’s wild.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

History: Safksha Shadowedge was born the elder of his sister Shivala by fifty years. His mother and father were both warriors in service to their people and thus he was faced with a very free childhood. He spent his time with his sister playing and exploring the forests of Darkshore. The precious few moments he did spend with his family were primarily with his father who, for reasons unknown to Safksha himself, vastly favored his sister. Safksha was usually either shunted off to the side, told that he was to be a druid for his Amber Eyes or would be taught druidism by his Grandfather, Urelle, who was a master druid in his own right but asleep in the Dream. He would thus always be updated on how perfectly Shivala had done in combat training. He grew to both resent his sister, his father, and the fact that his destiny was planned for him the moment he was born, but the first in particular irked him.

His resentment for his sister soon peaked and, in a fit of rage and stupidity, he went into his sister’s room one night with the intention of killing her. He was still very young and such flawed logic came easily. However, he couldn’t actually go through with something so horrific and instead ran away, further away than he thought he would, it seemed. He left Night Elven lands entirely and found himself across the sea in Human territory. He had no honest day’s work to speak of and knew not how their culture operated. Thus, he resolved to become a bandit and thus made a living for quite a while in this way, becoming attuned to the lifestyle and improving his skills in combat. Eventually, a group of interested humans took him under their wing. The group called themselves “The Red Glove” and they took a special interest in his ability to remain undetected. Thus he was to perform assassination jobs, the reward for which would be copious amounts of alcohol, money, and women. He was expected to partake in all of these, and gradually began to become what he would later define as “more human.” Eventually, however, with some prompting from a specific job it became impossible for him to live like that. He severed ties and ran.

He would proceed to go into a bout of serious depression. Life no longer held any meaning for him and due to the things he’d done, he resolved with single minded obsession to atone for his various sins. This led him to many interesting places and he met exceedingly interesting people, from good friends to love interests, as they all fought against evil where it hid in order to protect their newfound friendship. It didn’t last, however. His Grandfather eventually woke and went on a mission to track down him and his sister (who had also left her people’s lands). He found Safksha first and demanded that he return to be taught to be a druid, as was originally intended for him. He fought and resisted quite fiercely, as he believed that he hadn’t yet atoned for his past wrongdoings, and that returning to become a druid would be a hindrance to his efforts, but he was easily beaten and was forced to submit.

The training proved arduous, if anything. He eventually devoted to it, but there was a problem. He just wasn’t able to –connect- with nature on the level that the training demanded. This proved to be highly irritating for him and it wasn’t until he (quite accidentally) killed a mother nightsaber hunting him - it and its young being starved due to overpopulation - that he, originally distraught by this atrocity, saw both the kindness of his Grandfather, who found the cubs a new mother, and the beauty of nature which he connected with soon after. He returned to the people he considered friends a new man, still checking up on the cubs every now and again. He especially spent time with the aforementioned love interest, Tarania.

Alas, it didn’t last.

Urelle didn’t approve of his Grandson’s relationship. He believed Tarania disrespectful and not suited for Safksha and thus intervened. Safksha resisted again, but he was powerless against a druid as powerful as his Grandfather. Not to mention the second mother to the cubs he had grown so fond of had died of a mysterious corruption. Thus, panicking and infused with rage and grief, he fled with the cubs deep into the forests of Ashenvale. Here the cubs were killed and eaten by an Orcish hunting party, furthering his feelings of self-failure and betrayal. He retreated yet further into the wild and yet further into himself, losing himself to the feral nature all druids who shapeshift regularly face. He forgot everything about his past life; His friends, his family. He forgot how to speak, read, and write. He forgot how to act in civilized society. He even forgot his own name.

Thus he became truly savage.