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Player: Caravan!

Character Full Name: Rusty Reed

Character In-Game Name: Rusty

Nickname(s): Thoma(s)

Association(s): The Argent Crusade, The Argent Dawn, The Church of Holy Light, the Horde (tentatively), the Alliance (formerly)

Race: Goblin

Class: Squire

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark Purple

Eyes: Purple

Scale/Height: 1.02


Usual Garments/Armor: While she does have a set of armor, she can usually be seen in simple, practical clothing for her everyday work. Rusty wears glasses when reading, writing, or really anything that requires close-up concentration.

Other: She speaks with a Lordaeronian accent. Usually upon her person is a well-loved book of Lordaeron first aid practices that has notes of all sorts scrawled in the margins and random papers tucked in.

She inherited the steed of her mentor.


Rusty is level-headed and even-tempered, slow to anger and quick to charity. She places great value in honor, generosity of spirit, and the Three Virtues. If a commitment has been set, it will be fulfilled. If aid is needed, it will be given to the best of her abilities. She endeavors to put the needs of others before her own and to look past the exterior to see the true character of another.

Socially, she is earnest in her interactions with others -- everyone has something to learn and to teach. She is polite, friendly, and honest where she can be. Deep down, hardly even acknowledged by Rusty herself, there is some resentment that because of how she looks she cannot return home or some of the places she used to visit. She is a stranger to this new faction and its cities and as such the Crusade has provided a comfort in its familiarity.


As a baby, Rusty was orphaned at the steps of a small abbey in Lordaeron with nothing but a blanket with a name crudely stitched into the hem. At least, they assumed it was a name. Despite the advice given by his colleagues, one of the priests took her in to raise as his own. In addition to exercising the good will of his faith, he was interested in proving an idea of ‘nature versus nurture’: if a goblin could be raised to be of a better moral character, perhaps some of the other races could be changed as well.

It wasn't easy being a goblin in a human world. When she was a baby, and then a young toddler, there wasn't much concern given to her. It was when she began to get to the age of questions, of exploration, that she realized she didn't look like her 'father' or the other priests, or the other people she came across. The other children that she played with started noticing it, too. At first, it was just the sort of brutally-honest questions asked by children ("Why are you green?" "Why is your nose so big?" "Why are your arms so long?"). It was easier in the bigger settlements -- like the capital -- where people were familiar with goblins in a business or entertainment sense, and it was easier in the little village where she had been a baby as they'd been around her for years. But when her father brought her along with him to other towns and villages in the kingdom, she had to endure teasing or indifference from the local children. Rusty only engaged in one fist-fight (fueled by a comment that she wasn't her father's daughter and that she was a filthy goblin), to which her father quickly extinguished such a reaction. Yes, she was a goblin -- that was what she was, not who she was. It was hard to grasp when she was very young, but over time it became a bit of a mantra to the girl. Who she was was a priest's daughter and a citizen of Lordaeron just like anyone else. She learned to ignore or diffuse the comments of her peers. It was her father who had to deal with the adults, and convince his fair share that she was not some greedy, corrupt urchin that would ruin the minds and hearts of the impressionable youth. Rusty learned, though, that she would have to prove herself and overcome prejudices first, and 'be an equal' second.

And so her childhood was spent around the abbey or traveling with her foster-father around the kingdom as his work required. That is, until the plague began to ravage Lordaeron. Her memories of that time are of the confusion, fear, and subsequent chaos of refugee life as she and her father left their homeland. They traveled to many safe havens over the years before settling in Elwynn for a time.

Around fourteen, old enough to be of more help than hindrance, she joined up with the Argent Dawn and was squired to an older knight who was a friend to her foster-father. The hard work of her duty was coupled with the hardship of being so near the battlefield, but she endured and learned much over the years under the tutelage of the knight until his recent passing.

She continues her service to the Argent Crusade and her training along the path of a paladin. Her inability to tap into the power of the Light has not dampened her spirits -- she has confidence in the strength of her faith. Only time can tell what will become of her dedication.

Skills and Abilities

“Be the Light” -- Her training in medicines and first aid take up the slack where her Light-wielding deficiency fail her.

"Musicality" -- She is proficient with a harp, flute and singing; while her hymns do not have the Light's power behind them, it does not stop her from singing them in chapels or during her first aid administrations.